mass society 中文意思是什麼

mass society 解釋

  • mass : n 彌撒;彌撒的儀式[禱告、音樂];彌撒曲。 a high [solemn] Mass (有燒香、奏樂等的)大彌撒。 a low ...
  • society : n. 1. 社會。2. 會,社;協會,學會,公會,團體。3. 交際,社交;社交界〈特指上流社會〉;社交場所。4. 群居,群棲。5. 〈美國〉教區居民。
  1. The appearance of mass - culture does not only indicate the broadness of information in human society, but also illustrates that both the existence and acceptance styles of novels have changed and movie text became a brand - new form of novels

  2. Indeed, the problem of dealing with boredom may be even more difficult for such a future mass society than it was for aristocracies

  3. At one time, in the life field of leisure, creating of self - identity may be negated and distorted under pressure and restrictions of the mass society. thus, it may cause alienation

  4. Mass culture comes into being when mass society seizes upon cultural objects, and its danger is that the life process of society ( which like all biological processes insatiably draws everything available into the cycle of its metabolism ) will literally consume the cultural objects, eat them up and destroy them

  5. Nuclear fission has contributed to our society some new phrases-- "critical mass" and "critical size".

  6. Newspapers, broadcasting, tv and books, so many mass media have filtered in even the corner of the society. from individual ' s basic necessities of life, study, work and entertainment to the government, the politics, the economy and culture, each one has an osculation connect to the mass communication

  7. And she consistently tried to use the mass media as a stage for projecting her image ? as the wronged spouse, as the radiant society beauty, as the compassionate princess hugging aids patients and land - mine victims, and as the mourning princess crying at celebrity funerals

  8. In morden society, mass problems emerging, soceity ' s introspection to classical principal, adoring to wellfare county and so on, with the co ? function of these factors, public interest action steps onto stage from backstage

  9. As human society entered a society of mass production in the period, business and capital expansion of the size of the problem of insufficient demand increasingly prominent, and therefore have a stake in the company form, the shareholders of enterprises co - financed organizations ; shares of the changes and development company had a stock form of financing activities ; equity financing to the development of the transaction needs ; demand for trading in shares of the stock market contributed to the formation and development ; but ultimately the development of the stock market and promote the share financing activities and joint - stock companies and improve the development

  10. Nuclear fission has contributed to our society some new phrases - - " critical mass " and " critical size "

    原子核裂變給我們的社會帶來了一些新詞匯- - 「臨界質量」和「臨界大小」 。
  11. Because it had demonstrated our country universities nurturing the human achievement in the high level, impels between the universities and society ' s exchange effectively, now has become a dominantly activity in the university student class - odd science and technology culture activity ; because of in national university student extracurricular academic science and technology domain guideness, demonstrativeness and mass character, it is crowned a fine reputation of the olympics in chinese university student academic scientific and technical circles

  12. A trade union shall organize workers to launch socialist labour emulation campaigns, develop mass rationalization proposals, technological reform and technological cooperation activities, improve work productivity rates and economic performances and develop society ' s productive forces

  13. A spreading mass of self - replicating robots - - what drexier has labeled " gray goo " - - could pose enough of a threat to society, he mused, that we should consider stopping development of nanotechnology

    這種德萊克斯勒稱之為「灰色粘性物質」 ,能自復制的機器人的不斷大量增加,可能會對社會構成威脅,他想,我們應該停止發展納米技術。
  14. Save the children has a wide range of partners in china, principally with government organisations, but also with mass organisations, and emerging civil society

  15. The committee of education and popular science is a second class member of chinese pharmacological society and a mass academic organizetion of pharmacogical teachera

  16. The mass media inflects the society of urban and rural with the agenda - setting

  17. But how to establish the “ fish and water ” relationship, there is no theory to support it. what ' s more, as the development and change of our society and economy, many new problems are happening and the gap between the police and the mass is growing, what brings difficulties to the work of maintaining the social order

  18. The persons who do the ideological work should set up a fixed practical idea, the mass idea, to care for the farmers, to improve on the working syle, and to find out methods to solve problems in the farmers " creative practice. this is the way for us to impove the level of the rural ideological work, and to contribute to the construction of a well - off society in an all - round way

  19. Then we must quicken our steps of educational and scientifically undertakings and raise the mass ' s scientific and cultural standard, forming a society in which all the people learn and keep on learning as long a s they live. we must encourage people ' s all - round development and create favorable " " soft " conditions to develop constructive activities of mass spiritual civilization

  20. Therefore reform of examinations has become the focus of the society. this dissertation studies two mass kinds of examinations, namely qualification tests in high schools and national college entrance examinations