match join 中文意思是什麼

match join 解釋
  • match : n (一根)火柴;〈古語〉(從前大炮發火用的)火繩,導火線。 light [strike] a match 擦火柴。 a safe...
  • join : vt 1 接合,連接,使結合。2 參加,加入,作(團體等的)成員;和(某人)作伴。3 回(原崗位),歸(隊...
  1. At last, the surface of the alumina femoral head was grade - polished with sic micropowder and diamond grinding cream, the join part was trimmed with specific instrument, which made the surface of the alumina femoral head reach the degree of approximating mirror finish and match the femoral stem well. the artificial partial hip joint prostheses was finally got by articulating the alumina femoral head with ti alloy femoral stem coated with bioactive coating

  2. The result set of a left outer join includes all the rows from the left table specified in the left outer clause, not just the ones in which the joined columns match

    左向外部聯接的結果集包括left outer子句中指定的左表的所有行,而不僅僅是聯接列所匹配的行。
  3. An average tradition chinese woman, mild kindhearted, strengthen to be independent, be expert in explaining person intention, i have the family sense of responsibility. i am fond of reading and thinking deeply that, am fond of traditional chinese opera touring, liking to watch a football match and nba match, to be fond of music, but, i do not like to stroll around the street, join in the fun

    [一個在外地長大的上海女人,性格卻是當地女人的典型特點:刀子嘴,豆腐心.也會象上海女人那樣偶爾有點作,哎呀,人總是有缺點的嘛;優點嘛,我認為你和我相處了之後就會感覺到了,我喜歡閱讀和思考,喜歡旅遊,喜歡音樂和中國傳統的戲曲,喜歡看足球比賽和nba ,喜歡下廚,但是不喜歡逛街湊熱鬧,作為70年代,我喜歡活出自己的精彩
  4. That is, you cannot specify a very close match at the component level unless the matches at the row or join level are equally close

  5. Using an equi - join means that each row in the transformation input must match at least one row from the reference dataset

  6. He was no match foryou. why don ' tyou join me

  7. And the rows that match are passed up into the join

  8. Join me in wishing the olympic movement a successful future to match its glorious past

  9. As table 3 indicates, each of the tools has a slightly different implementation of the join point model and the primitive pointcuts used to match join points