mbs-mbs 中文意思是什麼

mbs-mbs 解釋

  • mbs : MBS = Mutual Broadcasting System 〈美國〉相互廣播公司。
  1. The change of agglutinating activity, cd spectrum and fls of lra in different temperature, ph and different chemicals indicated that lra had partial hemagglutinating activity at ph2. 0 ( 50 % ), a temperature above 100 ( 60 % ) and after modified by n - bromosuccinimide ( mbs ), the activity lost completely, modified by depc, the lra had a little activity, the other groups modified such as arg, tyr, glu, asp did n ' t effect the hemagglutinating activity of lra. the result indicated that trp residues were essential to the hemagglutinating activity and were involved in carbohydrate - binding site

    研究不同溫度、 ph和基團特異性化學修飾后lra凝血活性和促淋巴細胞有絲分裂的變化、圓二色譜和熒光光譜的變化,當溫度達80以上時,活性開始下降,到100時活性有60 %保留:當ph為2時,活性保留50 % , ph為4一12對活性的影響不大;用nbs修飾trp后, t即的旦一叫睬基的破壞使活性完全喪失,表明trp對凝血活性是至關重要的, arg 、 tyr 、 glu 、 asp被修飾后, lra的凝血活性並未受到大的影響,但tyr修飾后lra的促有絲分裂活性降低
  2. Mbs methyl methacrylate - butadiem - styrene copolymer

  3. Based on these, considering prepayment " influence on mbs " price, the following three pricing methods are researched on deeply. referring to the experiences of foreign countries, the pricing method based on prepayment pattern is given ; considering the influence of interest rate on prepayment, different interest rate simulation pricing methods are set up, which is on the basis of different interest rate term structure model ; in view of interest rate and different incentive threshold of mortgager, a interest rate incentive function simulation model is established to price mbs

  4. Basing on the analysis of development of housing industry and housing fiance, we discussed the nessesary and practical obstacle, and raised : our country has not the conditions for cosmically developing the mbs now, the most important assigment preseantly is to creative conditions. and then combined with the situations of our country, we raised the countermeasures and suggestions

  5. Now there is a large body of academic and industry research on the establishment of mortgage - backed securities ( mbs ) market, much of which involves introduction of various types of mbs such as mortgage pass - through securities ( mpts ), mortgage pay - through bonds ( mptbs ), mortgage - backed bonds ( mbbs ), collateralized mortgage obligations ( cmos ) and so on

    目前,學術界和本行業實踐者們對我國發展mbs市場這一課題進行了廣泛的研究,其中,很大一部分研究是圍繞住房抵押貸款支持證券的品種設計展開的,這些品種包括過手證券、轉付證券、抵押貸款支持債券以及抵押擔保證券( cmos )等。
  6. Bauhinia mbs limited is a bankruptcy - remote special purpose company formed by the hkmc to act as the vehicle for issuance of mbs under the programme

    Bauhinia mbs limited是一間由按揭證券公司專為依據該計劃發行按揭證券而並不受其他公司破產影響的特設公司。
  7. Bauhinia mbs limited is a bankruptcy - remote special purpose company established to act under the programme as the issuing vehicle of mbs for hkmc s mortgage portfolio

  8. Bauhinia mbs limited bauhinia is a bankruptcy - remote special purpose company formed by the hkmc to act as the vehicle for issuance of mortgage backed securities under the programme

    Bauhinia mbs limited 「 bauhinia 」是一間由按揭證券公司專為發行按揭證券而成立,不受破產影的特設公司。
  9. Abstract : in this paper the gasification characteristics of two - phase anaerobic membrane biosystem ( mbs ) were studied by experiment using starch wastewater. effects and phenomenon of system ? s energy recovery was analyzed

    文摘:在實驗室條件下,以澱粉配製廢水為原水對兩相厭氧膜生物系統( mbs系統)產氣特性及其規律進行了試驗研究,討論並解釋了該系統在能源回收過程中的現象和影響因素。
  10. With the experiment part, the errors of sk - 21 nc machine tool have been measured, and a serial of data is gotten which lead to the error discrimination. ( 3 ) based on the kinematical theory of mbs, the calculation methods for the ideal center envelop curve of grinding wheel on cam grinding, the practical cutter track, inverse contour of cam, ideal nc instructions, precision nc instructions, the inner / outer normal and the fitting criterion of curve have been all discussed in detail in this paper

    ( 3 )通過精密加工的約束條件方程,探討理想刀具路線、逆變數控指令與實際刀具軌跡之間的映射關系,解決誤差補償技術提高加工精度的核心問題? ?當要求數控磨床的砂輪中心準確到達給定的理想點時,精密數控指令值究竟該是多少,如何能夠通過計算,獲得這樣的數控指令值,給出經修正的數控指令計算方法。
  11. Structure financial instrument includes commercial mortgage - backed securities ( cmbs ), asset - backed securities ( abs ), real estate investment trusts ( reit ), and residential mortgage - backed securities ( cmbs ). according the research report of us, most of abs and mbs is floating interest rate, and credit rate is aaa and duration is short term. also, the structure of abs and mbs are different with different client requirement of cash flow

    在美國金融市場上的結構化金融產品包括個人住房貸款抵押支持證券( rmbs ) 、商業貸款抵押支持證券( cmbs ) 、債務抵押債券( cdo )和資產支持證券( abs ) ,而abs主要包括信用卡應收賬款支持證券( creditcardabs ) 、汽車貸款支持證券( autoabs ) 、學生貸款支持證券( studentloanabs )和家庭財產支持證券( homeequityloanabs )等。
  12. Chapter three analyses the suitable pricing model of our country ' s mbs, and by studying secular trend and fluctuation of risk free interest rate and the term structure of interest rate of national debt, i propose an option model based on floating interest rate mbs which will be issued in our country. next, cash flow current value method is used to carry out the empirical test

  13. Basing on discussing the basic conception, we raised the universal meaning and operatin principals. through the analysis and comparition of the methods of mbs of developed countries, we summerized the identical points and differencies and then raised the inspiration for our country

  14. If the ports used are all of 2 mbs, it is hard to fully utilize the line rate of 2. 5 gbs

    而一塊155mbits速率的電介面電路板能夠提供4個stm - 1埠,如果全部使用2mbs埠,就很難充分利用2
  15. Cha bum kum, former head coach of the rok national soccer team, is the magic weapon of the private station mbs, which employed cha as its soccer commentator

  16. This issue is the first retail mbs in the whole of asia

  17. The paper is aimed to provide useful reference for the development of mbs in our country in future

  18. By example role of government institutions, mbs can decrease cost of securitization and attract non - governmental institutions to enter this field

  19. The hkmc raised over hk 13. 8 billion in 2004 through 39 issues of debt securities and 2 mbs issues under the bauhinia mbs programme, further consolidating its status as the most active corporate issuer in the hong kong dollar debt capital market

    按揭證券公司在2004年發行了39批債券及根據bauhinia mbs計劃推出2批按揭證券,籌得資金超逾138億港元
  20. Thus the use of the 155 mbs port by switches can overcome the low utilization rate caused by the limited density of ports in the transmission equipment