l of c 中文意思是什麼

l of c 解釋
L of C=Lines of Communication 交通線。

  • l : L-beam, L-iron 不等邊角鋼。L,£= 〈拉丁語〉 libra (= pound)。
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • c :
  1. The leaves and stems of c. demersum l. may contain 137. 8mg / kg ( dry weight ) of copper, so it can be served as hyperaccumulators of copper

    金魚藻體內富集的銅含量達到137 . 8mg kg (干基) ,符合超級銅積累植物的標準。
  2. The second chapter firstly expounds upon some principles of incorporation clause in the b / l under c / p at common law : a clause which is directly germane to the subject matter of the bill of lading ( that is to the shipment, carriage and delivery of goods ) can and should be incorporated into the bill of lading contract ; the ancillary terms / clauses of the charter - party could not be incorporated into the bill of lading unless these ancillary terms / clauses are explained by the specific words in the charter - party or in the bill of lading ; presumed intention of charter - parties should be found by the incorporation clause ; an incorporation clause is subject to the loading, carriage and delivery of the goods ; only charter - party terms, which are usual and reason, could be included in the bill of lading etc. - 1 - based on these rules i elaborate on some terms of the charter - party which often arise disputes, for example freight clause, dead - freight clause, demurrage clause and arbitration clause etc. could be incorporated into the bill of lading or not ; if could how these clauses should be incorporated into b / l

    第二章首先闡明英美普通法中對租約提單中併入條款解釋的幾大原則:與合約標的事項直接關聯的原則; 「附屬性條款」需有效合併的原則;合併條款要尋求雙方訂約的意願;合併主要是針對與貨物運輸和貨物交付有關的內容;合併的條款必須公平合理等原則。然後根據這些原則,具體闡述租約中容易產生糾紛的條款,如運費條款、虧艙費條款、滯期費條款、仲裁條款等條款能否併入提單,如何併入提單的問題。在具體說明的過程中,也闡述了我國海商法的規定及實務中的做法,並盡可能對其進行分析,指出其中不完善之處,並試圖提出一些改進的方法。
  3. This is a major l of c and is liable to bombing and gas attack from the enemy.

  4. This is a major l of c and is liable to bombing and gas attack from the enemy

  5. The results showed that the effect of c. megacephala pollination was not significantly different from that of hand pollination and bee pollination, but significantly different from that pollinated by musca domestica l. and flies mixed by both c. megacephala and houseflies under the same density

  6. C. l. chen, c. j. pan : semidiurnal behavior of quasi - periodic echoes in the mid - altitude es region with the chung - li vhf radar, agu 2000 fall meeting, san francisco, california, dec 15 - 19, 2000

    陳中亮、蔡雯君、潘貞傑:中壢特高頻雷達對電離層散塊e層不規則體的觀測與研究, 2002地球系統科學研討會, 20026 / 3 - 4
  7. For the difference of the basis of thought and the focus of study, reconceptualists were divided into two schools, phi lo s op hic auaestheti c al and s oc ial / po l iti c al v is ion. the forme r sti c ks to the pni los o p hic ai / ae sthetic ai c ritic s to awaken and hei ghten the s elf c ons c io usnes s, to the development of currere

  8. The effect of 20 g / 100 g diet of lactalbumin ( l ), casein ( c ), soy ( s ) and wheat ( w ) protein on the immune responsiveness of c3h / hen mice has been investigated by measuring the humoral immune response to the t cell - independent antigen, tnp - ficoll

    摘要:本研究測量體液對t細胞抗原的免疫反應,探討不同的蛋白補充劑(包括乳白蛋白、酪蛋白、大豆蛋白及小麥蛋白)飼料( 20克蛋白/ 100克飼料)對小鼠免疫反應的效果。
  9. Cot1s i deri ng that t he exte ] - ioi - in t el - ference mai n1 y comes from t 11e sea fl o v l11elj i t i s un ( lel ' - i1 t el ", thi s nfr ) j { j1t i ; fi + lk, 7 : f } itft, ? } { t ! : i / cx pal7er veri fj ed t he st i ~ ol1g 1 ~ oi ) ust ness of th is fuxzy va1 - iilb1 e st l ' uctul ' c control method against the mode1 uncertainties and external disturhances, such as the variat ions of the sea current i s sdeed and direct ion, ancl it a1 so coinpared it se1f wi t. h the l > ji ) contl ~ o1 ler in comnlon use and the regu1ar variable structure contro11 er

  10. The optimal condition of fermenation was 30 " c, 48hours, and the vibration frequency was 115 rpm. 20g / l of lys concentrtion was obtained under this condition

    在500ml的三角瓶裝液量為30ml于往復式搖床上振蕩培養,頻率為115rpm ,振幅78mm ,溫度30 ,培養時間48 。
  11. We suspected that c. demersum l. was inadequate used as a single bioaccumulator. while c. caroliniana a. could tolerate the higher lever of cu2 +, it is advised to be a better selection to phytoremediation. when the two submerge macrophytes were planted together in cu2 + solution, the respective bcf of copper in two plants increased and the toleration of c. demersum l. was enhanced slightly

    水盾草體內富集的銅含量可以達到61 . 0mg kg ;金魚藻對銅離子的耐性很低,且葉片受到銅脅迫時容易脫落,不適合作為銅濃度高的水體的生物修復植物,水盾草對銅離子的耐性較高,適合應用於含銅水體的生物修復;金魚藻和水盾草共同培養時,植物體內對銅的積累量有所增加,金魚藻對銅的耐性也略有提高。
  12. Chen l, wu c, sun f. finite time thermodynamic opti - mization or entropy generation minimization of energy systems [ j ]. j non - equilib thermodyn, 1999, 24 ( 4 ) : 327 - 359

    嚴子浚,陳蘇煌.三熱源泵熱循環的最佳泵熱率與供熱系數間的關系[ j ] .科學通報, 1987 , 32 ( 16 ) : 1280
  13. This text completely and systematically studies the status and the development of the pyrolysis and the fluidization of biomass, which distill the bio - oil in the domestic and international area, as well as the existing problems. this thesis primarily include following aspects : ( l ), by experimenting and measuring the energy ( heat value ) and the content of c, h, n chemical element of right 20 kinds of common biomass, on the base of the experimental result, and respectively established the biomass energy predict experiment formula with the element of h and c is from change, and passed the ro. os examination, which provides the basis and convenience for flash pyrolysis fluidization device energy to convert the rate to compute with biomass energy utilization calculation ; ( 2 ), proceeded the tg and dtg experimentation equal velocity ( 10 ? / min, 20 ? / min, 40 ? / min, 60 ? / min ) heating and constant temperature heating by studying on eight kinds of biomass samples, according to the experimental data and arrhenius formula, we established the dynamics model of pyrolysis of, then, using the goast - redfern and p function, we also solved the dynamics parameters and analyze out every kind of biomass ' s frequency factor and parameters of activation energy, and established the every kind of dynamics model of pyrolysis of biomass, all of these provide the theories and basis to make sure the reactor ' s flash pyrolysis work temperature scope design and the describing of pyrolysis reactor dynamics ; ( 3 ), in order to study and ascertain the process of heat completely getting to pyrolysis time of varied size biomass particles, we observed and measured the ratio of length and diameter ( l / d ) with the varied biomass through electron microscope, we concluded the l / d ratios usually is from 5. 0 to 6. 0, the average is 5. 3 ; ( 4 ), we studied the process of biomass transiting and the theory of complete pyrolysis time with the theory of complicated heat field, we got the time ( t ) of the varied size biomass particles arriving to complete pyrolysis, and we knew that the complete pyrolysis time and the time which get to the biggest production ratio are identical, all of these studies provide the theory base for design and forecasting the flash pyrolysis reactor solid state resort time ; ( 5 ), according to the above experiment result, synthesize to make use of the engineering the mechanics, engineering the material, machine the design to learn the principle, deduce, establish the theory of rotation cone flash pyrolysis reactor material resort time ( t ) and reasonable rotation velocity ( or frequency ) relation theory ; and ( 6 ), we gave the reactor ' s smallest cone angle certain, reactor cone wall strength design theory, the reactor production ability theory, the power design method and the critical rotation velocity theory

    本文較全面、系統地綜述了國內外生物質熱解液化制取生物燃油技術研究發展現狀及存在的問題,主要研究內容有: ( 1 )實驗、測定了20種常見生物質的能量(發熱量)和c 、 h 、 n元素含量,根據實驗結果分別建立了以h和c為自變量的生物質能量預測經驗公式,並通過r _ ( 0 . 05 )檢驗;為閃速熱解液化裝置能量轉化率計算和生物質能量利用率計算提供了依據和方便; ( 2 )選擇了8種生物質試樣作了等加熱速率( 10 min 、 20 min 、 40 min 、 60 min )和恆溫加熱的tg和dtg實驗,根據實驗數據和阿倫尼烏斯公式建立了生物質熱解反應動力學微分方程,並採用goast - redfem積分法和p函數對其動力學參數進行了求解,解析出各種生物質的頻率因子和活化能參數,進而建立了各種生物質的熱解動力學模型,為科學確定反應器的閃速熱解工作溫度范圍及熱解反應動力學描述,提供了理論和依據; ( 3 )為研究和確定不同尺度的生物質顆粒中心達到全熱解的時間,在體視顯微鏡下對不同粒度的生物質顆粒的長徑比進行了實驗觀察和測定,得出生物質的長徑比( l d )一般在5 . 0 6 . 0之間,平均為5 . 3的結果; ( 4 )採用復雜溫度場傳熱學理論對生物質傳熱過程及充分熱解時間理論進行了研究,解析推導出了不同尺寸生物質顆粒中心溫度達到充分熱解溫度的時間( t ) ,得出了理論推導的充分熱解時間與最大產油率的熱解時間相一致的結果,為閃速熱解反應器固相滯留時間設計和預測提供了理論依據; ( 5 )根據上述實驗結果,綜合運用工程力學、工程材料、機械設計學原理,推導、建立了轉錐式閃速熱解反應器物料滯留時間( )與轉速(或頻率)合理匹配理論; ( 6 )提出了轉錐式閃速熱解反應器的最小錐角設計、錐壁強度設計、生產能力設計理論和功率計算方法及臨界轉速理論等。
  14. Based on the research of photosynthetic carbon assimilation in natural habitat, the physiecological features of net photosynthesis ( pn ) and growth of changium smyrnioides wolff and anthriscus sylvestri ( l. ) hoffm were measured under controlled soil water status ( saturation status ( ss ), moderate status ( aw50 ) and dry status ( aw20 ) ), the difference of photosynthesis and transpiration to environmental factors and the adaptation to environmental fluctuation compared, to analyze the mechanism of c. smyrnioides to be endangered

    本文在對野外自然條件下瀕危植物明黨參( changiumsmyrnioideswolff )和非瀕危植物峨參光合碳固定能力測定的基礎上,研究了在控制土壤水分條件下明黨參、峨參和另外一種瀕危植物川明參( chuanminshenviolaceum )的光合和生長特點,比較它們的光合、蒸騰等對光照、溫度等環境因子響應及對環境變化適應能力的差異,分析了明黨參瀕危的原因和機理。
  15. Flatten the blinds then wipe with a 1 : 9 dilution of l. o. c. multi - purpose cleaner using a towel. carefully wipe the blinds in an up - and - down motion

    先將百葉簾開至平方式,然後用毛巾沾上已1 : 9稀釋的清潔劑,在百葉簾由上而下,小心地抹。
  16. One of the experimental results indicated that different concentrations of two extracts inhibited the radicle and embryo growth of chloris virgata. different concentration of petroleum ether extract accelerated the germination of c. virgata l. at different extension

  17. Kindly notify the buyers that we shall make an amendment in the l / c freight collect instead of c & f new york

    煩請通知買方,我們將信用證內c & f紐約更改為買方負擔運費。
  18. The company " s products rich patterns, all of the use of computer design, regular r e p l a c ement of design styles, and customers can request the production design

  19. Hanniba l le c te r eme rges f rom the nightmare of the eastern front, a boy in the snow, mute, with a chain around his neck

  20. Porter m l, ekberg c e. behavior of steel - deck reinforced slab [ j ]. journal of structural engineering, 1977 ( 3 )

    孫榮華,陳世鳴.鋼與混凝土組合樓板的縱向抗剪分析[ j ] .華東工業大學學報, 1997 ( 3 )