plane of projection 中文意思是什麼

plane of projection 解釋
  • plane : n 懸鈴木屬樹木。n 1 平面,水平面,面。2 (知識等的)發達程度,水平,階段。3 【航空】機翼面;〈常 ...
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • projection : n 1 射出,投擲,發射,噴射。2 投射;投影,投影法;(地圖)投影圖製法;【電影】放映。3 凸出;凸出...
  1. A projection is defined as any orderly system whereby the meridians and parallels of the spheroid may be represented on a plane.

  2. According to the mapping principle of stereographic projection, the combinatorial relationships of line and plane can be solved by use of mathematic analysis

  3. Surveying projection of over - head point amp; line using intersecting line of two vertical plane

  4. When applied in the analysis of high - dimensional bifurcations and structural stabilities a series of coordinate plane projection ( cpp ) transformations are done firstly. then investigate the property of the original system through these 2 dimensional time - varying linear subsystems. the fine structure and mechanism are explored with tspdr

  5. Dehn showed how a presentation of the group of a knot can be read off from a projection of the knot into a plane.

  6. Dehn showed how a presentation of the group of a knot can be read off from a projection of the knot into a plane

  7. In this paper, it is proved that, given 3 control points a, b and c, if the camera s optical center o lies on one of the three planes perpendicular to the plane abc and going through one of the three altitudes of the triangle abc, and additionally its projection on the plane abc is within the circumscribed circle of the triangle, that is, o is within the so - called danger cylinder, then the corresponding p3p problem - o, abc - must have 4 positive solutions

    Pnp perspective - n - point問題是計算機視覺攝影測量學乃至數學中經典而重要的問題之一,所謂pnp問題,就是指如下的物體定位問題:假定攝像機為小孔模型且已標定好,攝取一幅在物體坐標系下坐標已知的n個空間點的圖像,且這n個圖像點的坐標已知,確定這n個空間點在攝像機坐標系下的坐標。
  8. Characteristic circle is adopted for characteristic mark ; a new concept, “ characteristic diameter ”, is put forward ; the length and the position of the characteristic diameter ’ s image is adopted for the basic “ characteristic parameters ” ; and a new “ resolving model ” is established based on perspective projection principle and the speciality of “ characteristic diameter ” in this article, so that the normal direction of target plane can be got without calibrating camera parameters in real time. it only need basic mathematic tools

    本文採用特徵圓作為靶面上的「特徵標志」 ;提出了「特徵直徑」的概念,採用特徵直徑及其在像面上的透視投影的位置和長度作為基本的「特徵參數」 ;根據透視投影的規律,應用特徵直徑的特性,建立了新的「解算模型」 ,無須在現場標定攝像機的參數,只需採用基本的數學工具即可實時解算出靶面法線的方向。
  9. Computer programming realization of the projection figure of pole point on equator plane of cubic crystal system plane

  10. The application of semantics is discussed as follows : the projection relation semantics leading to recognizing cylinder, the region semantics leading to recognizing linear sweeping, the free element semantics leading to recognizing the feature which the cylinder is cut by plane. last, a prototype system is developed according to the semantics model. the system can read dxf that contains 2d engineering drawing information and recognize the 3d feature

  11. Some properties of projective transformation on projection plane producing by polar transformation

  12. Seeking the intersection of a line and an ellipsoidal surface with the projection plane transforming method

  13. Abstract : the paper narrates the essential basic learning of thinking of viewing drawings and the techniques of projection of point, line and plane, introduces the basic ways of thinking and the steps of viewing drawing, and makes a summing up and an analysis on the basic law of thinking of viewing drawings

  14. Curve traced on an imaginary sphere with the source at its center and joining all the points corresponding to those directions in which the luminous intensity is the same, or a plane projection of this curve

  15. According to projection features and projection characteristics of the boss - eyed plane, we can adopt " the way of analyzing the line frames from the projection of an object surface " to analyze the combination shape and hence construct the three - dimensional drawing

  16. In this thesis, motion estimation and compensation, the key technology of video coding, are investigated. its specific work includes : making analysis on the video motion models, deducing the parametric model which describes the orthographic projection of 3 - d rigid motion of a surface to the 2 - d image plane

    本文對視頻壓縮編碼中的關鍵技術? ?運動估計和補償方法進行了研究,內容包括:對視頻運動模型進行分析,推導了三維剛體經攝像機正交投影到二維空間后的運動場參數模型。
  17. This paper is composed of two parts including 5 chapters. in the first part ( including chapter 2 ^ 3 ), this paper explains an improved geometry - model method to eliminating eclipse shadow, using satellite imaging theory and projection theory to convert plane rectangular coordinates into rectangular spherical coordinates. otherwise, through studying eclipse ' s shape and size, this paper uses a math - function - model to eliminating eclipse shadow

  18. One of the two arbitrary planes is formed by the origin and the projected line, which is called the inverse perspective projection plane, the other is perpendicular to the inverse perspective projection plane, and go through the 3 - d line

  19. Based on projection principle, a method for surface / plane intersection is presented. the theory of this method is laconic. the numerical intersecting algorithm is widely used in ship - hull surface modeling in this thesis

  20. It ' s a problem of great significance how to filtering a signal in joint time - frequency domain and reconstruct the time series from the time - frequency plane selected. in this thesis, the theory of joint time - frequency analysis and synthesis and time - frequency filtering is investigated. two kinds of new time - frequency domain filtering methods are proposed based on adaptive decomposition and linear subspace projection

    本文在系統學習現有的各種時頻分析及其綜合演算法的基礎上,詳細研究了時頻域濾波的核心思想和基本方法,吸取了自適應時頻分析和線性子空間投影wigner - ville變換的優點,提出了的兩種新的時頻域濾波方法,並通過理論分析和數字模擬完成了相應的數值特性與應用特性研究。