materials for display 中文意思是什麼

materials for display 解釋
  • materials : 版本
  • for : FOR f o r = free on rail 【商業】火車上交貨(價格)。1 〈表示目標、去向〉向,往。 leave [sail] f...
  • display : vt 1 顯示;展示,表現出。2 展覽,展出,陳列(商品等);展開(旗幟等),攤開(地圖等)。3 誇示,誇...
  1. Mr. hsu also said, thank you for your earnest efforts, which have produced an outstanding exhibit. i hope that the display materials can be left in kinmen for future use

  2. The new materials development segment, which is intended to provide a stable revenue stream to complement the cyclical toys and motors industries, has reported increased sales. however, as most of the production activities have been shifted to new factories, profitability of the segment was affected by higher depreciation and interest costs. at present, materials under development are primarily for use in cathode ray tube and liquid crystal display

  3. Display in before one ' s eyes is a water house, them in system is a kind of circulation system, this is that some materials that discharged in their body pass through chemical reaction and releases the oxygen that lets they breathe, at the same time have again offered energy for them for they survival

  4. But due to the difficulties of the theoretical calculation and the limitation of the technique of image display, only some two - dimensional graphs of electromagnetic field of a planar set of point charges or symmetrically and uniformly charged bodies, which ignores the boundary effect, are introduced in the present electromagnetics teaching materials, which brings much incovenience for the acquaintance of the electrostatic field

  5. Fellow practitioners prepared many promotional materials on vegetarianism, including text and graphics, for roadside and lobby display. in addition, we also printed color pamphlets featuring master s discourses on vegetarianism, relevant scientific studies, and articles on vegetarianism, the environment, love, and health. finally, information and recipes on preparing delicious vegetarian food were also included

  6. Due to their high aspect ratios and small tip radii of curvature, carbon nanotubes possess marvelous electron field emission properties, viz. low turn - on voltage ( e0 ) and large emission current density ( je ), and have good potential for using as materials in electron emitters of flat panel display

  7. Australia. diversified group of importing and distribution companies, active in decorative finishes for the building industry, industrial and display materials,

  8. But for some special medium materials, such as liquid crystal display controller pcb, magnifiers must be used to gather images to gain enough precision of inspection for the weak contrast between the basic board and the conductor. the images near the light axes are much cleared than that far away from the light axes, so the images can not be simply segmented by black and white and inspected with the methods of pcb which are based on the black white image

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  10. 4. mixture was made of chiral additive and liquid crystal polymer, which properties were studied. whether the mixture has ferroelectricity has been discussed, which would establish some bases for the research and application of the liquid crystal display materials and nonlinear optical materials in future

  11. Application form for display of roadside non - commercial publicity materials

  12. A sheet of paper, a piece of cloth or a rope - the simplest materials from daily life can be used for searching the possibilities of how matters are formed. on a visual plain, materials display a unique state of being through compression and take on various forms as they are shaped by the colour gradation of the light source

  13. Moreover, it offers a super powerful business platform online for the enterprises, which contains hundreds of classes products, such as plastic machines, plastic aid, plastic raw materials, coatings, coatings raw materials, coating equipments, plating raw materials, pharmacy machines, pharmacy raw materials, pharmacy assist, chinese traditional medicine, medicine packaging, etc. so the hc360. com is the classic stage for corporations to display themselves and search business opportunities

  14. Peter batchelor, deputy director of dti said : " the uk is at the heart of invention and innovation in new materials and process technologies for the display and lighting industries

    )的巴察萊先生表示: 「英國是在顯示和照明行業、新材料和加工技術這兩個領域發明和革新的中心。
  15. Display, distribute, sell, tout, ply for or solicit alms, reward, custom or any articles or materials

  16. Display, distribute, sell, tout, ply for or solicit alms, reward, custom or any articles or materials ( unless authorized by the corporation )

    展示、派發、售賣、招徠、兜攬或索取施捨、報酬、惠顧或任何物品或資料(除非獲本公司授權) ;
  17. Lithium vanadium oxides display high capacity and low price as cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. lithium vanadium oxides, however, are hard to be synthesized because of the various valences of vanadium. if the factors of price and comprehensive electrochemical properties a re considered, the cathode materials of ( lithium ) vanadium oxides should be recognized as the most potential cathode materials for lithium ion batteries

    (鋰)釩氧化物類正極材料容量大、價格低,但由於釩的多價態導致(鋰)釩氧化物類正極材料制備困難,如果考慮價格和綜合電性能等因素, (鋰)釩氧化物類正極材料更具有實際使用價值,所以(鋰)釩氧化物類正極材料被越來越多的研究者認同為是新一代最具發展潛力的鋰離子電池正極材料。