media description 中文意思是什麼

media description 解釋
  • media : n (pl diae1 〈拉丁語〉【語言學】帶聲破裂子音;(帶聲)不送氣破裂音([b][d][])。2 【解剖學】血管...
  • description : n. 1. 記述,敘述,描寫;記載。2. 敘事文;(物品)說明書;相貌說明書。3. 種類。4. 作圖;繪制。
  1. Is the feedgas and the cooling media ( quantity, quality and pressure ) in accordance with the technical data in chapter 2 “ product description

  2. Main areas of study are, for example, information technology, provision of information, cataloguing of information, management of collections and libraries and cultural and media studies. the ongoing changes in the job description are reflected in this shift in emphasis. as the focus of the courses has changed, it has become necessary to indicate this with new course titles

  3. On the basic of the actual need in teaching, this dissertation gives a particular description of a streming media network - - the campus network of dalian navy vessel academy politics department

    本論文從當前流行的流媒體技術出發,結合教學實際需要,詳細介紹了一個基於mpeg - 4編解碼技術的流媒體發布網路? ?海軍大連艦艇學院政治系園區網的建網過程。
  4. Finally the software of all the modules was give. experiment in pc demonstrates this designed software can accomplish the basic function of ip phone such as creating the connection by session initiation protocol, negotiating the media by session description protocol, transporting the stream of data by rtp / udp / ip

    最後在pc上進行了實驗,結果顯示本課題所設計的軟體可以完成ip電話的功能,使用sip信令建立連接、使用sdp信息進行媒體流協商和使用rtp / udp / ip傳輸音頻數據流。
  5. Brazing and soldering ; classification of processes according to energy transfer media ; description of processes

  6. Its main content can be divided into three parts. the first one is the introduction of the european audio - video industry model and its development, including the explicit explanation of the public funding in europe involving the description of public funding, the public funding support of the film industry, the support to the television industry, the technology departments, multi - media, the video and the support from cnc to the film and television groups, then it introduces the development of the european audio - video industry involving the status of the public broadcasting in europe, the strength of the european audio - video industry in the whole world and the analysis of the advertising industry

  7. The quicktime movie file format defines the standard method of storing content of digital media, enabling not only the storing of individual media content ( e. g., video frames or audio samples ) but also saving the complete description of the media work

    使用這種文件格式不僅可以存儲單個的媒體內容(如視頻幀或音頻采樣) ,而且能保存對該媒體作品的完整描述。
  8. H. 248 protocol is just located in the separated framework, and provides communication between mgc equipment and mg equipment. h. 248 inherits all the advantages of the media gateway control protocols before, so it achieves mighty description function, provides more supports to the application layer and is easier to manage and implement. in addition, h. 248 has better control to media bearer, including media resources and bearer resources

    H . 248協議正是處在這個分離體系結構之間,提供媒體網關控制設備與媒體處理設備間的通信的協議, h . 248協議在繼承了以往的媒體控制協議的所有優點的基礎上,實現了強大的描述功能,對應用層提供了更多的支持,管理和實現更為簡單,對媒體承載(包括媒體資源和承載資源)有著良好的控制。
  9. This dialog displays the name of the next media set if available, the backup set name, and backup set description