maintain order 中文意思是什麼

maintain order 解釋
  • maintain : vt. 1. 保持;維持;繼續。2. 堅持,維護。3. 供養,扶養。4. 維修,保養。5. (堅決)主張;強調。
  • order : n 1 次序,順序;整齊;(社會)秩序,治安;狀況,常態;健康狀態;條理;會場秩序;議事程序,日程;...
  1. Inherited aces maintain their relative order after canonicity

  2. Mothers were often encouraged to increase their milk or dairy consumption in order to maintain an ample supply and to avoid eating certain foods like garlicky or spicy foods because they could cause the baby to become fussy or colicky

  3. In order to maintain the rules conveniently, we make use of the technology of rdbms in managing data, consider the trait of production rules, and then design and realize the arithmetic to check the rules " equipollence and circulation on the basis of our former work - knowledge ordering. all these solve the knowledge base ' s consistency effectively

  4. Funds borrowed by federal reserve banks in order to maintain the reserve requirement

  5. Therefore, in order to enhance the regulation of the offeror and the management of target company, to protect the benefits of the shareholders of target company, and to maintain the standard of the security exchange system, not only should the legislative establish the two basic principles of information transparency and equal trea tment of target company ' s shareholders, but also establish the supplementary principles of the protection of middle and small shareholders " benefits, of the forbiddance of underground transaction, of caution offer, and of anti - offer abuse

  6. At the same time, in order to get adapted to the market change, improve the competitiveness, reinforce the cohesiveness and maintain the upswing trend, cec should take effective measures, such as to accept new idea and develop the managers " awareness of competitiveness ; reform the selecting and appointing mechanism ; establish a sound compensation system ; improve consumption for the position ; break the dominance of state - owned shareholders on the stock market and improve corporate governance structure ; reinforce the financial supervision on the corporation ; make a full use of restraint effect of competitiveness and reputation mechanism ; build various " golden parachutes "

    與此同時, cec在企業經營者激勵與約束方面應採取針對性的措施,通過轉變觀念,樹立市場經濟的競爭意識和產權意識;改革企業經營者的選拔任用方式,積極推進企業經營者管理的市場化進程、建立科學合理的薪酬體系、規范職位消費,實行職位消費貨幣化、調整股權結構,實現投資主體多元化,健全公司法人治理結構、加強企業財務監控和內部制度建設、充分發揮市場競爭機制和聲譽機制對企業經營者的激勵約束作用、設計各種形式的「金色降落傘」等措施的實施,適應市場變化,提高企業核心競爭力,增強企業的凝聚力,保持事業的長盛不衰。
  7. Policemen maintain order in the streets.

  8. These measures include : make the system of securities laws to perfect, consummate the institutions of the legal person in the listed companies, base securities regulatory authority to regulate the securities market according to law, maintain order of the securities market and ensure the lawful operation of the same, reinforce continuing disclosure of information and the system of financial and accounting reports, make the listed companies shall immediately submit an ad hoc report on the details of such major event to the securities regulatory authority and to the stock exchanging and the same known to the general public, promote investors consciousness of protecting themselves and consummate the civil litigation mechanism to gain compensation and damages, make use of the press to supervise the stock market and reinforce punishment to the persons who act securities fraud

  9. The police maintain order in the city, help prevent crime, apprehend lawbreakers and directs traffic.

  10. His second duty is to obey the law and help the government ( to ) maintain order

  11. Article 10 the state shall maintain order in production and other work in coal mine areas and protect the facilities of coal mining enterprises

  12. This contact may help to maintain order within a group, and stroking or touching are part of the courtship ritual in most species

  13. Police officers were deployed to maintain order at the scene. after the workers arrived at the main gate of the construction site, the workers damaged the main gate and attempted to attack a 31 - year - old woman police officer with water pipe. the woman police officer tried to use her baton to stop the workers but to no avail. she then drew arm as precaution without pointing to anybody

  14. The government took a strong stand and would not give way. taxis in the urban areas went on strike, blocking the main routes in central and mongkok. the police came on the screen to maintain order and traffic basically came to a standstill

  15. Article 1 : these measures have been formulated pursuant to the securities law and lawyers law in order to strengthen regulation of the provision of securities - related legal services by law firms, regulate the professional acts of lawyers in the course of activities, such as securities offerings, listings and trading, enhance the mechanism for guarding against legal risks, maintain order in the securities market and protect the lawful rights and interests of investors

    第一條為了加強對律師事務所從事證券法律業務活動的監督管理,規范律師在證券發行、上市和交易等活動中的執業行為,完善法律風險防範機制,維護證券市場秩序,保護投資者的合法權益,根據《證券法》和《律師法》 ,制定本辦法。
  16. Article 166 the securities regulatory authority under the state council shall regulate the securities market according to law, maintain order of the securities market and ensure the lawful operation of the same

  17. My classmate, lam kai ying, and i assisted to maintain order and promote the game on the second day of the event

  18. Police officers were deployed to maintain order at the scene

  19. Police deployed about four thousand officers to maintain order

  20. In addition, the corporation had deployed more than 50 additional staff to maintain order at stations and inside trains