dada 中文意思是什麼

dada 解釋
Dada = Dadaism. n. 名詞 〈兒語〉 = dad1.
  1. I called out again " mama - dada - ga ga - goo goo.

    我又大喊: 「媽媽上海汽車爸爸,嘎嘎,咕咕。 」
  2. Dada supervision i write ink in half an hour. than play games

  3. I ' m not your fucking dada

  4. Rob : she ' s just learning to talk. she can say " mama, " " dada " and " bye - bye.

  5. L. h. o. o. q. is a mustached reproduction ( 1919 ) by dada painter marcel duchamp

  6. 20 unique genes were hypothesized according to sequence comparison against current dada deposited in genbank

  7. It is impossible to realize multimedia communication without the compression of dada

  8. Working as a designer in zhejiang dada electricity ltd. major in air button design

  9. The models described in this dissertation lay the theoretic foundation for multi - sensor multiscale dada fusion

  10. The holographic storage is one of the most promising optical storage technologies for high - density dada storage

  11. Drift angle position closed loop control system is achieved with 80c31 as controller, step motor as transact organ and absoluteness coder as measure organ. a large number of dada are obtained in all kinds space circumstance experiments

  12. At the welcoming feast, harry and his friends will meet their new dada teacher, find out if both firenze and trelawney will teach divination, and hear a new sorting hat song

  13. From its realization, the local short - delay interconnection method, the coding symbol synchronization method of multidimensional tcm, and the reliable receiving structure of high - speed dada are advanced

  14. The target movement information which aa gunshot fire control needs can he provided by using kalman filter to process the dada offered by on hoard fire control radar and other sensors

  15. Those that have been seen in canon to be used in this manner are the fireplaces in the the gryffindor common room ( gf, op ), the dada professor ' s office ( pa, op ), and the potions master ' s office ( pa14 )

    就那些已被看到照此方法使用過的壁爐有:格蘭芬多公共休息室(火焰杯,鳳凰社) ,黑魔法防禦課教師辦公室(阿茲卡班的囚徒,鳳凰社)和魔藥課教師辦公室(阿茲卡班的囚徒第14章) 。
  16. The development and research of hrv theory are capable to provide essential dada for hr utility and hr investment, offer a method for the economy growth calculation driven by intelligence in new economy era, lesson the relative research between china and developed countries

  17. More importantly, the nature of technologies is shifting from analog to digital, semiconductor to micro processor, wired and fixed to wireless and movable, proprietary to open systems and from separate transmission voice “ dada ”, text and image to interactive motile media

  18. The system design includes information model, function design and dada - base logical relation. the information model is established by entity - relation method, and the e - r picture is ploted, and the in - out diagram is gived out ; the fuction designed is established by idef0 method, the subsystems are designed according to the model in detail, we give out the explaining document and explain the calculation method for the model ; we design the data - base logical relation by the above models, decide the distributing and partition the relation diagram of the data - base, then define the logical structure of the diagrams

    其中信息建模採用實體-聯系的方法建立系統的信息模型,並用idef1x圖表示出該信息模型,同時給出電泵物資管理系統輸入輸出信息表;功能設計用idef _ 0方法建立電泵物資管理系統分系統功能模型,參照功能模型對內部各子系統進行詳細設計,給出分系統功能模塊的詳細說明書及相應功能演算法描述;數據庫邏輯設計依據系統分析結果、信息模型及功能模型,確定電泵物資管理系統數據庫分佈,劃分數據庫內部關系表,定義表的具體邏輯結構。
  19. The dada acquisition and pressure survey methods during under - balanced drilling are researched, which provide the foundation for obtaining training samples for neural network

  20. With function module design method, the system interface design is completed ; by application of network function, the data is communicated to main - computer in order to retroactively supervisor product quality and to monitor local manufacture. through inspection of response of plc, the problems of dada efficacy and malfunction alarm in icc - plc communication are solved ; with adding symbol - bit, the exact conversion of receiving and sending data is realized