carrier wave 中文意思是什麼

carrier wave 解釋

  • carrier : n 1 運送人,搬夫;負荷者;使役,〈美國〉信差,郵遞員;送報人;〈英國〉運輸行,運輸業者。2 傳書鴿...
  • wave : n 〈美海軍〉女志願軍人〈見 WAVES 條〉。n 1 波浪;碎浪; 〈the wave(s)〉 〈詩〉海。2 波動;波狀...
  1. The remaining factor in(7, 8. 3)is the carrier wave and its phase velocity is c.

  2. High - frequency carrier wave characteristics analysis for 10 kv power distribution lines

  3. The power of the modulated carrier wave is increased by the rf power amplifier

  4. In communications, the amplitude variations of an amplitude modulated carrier wave

  5. Carrier wave disconnection

  6. Carrier wave outgoing

  7. Application study on low - voltage power line carrier wave spread spectrum communication system

  8. Load modulate technology based on sub - carrier wave for fuze setting information feedback

  9. These character based on sichuan power network ' s practice operation experience, in allusion to the config of the carrier wave protection in bypass breaker operating, through the study of protection ' s typical config : one side lfp - 902a, one side csl - 101a, proceeded comprehensive act module test, noted plenty of first hand test data and wave picture, proceeded detailed theory analyses, plenitude demonstration atresic type carrier wave distance protection when twain side atresic type logic is not completely same, basically can fill power network ' s requirement to relay of reliability selectivity speedly and sensitively

    本文結合四川電網的實際運行經驗,針對旁路開關代路運行時的保護配置情況,通過對旁路代路時保護典型配對組合:一側lfp - 902a ,一側csl - 101a的保護配置情況的深入研究,做了全面的動模試驗,記錄了大量的第一手試驗數據和波形,進行了詳細的原理分析,充分驗證了高頻閉鎖式距離零序保護在兩側閉鎖式邏輯不盡一致的情況下,基本能夠滿足電網對繼電保護的可靠性、選擇性、快速性以及靈敏性的要求。
  10. There are many ways of modulating signal about bpsk such as castas loop, square loop, etc. usually the carrier wave is put forward firstly, then the purified carrier wave is used to demodulate the output data ( all these things are usually completed in the same loop ). these methods have their strong points but at same times, it is difficult to design and achieve these ways

    有關bpsk調制信號的解調方法很多,例如castas環,平方環等,這些方法一般都是先提取載波,然後用提純的載波去解調出傳輸的數據(大都在同一個環路內完成) ,這些方法的優點是顯而易見的,但是在某些條件下,這些方法的設計和實現卻很困難。
  11. The carrier wave is modulated directly by the baseband signal at several frequency point in l band and s band. firstly, this paper clarifies the theory of i / q modulation, elaborates evm and acpl, and analyzes the effect of amplitude and phase unbalance and dc offset on evm. secondly we review the basic principle of phase locked loop and it ’ s composing parts, including the basic conception and design method of pll frequency synthesizer, especially introduce the charge pump pll frequency synthesizer in detail

    首先,在闡述i / q正交調制基本原理的基礎上,通過對誤差矢量和鄰近通道功率泄漏的詳細分析,定性、定量地討論了各種非理想電路因素(如相位不平衡、幅度不平衡、直流偏差等)對調制器性能的影響;其次,介紹了鎖相環的工作原理和基本組成部分,包括鎖相環的設計和環路濾波器的設計,特別詳述了電荷泵鎖相頻率源;第三,介紹了採用直接調制技術模擬衛星信號的射頻前端的設計;最後,對整個直接射頻調制系統進行測試,結果基本上達到了課題要求。
  12. The research on bypass carrier wave protection not only possess his theory value - studied protector ' high frequency signal as well as and dispatch signal logic, penetrate into learn protector ' occlusion type carrier wave protection logic about, but also has important signality in fact ? rovide practice system operation scheme with theory and test evidence

  13. In both radio and television receivers, once the basic signals have been separated from the carrier wave they are fed to a loudspeaker or a display device ( usually a cathode - ray tube ), where they are converted into sound and visual images, respectively

    在無線電和電視兩個接收器中,一旦基本信號與載體電波分離,即被供于擴音器或顯示設備(通常是陰極攝像管) ,在那裡它分別被轉換成聲音和可視圖像。
  14. For digital audio encoding and decoding modules, delta - sigma modulation is introduced and audio data, preambles with accessorial data are multiplexed according to the digital audio interface standard ; for carrier wave, pll frequency synthesizer is used ; for frequency modulation, voltage control oscillator is taken ; for demodulation, pll frequency discrimination is adopted

  15. There are five parts are as follows : in part one, the concept of switching function is introduced first to establish the nonlinear mathematical model of the induction motor variable frequency speed adjustment system which is fed by a sine pulse width modulated ( spwm ) inverter and takes the effect of the main magnetic circuit saturation into consideration, then the low frequency oscillation of the system is simulated according to the model. next, from the view point of energy conversion of the inverter - induction system, a criterion for the low frequency oscillation is proposed to determine whether the system is in low frequency oscillation which is judged by whether the interval of the negative current component of the inverter input current is more than 1 / fc ( fc is the carrier wave frequency of the inverter ) or not

    首先引入開關函數概念,建立了正弦脈寬調制( spwm )逆變器供電異步電動機,考慮主磁路飽和時的變頻調速系統整體數學模型,模擬系統的低頻振蕩;其次從逆變器-異步電動機系統能量轉換角度出發,提出通過檢測逆變器輸入電流中負電流的間隔時間是否大於1 / f _ c ( f _ c為逆變器載波頻率)來判定系統是否出現低頻振蕩;最後的實驗結果驗證了系統低頻振蕩建模和判據的實用性和正確性。
  16. The experiments with speech signals and carrier wave signals have been done to validate various bss methods proposed in the thesis and simulation results show that the algorithms are effective

  17. Design and implement of the host computer software in power - line high frequency carrier wave channels test device

  18. At last, an intelligentized testing instrument for electric wire high frequency carrier wave channels is developed

  19. The electric wire high frequency carrier wave technology is very important and widely used in electric power industry and other fields. however the existing testing instruments for high frequency carrier wave channels are lagged and in creasing need for improving

  20. This d format can show the range of the data intuitively and express the real time data, which improves the speed and precision of svpwm arithmetic greatly. the ratio of carrier wave is increased and the blend of current is reduced, as a result the performance of the system is ameliorated. this thesis project has finished the debugging of the ac motor control system, and the result shows that hardware and software of the designed system is in reason