murderess 中文意思是什麼

murderess 解釋
  1. Not to be outdone [ 5 ] in the back story department, judd ' s joanna eris was abandoned by her father as a little girl, spent her youth in juvenile detention centers, and has grown up to become an enchanting murderess who hooks up with wealthy men to enact a pseudo - feminist revenge ( back to double jeopardy )

    沒有超出老戲的套路,賈德飾演的喬安娜?厄里斯很小的時候,就遭到父親的遺棄,她在少年看管所中渡過了自己的青春,並長成為一個充滿魅力的女殺手,她專門引誘那些有錢的男人,並充當一個申張偽女權主義的復仇者(回到了《雙重危險》的情節) 。
  2. Her face was dry and pale, as though she regarded herself in the light of a murderess.

  3. She is a murderess and they describe her as a prostitute

  4. The lawyer wanted to know how the murderess had helped her accomplice get away

  5. I hope that wicked jones is hanged, i am sure, making that poor girl a murderess

  6. Thundered earnshaw, should he offer to leave me, he s a dead man : persuade him to attempt it, and you are a murderess

    恩蕭大發雷霆, 「要是他提議離開我,他就要成為一個死人啦:你要是勸他離開,你就是一個殺人犯!
  7. Here then i was in the third storey, fastened into one of its mystic cells ; night around me ; a pale and bloody spectacle under my eyes and hands ; a murderess hardly separated from me by a single door : yes - that was appalling - the rest i could bear ; but i shuddered at the thought of grace poole bursting out upon me