gadfly 中文意思是什麼

gadfly 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 【動物;動物學】虻,牛虻。
2. 討厭的人。
3. 強烈的刺激[沖動]。

  1. It then arrested public attention by art works. its success continued as it moved into publishing chinese literature. its successes include nobel literature laureates series, foreign literary classics series, twentieth century french literature series, foreign human body art series, pearl buck collection, a complete guide to chinese and foreign prose poems, the danzig trilogy, collection of the year series, romance of the guangxi warlords, taiping heavenly kingdom, the account of jindou, heaven and earth, les fleurs du mal, liu yong and liu xuan series, how the steel was tempered, the gadfly, and the series of contemporary guangxi ethnic minority writers

    本社所出版的「獲諾貝爾文學獎作家叢書」 「外國文學名著系列」 「 20世紀法國文學叢書」 「外國人體美術叢書」 「賽珍珠作品集」中外散文詩鑒賞大觀「但澤三部曲」 「年選大系」桂系演義太平天國金斗紀事皇天后土惡之花「劉墉劉軒作品系列」鋼鐵是怎樣煉成的牛虻「廣西當代少數民族作家叢書」等圖書深受讀者喜愛,產生十分深廣的影響。
  2. Egypt is a beautiful heifer ; a gadfly from the north has come on her

  3. Bravery, selfishness, and endurance are the characters which can be found easily on the gadfly

  4. " egypt is a beautiful heifer, but a gadfly is coming against her from the north

  5. [ niv ] ' egypt is a beautiful heifer, but a gadfly is coming against her from the north

    20 [和合]埃及是肥美的母牛21犢,但出於22北方的毀滅( 「毀滅」或作「牛虻」 )來到了!來到了
  6. She sent a gadfly to torment io, who, in her flight, swam through the sea, named after her, ionian

  7. The domination of two legal research services over the publication of federal and state court decisions is being challenged by an internet gadfly