generalissimo 中文意思是什麼

generalissimo 解釋
n. 名詞 (pl. generalissimos) 大元帥;最高統帥,總司令。

  1. From the shadows of his ancestral tombs in fenghwa, the generalissimo throughout the spring of 1949 continued to reach out his black hand to control the events in the capital he had abandoned

  2. This issue was fought out between the premier and the generalissimo at a stormy interview before the council meeting.

  3. Meanwhile, chang had not lost faith in the generalissimo

  4. The setting out are the cultural furniture and the articles he used when practicing medicine in macau when he assumed generalissimo in guangzhou

  5. My self generalissimo, friday my lieutenant - general, the captain and his two men, and the three prisoners of war, who we had trusted with arms

  6. Instead of withdrawing as it was imperative for him to do, the generalissimo, like a gambler who has lost his nerve, began throwing good money after bad

  7. The generalissimo's prolonged stay here is not of our doing.