yacht club 中文意思是什麼

yacht club 解釋

  • yacht : n. 快艇,遊艇。 a racing yacht 競賽用快艇。vi. 乘快艇,駕駛快艇,乘遊艇旅遊。
  • club : n 1 棍棒;(馬球等的)球棒;【生物學】錘節,(昆蟲觸角中的)棒,棒狀構造[器官]。2 俱樂部,夜總會...
  1. Hey, kirsten ' s already over at the yacht club

    嘿, kirsten已經去了遊艇俱樂部了
  2. I was at dinner last night with kirsten at the yacht club

    昨晚我和kirsten在yacht club吃飯
  3. Yinhai lightens sailing city about qingdao yinhai international yacht club

  4. I had toind that out myself last night at the yacht club

  5. New york yacht club nyyc

  6. This photo was taken by me at a yacht club in singapore, somewhere in tanah merah

  7. It will take place at the royal sydney yacht club. the shuttle bus will leave our club at 17 : 00

    在悉尼皇家帆船俱樂部舉行。班車將於17 : 00離開俱樂部。
  8. Henceforth, shenzhen longcheer yacht club co., ltd. has officially become a subordinate to vanke

  9. However, longcheer yacht club has been always an independent brand which exists and will continually exist after vanke purchased longcheer

  10. This zone includes the royal hong kong yacht club, the police officers club, the causeway bay typhoon shelter and the new waterfront to the north of victoria park

  11. The social high spot still holds the same traditions 176 years on - with yacht club balls, dinners, cocktail parties and concerts throughout the week

    考斯帆船周在176年後仍保持著它的傳統? ?長達一周的遊艇俱樂部舞會、晚宴、雞尾酒會及音樂會。
  12. Top grade business community : five - star westin hotel, yacht club, san marco plaza, yacht villa, seascape villa, cloud villa, service department, time share, and venice canal business district, etc

  13. Our company, the undersigned, hereby apply for membership of qingdao yinhai international yacht club of china and in the event of being accepted, the card - users and i agree to be bound by the rules and by laws of the club

  14. Holf club offers golf, yacht, private flight and most distinguished and private service to china ' s new noble class

  15. This zone extends from the eastern edge of the marine basin to the western edge of the new boundary of the royal hong kong yacht club

  16. This web cam looks out over the typhoon shelter towards the yacht club where many boats, junks and sampans are moored

  17. Shenzhen longcheer yacht club co., ltd., officially established in may 1998, is china ' s first membership yacht club specializing in providing various yachts and sailboats for leisure, travel, vacation trip, sports and commercial activities

    1998年5月,深圳市浪騎遊艇會有限公司正式成立,投資開發了以開展海上遊艇帆船、休閑、旅遊、度假、運動及商務活動為宗旨的,中國第一家實行會員制的海上遊艇俱樂部? ?浪騎遊艇會。
  18. Shortly after 6. 30 am, a 54 - year - old cleansing worker of a yacht club on kellett island made a report to the police after a woman was found lying unconscious on the ground of the office of the club on the first floor

  19. At about 6 : 30 a. m. on tuesday 17 december 2002, the body of a 41 - year - old marine services section manageress ms. ho mo - ling was found lying dead in a pool of blood covered by black garbage bags at her office on the 1 f, administrative block, royal hong kong yacht club, kellett island, causeway bay, hong kong

  20. Limited company of yacht club of sea star of tuo of general of boat hill city waited by limited company of ship of boat hill sea star in march 2004 establish register hold water, in october 2005 more the name is limited company of yacht of sea star of tuo of general of zhou shan city, scope of operations basically is : sightseeing of maritime yacht, houseboat is visited, insular time travel, maritime go angling

    舟山市普陀海星遊艇俱樂部有限公司於2004年3月由舟山海星輪船有限公司等組建注冊成立, 2005年10月更名為舟山市普陀海星遊船有限公司,經營范圍主要為:海上遊船、遊艇觀光游覽、島際旅遊、海上垂釣等。