ob 中文意思是什麼

ob 解釋
n. 名詞 (西伯利亞的)鄂畢河。
Gulf of Ob 鄂畢灣〈俄羅斯〉。

  1. The russian plain is bordered on the south by the caucasian mountain range. the rivers ob and yenisei flow into the arctic ocean from the altai and sayan mountains

  2. The altai mountains in southern siberia form the major mountain range in the western siberia biogeographic region and provide the source of its greatest rivers the ob and the irtysh

  3. My dad is an ob gyn and my mother is a home - establisher

  4. Hazan shoes china fir brand ob

  5. Referring physicians were categorized as a primary care proider ( pcp ) or specialist ( internist, ob / gyn )

    研究人員將咨詢醫生分成兩類:初級護理醫師( pcp )和專業醫師(內科醫師:產科醫師/婦科醫師) 。
  6. Referring physicians were categorized as a primary care provider ( pcp ) or specialist ( internist, ob / gyn )

    研究人員將咨詢醫生分成兩類:初級護理醫師( pcp )和專業醫師(內科醫師:產科醫師/婦科醫師) 。
  7. In the paper, the connectivity and diameters of sell - complementary 2 - multigraphs and sell - complementary digraphs are discussed, and if these graphs get disrupted the relations for the number ob edges and vertices between the two connected components are also studied in self - complementary permutation

    摘要本文討論了2 -重自補圖和有向自補圖的連通性以及2 -重自補圖的直徑,同時以自補置換作為工具研究了當2 -重自補圖或有向自補圖被分成兩個連通分支后,這兩個連通分支之間的邊數與頂點數之間的關系。
  8. - bring us beer over here. - ob, or crown beer

    -給我們拿點啤酒來- ob牌還是皇冠?
  9. Bioinformatic analysis of swine ob proximal promoter

  10. Bring us beer over here. - ob, or crown beer

    給我們拿點啤酒來- ob牌還是皇冠?
  11. Ob : how did you get into classical conducting

  12. Ob :. . what about your anim ? score conducting then

  13. Ob : do you enjoy working on this type of music

  14. Ob : “ but in a way, it ' s part of the job

  15. Ob os index overbought oversold index

  16. In my opinion, that " impossible love " is between ob and viggo. see, i read too many rps, definitely not good for my mental health

    找女朋友的條件如何? ? 「善良的」他說「我現在比以前現實了許多,我不再奢望不可能的愛,我只想有個人來支持我。 」
  17. When molecules are solvated in the solution, the solute molecule polarize solvent molecules around it and this gives rise to a field reaction field acting back - ob - the molecule, which will have effects on the structure of solvated molecules and their optical properties

  18. Nextly, to narrate the emergence, history, current situation and the future of network accounting in the summarize. once more, on the text this paper studies and discusses the fundamental, including network accounting connotation, similarities and differences of network accounting and traditional manual accounting and cais, technology criteria of network and some advantage ; influencing, on trad - itional accounting theory ( mainly focusing on, general principle etc. ), ob - taining and making use of information ; specialty, risk and precautionary, and so on. it puts forward the consult and sug - gestion

    再次,在主體部分圍繞網路會計的基本原理(包括網路會計的內涵、網路會計與傳統手工會計和會計電算化的異同、網路會計系統的技術標準、及其具有的優點) ,網路會計對傳統會計理論的影響(集中在會計的核算前提條件、核算一般原則等方面) ,網路會計下會計信息的獲取與使用,網路會計具有的特殊性及由此產生的風險和防範措施等若干方面進行詳細的研究和探討並闡述個人的基本觀點,從而為網路會計在我國的健康順利發展及為經濟建設服務提供有益的參考和建議。
  19. If this time has passed, seek the assistance of your ob / gyn

  20. Richard : i finished the residency in ob - gyn, but my real passion is research