oas 中文意思是什麼

oas 解釋
OAS =Organization of American States 美洲國家組織。

  1. Oas ( office automation system ) includes multi - media information, electronic bulletin board, public address system, property management system, business convention system

  2. All of above need it to build a new oas

  3. Some experiences of establishing pangang ’ s oas are following

  4. Oas application oa circumstance based on internet application

  5. Tight security was in place as the oas delegates began their discussions

  6. The actual practice showed that the pangang ’ s oas was safe indeed

  7. Office automation system oas

  8. At the beginning of the article, there is the expatiate on needing of oas

  9. Equipped with well - establish communication network : adopt oas and electronic ticketing system

  10. These problems restrict the application range and the development foreground of oas mostly

  11. Dlmu oas has implemented such functions as e - mail, management of receiving and sending document, session management, callboard and so on

  12. This paper studies on the development using and relevant technique of telecom colligation operation oas

  13. Its engineering background is a practical colligation operation oas which is explored for heilongjiang local city telecom filiale

  14. We hope this month, in the inter - american drug abuse control commission of the oas, to complete agreement on the text of a hemispheric counternarcotics strategy for the 21st century that will be compatible with and support our own national strategy goals

  15. 4 ) the oas which core is knowledge management is being studied. the thesis studies the theory that is achieved knowledge management from information management and presents a arithmetic of finding knowledge from knowledge warehouse. the thesis blends knowledge management into bpr

    論文在「從信息管理到知識管理的實現方法」方面進行了理論研究,給出了「知識庫」中知識的發現與提取的演算法,把知識管理融入了bpr (業務流程重組)過程中。
  16. This system uses lotus domino / notes r5 as its developing and running platform of oas, takes a associative developing mode of browser / server and client / server, document management is the central function, along with receive transaction dispatch transaction, document hasten and other function, it realize the automation of the office flow0 this paper introduces the national development and overseas of oa along with its correlative technology and the function and characteristic of lotus domino / notes firstly, analyzes the difficulty that oas faced with, brings forward a associative developing mode of browser / server and client / server and shows the design project and instance, the paper introduces the development of domino in web and the realization of workflow, gives the solution of some questions in the development and application of office automation system

    本系統以lotusdomino notesr5作為oas的開發、運行平臺,採用browser server與client server相結合的開發模式,以公文管理為核心,完成了收文辦理、發文辦理、公文催辦等功能,實現了辦公流程的自動化。論文首先介紹了oa在國內外的發展狀況及其相關技術以及lotusdomino notes的功能和特性,分析了目前oas所面臨的困繞,提出了browser server與client server相結合的開發模式並給出設計方案及實例,重點介紹了domino的web開發和工作流的實現,並且針對oas開發和實施中關于notes應用與外部數據庫之間的數據交換問題、工作流的自動化和靈活化問題以及網路瓶頸等問題給出解決方案,最後就安全性策略進行探討。
  17. To the domain of oa application, at present. oas compartmentalize gov. document oa, enterprise oa and co. oa

  18. Secondly, the conformity of oas to other special systems must be taken into account. thirdly, the present management, the organization system and the bearable reform intensity of the corporation are very important. finally, the mature and safe techniques are also important in establishing oas

  19. The foreign ministers of the oas [ organization of american states ], in their communiqu ' of october 6, rejected secrecy on such matters in this hemisphere

  20. He created the analysis tool with the idea that the organization of american states ( oas ) could use it to solve crises, mainly in bolivia, ecuador, and peru

    他開創了分析的工具用以處理美洲國家組織( oas )之危機,主要針對被波利維亞、厄瓜多、秘魯。