oasis 中文意思是什麼

音標 [əu'eisis]
oasis 解釋
n. 名詞 (pl. oases )1. (沙漠中的)綠洲;(不毛之地中的)沃洲;宜人的地方。
2. 慰藉物。

  1. Retrieval of the land surface albedo over arid oasis of northwest china from eos - modis data

  2. Oasis agriculture is indicative of moving from barbarism towards civilization of the oasis areas

  3. Mr. cremona's barbershop was an oasis of beauty and good will.

  4. Unwind and savour the fantastic arab ambience of our oasis spa, and enjoy our special beauty treatment and hairdressing service

  5. Tuen mun lung mun oasis - causeway bay moreton terrace

  6. Study on alternative furrow irrigation on film - mulched maize in desert oasis area

  7. The oasis was off the glamorous strip, far removed from the more famous hote ls.

  8. The water vapor content, in all, is relatively less over the gobi and hungriness and more over the oasis ; there is " the clothesline effect " which influences the stabilization and development of the oasis at the margin of the oasis or the long and narrow protection forest through the deserts or in the neighborhood of the river and the aqueduct

    戈壁沙漠上空水汽含量相對較少,綠洲上空水汽含量相對較大;綠洲邊緣或通過沙漠的窄長護林帶、河流以及水渠附近,存在著影響綠洲穩定和發展的「曬衣繩效應」 。
  9. He reveled in it like a man who has reached an oasis after traversing an inhospitable desert.

  10. There is a period of soil contents range from ten to twenty five days over the humid discussed area in summer, and the period is not obvious at the discussed zone of close oasis desert area in summer and winter. ( 2 ) soil temperature exits several periodic variations of different depths ranging from six to twenty four days in heihe region, and nine to thirty days in gaize and shiquanhe region. it also shows that gradient of soil temperature affects on the soil content movement more greatly in summer. ( 3 ) the land surface temperature of yangtze river lower region is retrieved from noaa - ahvrr data

    ( 2 )根據土壤溫濕資料,採用功率譜分析、 pca分析等方法,分析了兩種典型下墊面土壤溫度的時空分佈特徵及其對土壤水分運動的影響,發現研究區土壤溫度除日和年變化周期外還存在6 30天的不同周期;下墊面的非均勻性及其季節變化及溫度梯度變化對土壤水分運動有很大影響,冬季溫度梯度變化對土壤含水量影響大於夏季溫度梯度對上壤含水量變化的影響,且溫度梯度與水分運動方向相反。
  11. This desert of unattractiveness has its oasis.

  12. He worked hard six days a week and looked forward to his day off as an oasis of rest and relaxation.

  13. And yet during the past year even the oasis of beijing had been invaded by the atmosphere of struggle that hovered over all china.

  14. I'm afraid i must be off. please tell madame olenska that we shall all feel lost when she abandons our street. this house has been an oasis.

  15. The caravan stopped for the night at an oasis

  16. An oasis in the syrian desert, north - east of damascus, palmyra contains the monumental ruins of a great city that was one of the most important cultural centres of the ancient world

  17. Gillespie, j. " las vegas : mythical frontier oasis or paradigmatic american city ? " 2002

    拉斯維加斯:神化的邊遠綠州或模?美國城市? , 2002 。
  18. The sahara ' s topographical features include shallow basins, large oasis depressions, serirs or regs ( gravel - covered plains ), plateaus, mountains, sand sheets, dunes and sand seas ( ergs )

    撒哈拉沙漠地形特點包括:淺的盆地、大的蕭條的綠洲、砂礫性沙漠或礫質沙漠(碎石覆蓋的平原) 、高原、沙席(小沙原) ,沙丘和沙海(砂質沙漠) 。
  19. In this paper, on the basic theories foundation study of summary people of the past, aiming directly at whether the shelter forest can deposit the sand and how powerful it can. we select the oasis in ulan buh desert as the study plot, and study the function of the shelter forest reduce the " sand " and " dust ". we draw the following conclusion. first, in the fixed and semifixed sand lands, which grow the natural sand - binding plants, the coverage of plant in the fixed and semifixed sand land is 26. 4 % and 10. 3 %, respectively, the amount of sand drift decrease 93. 38 % and 81. 91 % comparing with the migratory sand land which have no plant coverage in the same wind speed and the range of 0 - 40cm above the ground

    本文以前人的研究為基礎針對「防護林體系是否有降解作用,有多大的降解作用」這一問題以烏蘭布和沙漠邊緣的防護林體系為研究對象,研究了防護林體系對「沙」 、 「塵」的降解作用,得出以下結論: ( 1 )在距離地表0 - 40cm范圍內,同一風速下生長有天然固沙植物,植被蓋度分別為26 . 4 、 10 . 3的固定、半固定沙地上,地表起沙量分別比無植被生長的流動沙地降低了93 . 38 、 81 . 91 。
  20. Borne on the back of the ship of the desert, we reached the oasis at sunset