red primary 中文意思是什麼

red primary 解釋
  • red : adj (redder reddest)1 紅色的,赤色的。2 赤熱的,(面孔)因…而脹紅的 (with)。3 血腥的,血淋淋...
  • primary : adj 1 第一的,最初的,初級的;初等的;基本的;基層的。2 主要的,為首的,第一位的。3 原始的,根本...
  1. Basically be to show to cooperate cure protects reform, city federation of trade unions holds " safeguard of coadjutant medical treatment of heavy ill group plans repayment of capital of fraternity of shanghai worker safeguard particular kind ", " coadjutant safeguard of medical treatment of complement of on - the - job worker be in hospital plans shanghai " reach " shanghai is emeritus coadjutant safeguard plans medical treatment of complement of worker be in hospital " ; the red cross holds city " shanghai middle and primary school coadjutant fund of medical treatment of be in hospital of unripe, infant " ; city charitable foundation begins " side of beneficent medical treatment gets stuck tiredly " ; coadjutant deliverance system and social all circles are opposite the worker medical treatment that each unit builds what difficult personnel carries out is other measure of all sorts of helps, accessorial, deliverance

    主要是指為配合醫保改革,市總工會舉辦的《上海市職工保障互助會還本型特種重病團體互助醫療保障計劃》 、 《上海市在職職工住院補充醫療互助保障計劃》及《上海市退休職工住院補充醫療互助保障計劃》 ;市紅十字會舉辦的《上海市中小學生、嬰幼兒住院醫療互助基金》 ;市慈善基金會開展的《慈善醫療幫困卡》 ;各單位建立的職工醫療互助救助制度以及社會各界對困難人員實施的其他各種幫助、補助、救助措施等。
  2. The primary representations of the vulnerabilities of water resource in hengyang basin where is a typical hilly region with red and purple soils in south china are analyzed : the precipitation re source varies greatly in spatial and temporal distribution ; the soils and rock property are not in favor of water and soil conserving ; the structure of crops needs a high water consumption ; and the farm irrigation works are timeworn and frangible

  3. It is helpful to obtain a colour - wheel to assist with learning to mix colours, and then to create yourself a palette of colours of the rainbow by mixing together three primary colours ( red, blue & yellow )

  4. Students of hong kong red swastika society tuen mun primary school swang their hands like the windmills in the che kung miu

  5. Primary culture of rat preadipocyte were prepared from the epididymal, inguinal and perirenal the fat pads of male normal, healthy, 15 - 20 days sprague - dawley rats. the preadipocyte grew better under the condition of 37, 95 % humidity, 5 % co2, ph 7. 0 - 7. 2, centrifuged at 1000r / min, m199medium, and 10 % fetal bo vine serum, seeded at a density of 4 l04, 5 l04, / cm2. oil red o staining was the special method to distinguish adipocyte from other cells, gimsa and he could determine the stage of the adiopcyte differentiation through the number of lipid drop, size and the position of the nucleolus of the staining fat cell

    經過多次實驗,確定本實驗室大鼠前體脂肪細胞的最佳培養條件是:溫度為37 ,濕度為95 , co _ 2濃度為5 , ph值為7 . 0 7 . 2 ,離心力為1000r / min ,培養基為m _ ( 199 )培養基,胎牛血清濃度為10 ,合適細胞接種密度為4 10 ~ 4 、 5 10 ~ 4個/ cm ~ 2 ,染色結果表明:油紅o染色是鑒定脂肪細胞的特異方法, gimsa和he染色可根據不同區域染色程度、著色差別判斷細胞核的位置及脂滴大小、多少,觀察大鼠前體脂肪細胞分化過程中的形態變化,進而確定脂肪細胞的分化階段。
  6. In the third chapter, the influence of current density, solution concentration, erosion time and aging in ambient air on the pl spectra of ps suggests that peak would blue shift with current density increasing, and with erosion time and aging time prolonging ; with the increasing of solution concentration, peaks would red shift when solution concentration less than 1 : 1 but blue shift when solution concentration greater than 1 : 1. above phenomena can be explained by quantum confinement and light center model, but do not deny the action of si - h bonding and defect on the surface in the process of photoluminescence. at present, radiation mechanism is still one of the primary problems in the study of ps

    在第z三章中;通過對比,分析了電流密度、陽極化時間、溶液濃度以及自i然氧化時間對多孔硅光致發光光譜的影響,認為在一定的范圍內,多i孔硅的發光峰位會隨電流密度的增大而藍移,要獲得較強的發光,需z要選擇合適的電流密度;隨著腐蝕時間的延長,多孔硅的發光峰位會i發生藍移;當f酸的濃度較小q : 1 )時,峰位隨濃度的增大表現為向i低能移動;而當f酸的濃度較大河山時,峰位隨濃度的增大則表現z為移向高能;多孔硅在空氣中自然氧化;其發光峰位發生藍移,而強i度隨放置時間的延長而降低。
  7. The total amount of primary production of red alga among the 6 examined stations ranks as following : yangma islet > moon bay > zhifu islet > jingouzhai > jingouzhai gravel > dragon whisker islet

  8. Tao yimin, excellent young pioneer director from guangzhou dongfeng xi road primary school, is having the activity called " red scarf street " with the pupils

  9. Based on real time ct testing, primary testing study of fatigue failure and deformation mechanism of red sandstone has been completed under uniaxial compression condition

  10. The surface sticks canada to import the solid bark of primary color, and roast the top very and strictly black of valuable piano paint, bright that divide the craft top thin and red wood grain, luster that have got the precious stone sort is with the texture, endurable often new, its strong and tough surface can resist slight of shot but not leave the trace, and match the plank of last glass crest with the glow - in - the - dark sand aluminum metal alloy pillar, highly respectable shape chien roughly vogue, now modern vogue elegant appearance of your luxurious living room of ream of nobility tasty, cultured qualities

  11. In order to reduce cost and complexity, digital camera manufacturers usually employ a single ccd or cmos sensor whose surface is covered with a color filter array, named as cfa. the cfa limits each sensor pixel just sampling one of the three primary color values ( red, green or blue )

    為了降低數字相機的成本與體積,生產廠家通常會採用單片ccd或cmos圖像傳感器,並在其表面覆蓋一層彩色濾波陣列,也稱為cfa , cfa使每個像素只能獲得物理三基色(紅、綠、藍)其中一種分量。
  12. Send according to country of the state council [ 1998 ] 44 files and ji zheng of government of heibei province people [ 1999 ] 12 file regulation, after cure of real practise medicine is sure to plan as a whole, retire the medical treatment pay of personnel, old red army man is changeless, medical treatment charge is solved by primary capital channel

    根據國務院國發1998 44號文件和河北省人民政府冀政1999 12號文件規定,實行醫療保險統籌后,離休人員、老紅軍的醫療待遇不變,醫療費用按原資金渠道解決。
  13. Etheric cells will hold all seven primary rays to varying degrees ; some humans are prone to being more red, blue, green, violet, orange, yellow or magenta upon an etheric cellular level prior to ascension