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  • protocol : n 1 議定書;調查書,始末記。2 (條約等的)草案,草約;(羅馬教皇詔書等的)首尾程式。3 〈the P 〉 ...
  • control : n 1 支配,管理,管制,統制,控制;監督。2 抑制(力);壓制,節制,拘束;【農業】防治。3 檢查;核...
  • information : n. 1. 通知,通報,報告。2. 報導,消息,情報。3. 資料,知識,學識。4. 【自動化】信息,數據。5. 【法律】起訴,告發。adj. -al
  1. The article points out the importance and necessity of the information - security from its actuality in our country. the resources in the information system, for instance, hardware, software, data, document, operator, meterial and so on, are evaluated and gived safety grade firstly. and then, it analyses the menace including the nonauthorized access, the information leak, the refused sevice, the internal objection which the system will take. the following are the corresponding control police : confirm the users " rights and duties, including the mode of using account, the limit of accessing resource, the application of password, the building of backup ; confirm the administrators " right and duties, including physical safety, system configuration, account configuration and usufruct, password management, audit and control, backup and individual intimity ; run - of - mill measure of security defence, including access control, symbol and identification, integrality control, password technique, firewall system, audit and resumption, safety of operating system, safety of database system, defence of computers " virus and resisting - deny protocol. in the end, the article offers the strategies of disposing the safety - accident and analyse after ithow. to report it, how to solve it in phase, and how to avoid it happening again. in a word, the article presents a holistic resolvent about keeping away the information system ' s security, and supplies a essential frame for its configuration, management and application

  2. The network information and control exchange ( nice ) protocol that enables various digital computers to access information and control facilities of remote nodes on the same network

  3. With its new frame. modern technology, complex information dispose and unique control mode, it embodys an idea which is information centralized and control decentralized. its main advantage is system open and interchange and its frame is so simple that it can decrease producative. cost and maintenance load. as it is a new technology, there are different kind databus standards which adapt to different control area. this papaer firstly introduces field bus ' sframe work, function, type, compares distributed control system and field control system. then it focuses on introducing can protocol and can control chip sja1000 and can interface chip 82c250, at last, it introduces how to set up a typical automatic control model based on can. this model can be used in practical industrial control area and management area by appropriate change

    由於現場總線是一門新技術,有各種不同的總線標準和總線形式,它們適用於不同的領域,本論文首先分析現場總線的體系結構、功能、類型,比較集散控制系統與現場總線控制系統的區別,然後集中論述了其中的一種現場總線? ? can總線( controllerareanetwork ) 。介紹了它的協議規范,並且介紹了現在比較流行的can控制器晶元sja1000和can介面晶元82c250 ,並在此基礎上,組建了一個典型的基於can總線的自動化模塊控制模型,把這個模型進行適當的改動就可以用於實際的工業控制領域和管理領域中。
  4. Identifier of the protocol control information compression

  5. The data processing part includes fft, filter and averaging, calibration algorithm, smith chart designing, s - parameter algorithm, transmission and reflection caculating, etc. the hardware interface consists of control information protocol, data transfer protocol, status information protocol and the synchronization protocol of the transfer of all the above information

  6. The system performs the following basic functions in order to meet the requirements : provide security methods for interbank payments through internet, atm, telephone banking service etc. for customers ; provide mechanisms to enable the secure authentication of parties in the transaction ; provide access to multiple bank payment processing systems with one protocol ; transform a payment request into a bank payment transaction ; provide information for audit and control

    該系統的主要功能是為用戶提供網上支付、 atm 、電話銀行等安全支付方式;在交易中提供對交易雙方的安全認證方式;支持多種銀行支付處理系統;把支付請求轉化為銀行內部支付交易;提供審計和控制信息。
  7. This system makes people fell convenient in looking for data, try my best to our environment protection. the following problems and related solutions are given in this paper : data structure suitable for web computing multi - user access and concurrent control mechanism in webgis network protocol and intelligent information agent of spatial information spatial information security in web computing environment web integration strategy of spatial information based on metadata architecture of webgis at last, the development trend of webgis is discussed

  8. Information processing systems. open systems interconnection. protocol specification for the association control service element. amendment 1 : authentication during association establishment

    信息處理系統.開放系統互連.聯合控制服務要素的服務定義.修改件1 :聯合實現過程中的標識
  9. Information technology - open systems interconnection - protocol specification for the association control service element - protocol implementation conformance statement proforma

  10. The control protocol on the safety broadcasting in the yangtze river and the basic level of moving supervision network concerns functions like the moving supervision of the ships from the bank, safety information broadcasting, alarms from endangered ships, two - way short message sending and so on

  11. Bridge protocol data unit : a message type used by bridges to exchange management and control information

  12. It solves payment issue through sharing pos and brush card. it solves info sharing and exchanging problem by enterprise application integration it adopts research method of software engineering and uses touch - screen, network, database technology and so on to carry through total design of the system and build the software : it uses user status identify and responsibility control to ensure database and application program ' s security ; it strengthen the code by coding optimize ; it captures and discards application runtime error to enhance the system ' s stability ; it uses multimedia voice and moving picture to show help information, thus makes the system easy to use ; it greatly reduces the maintenance work of the system by self - updating function ; it is an opening system by using star - model network top structure, supporting standard network communication protocol ? tcp / ip and offering standard software interfaced criterion

    論文採用軟體工程的研究方法,使用觸摸屏、網路、數據庫等技術,進行了系統總體方案設計和軟體開發:通過對數據庫和應用程序的用戶身份識別和權限控制,保證數據存取和應用程序的安全性;通過對代碼進行優化提高了代碼的健壯性;通過捕捉並拋出系統運行時的異常錯誤提高了系統的穩定性;通過多媒體語音、圖形和動畫提示幫助信息來增強系統的易用性;客戶端程序自動升級功能提高了系統的可維護性,有效地減少了維護工作量;系統採用星型的網路拓撲結構,支持標準的tcp ip網路通訊協議和規范的軟體介面標準,具有良好的開放性。
  13. Information processing systems. open systems interconnexion. protocol specification for the association control service element

  14. This scheme can meet with the general control precision ; the purpose of obtaining the field control information that is to transform the field control information between the tcp / ip and the field bus protocol

    這種簡單解決方案能夠滿足工業現場通用控制性能要求,達到現場信息網路內共享的目的,在tcp ip協議與現場總線協議之間對現場控制信息進行互相轉換,以滿足遠程瀏覽和操作的要求。
  15. For the image acquisition of optical scan mode, normally, ccd image sensor is used to capture image, but in our system, due to the system request of micromation and high integration, cmos image sensor is adopted as the image collection device, and then the thesis gives a interface circuit between the chip and dsp and a control solution of image collection ; toward the information storage in our solution, dsp is directly linked to usb host chip and it is the dsp that accomplishes the processing of usb protocol and interface control so as to reduce the cost, minimize product cubage and consequently meet the requirement of system micromation ; at the same time, the thesis probes preliminarily into usb otg ( on - the - go ) technology, which offers an approach between embedded machines including pda, mobile phone, printer, digital camera and so on ; in addition, some attempts on the other application area with tms320vc5402 which was commonly used to voice processing and static image processing are done, for example, to arrange the chip to control lcd module directly

    在圖像的光電掃描輸入上,傳統方案大部分採用ccd型圖像傳感器,而在本方案中,根據系統微型化、高集成的特點,使用了cmos圖像傳感器作為攝像器件,並且設計了該晶元與dsp的一種介面電路以及圖像採集控制方案;在信息存儲上,本方案採用dsp直接與usbhost晶元連接,由dsp處理usb協議和介面信息,從而降低了系統成本、縮小了產品體積,滿足了系統微型化的要求;同時本論文也對usb - otg技術進行了初步探討,利用此項技術,不再需要計算機作為主機,就能實現在pda 、移動電話、印表機、數碼相機等嵌入式應用之間直接互聯通信;另外也對廣泛用於語音處理和靜態圖像處理的tms320vc5402其它方面的應用進行了嘗試,比如直接控制液晶顯示器等。
  16. These functions are put in the 16th message track. in order to overcome disturbance from the same frequency, there must be a control protocol observed by all. synchronization of slot time adopts the time information of gps, so that the ship and the base do not send and receive messages simultaneously, and each function has its own share of time

  17. Telnet is one of the most classical and the most powerful remote network configuration and control tool. telnet protocol provides one of the important ways to transfer data and control information on the internet that set up on a lot of different kinds of platforms

    Telnet是最傳統、最強大的遠程網路設備配置與控制工具, telnet協議提供了在internet上異質網之間傳遞數據和控制信息的重要方法。
  18. Secondly, structure of the robot control software was analysed, basic robot gaits was decided. the software was divided into a few modules, and communication protocol, motor servo module, sensor information gathering and processing module were designed. a kind of finite state machine ( fsm ) was employed to finish the robot basic gait decompose and plan

  19. Information technology - telecommunications and information exchange between systems - local and metropolitan area networks - specific requirements - part 2 : logical link control - supplement 7 : optional toleration of duplicate information transfer format protocol data units

    信息技術.系統間遠程通信和信息交換.局域網和城域網.特殊要求.第2部分:邏輯傳輸控制.補充7 :復制信息轉換方式的兼容
  20. Identifier of the protocol control information compression algorithm used for the n - pdu pcomp