production work 中文意思是什麼

production work 解釋
  • production : n 1 生產,產生;【物理學】(粒子的)生成;製造;(電影的)攝制;(戲劇的)演出;著作。2 產品,製...
  • work : n 1 工作,操作,勞動,作業;工件;功課;努力;行為,作用。2 (待辦的)事務,業務;職業。3 〈前有...
  1. Concatenation work. automatism production. save time, improve efficiency

  2. This company specialized production each funds guards against the static electricity work shoes, purifies the shoes, clean shoes 、 the work clothes, clean the clothes, the necessary product has the pad, the hand ring - like scallop, clean the paper, clean finger set, the glove, the turnover box, the handcart and so on each kind guards against the static electricity series product

  3. Catching hold of the favorable opportunity of china entering world trade organization, tongzhou zone committee, zone government continue to insist on advancing with time, closely surround the topic of development. with the aim of establishing optimal human inhabitation environment to construct modern city, they change government function, establish service consciousness, correctitude work attitude, improve work efficiency, in good earnest provide excellent environment, good quality service, favorable policy for investors, in the examining sector of project push project service one continuous line and project commission system, time limit system, promises system etc. methods, and make investors reassuring and commit to the deploitation of market, development of product, management of production and the development of enterprise

  4. Be in new start " five - year plan " in developing the strategy, have two serious content : it is collaboration of as strong as the world look forward to, produce chinese textile advantage and international brand advantage adequately, integrated industry catenary, promote additional cost ; 2 it is with courtyard the college cooperates, establish center of dress research and development, build system of design of perfect research and development, production, sale, service, with " the design leads vogue, production to make sure character, sale develops the market, service to gain reputation " develop new idea, new target for the enterprise, with " deal with concrete matters relating to work, dovish, innovation, surmount " for business concept, strive for become industry celebrity, establish image of company of the chinese nation hard, make international top - ranking famous brand

  5. In order to maintain the rules conveniently, we make use of the technology of rdbms in managing data, consider the trait of production rules, and then design and realize the arithmetic to check the rules " equipollence and circulation on the basis of our former work - knowledge ordering. all these solve the knowledge base ' s consistency effectively

  6. After selecting the pilot households in summer and autumn last year, mr. bazil fritz, a long - term program expert from canadas department of agriculture agriculture and agri - food canada stationed in inner mongolia, launched a series of work activities : monitoring the grassland, conducting training workshops for herders, training workshops for management of small - sized businesses, helping the herders to select good breeds of animals, teaching the herders how to keep records of production, establishing an effective animal identification system, testing of float grass and finding out the minerals deficient in animals according to the tested float grass, etc. a years hard work finally pays off, bringing a satisfactory result

  7. At the same time, it also illustrates the superiority of this kind of communication by introducing the profibus field bus. take the transformation of focke packaging machine as an example, the main content is as follows : 1st, to analyze the plc control system of s5 series, and determine the concrete functions that the new plc control system hopes to achieve as well as how to achieve the goal through studying the work program of the original one ; 2nd, to demonstrate the advantage of the field bus in the process of digital alternation by introducing the principle agreement of field bus profibus ; 3rd, to achieve each function of the original control system through using siemens ' s plc control system in the design of hardware and step 7 in the software as well as designing and compiling control system of focke packaging machine ; 4th, to use fm455 for controlling temperature not only can meet the system ’ s severe request for temperature and efficiently avoid many demerits of the temperature control instrument but also can bring convenience for operation and maintenance ; 5th, to use the intouch configuration software to compile monitor and control program can accomplish the goal for real - time surveillance and control of the production line, while setting some parameters can provide a powerful alarming function

    以改造focke包裝機為例,主要內容如下: 1 、通過熟悉原有控制系統的工作流程,分析了原s5系列可編程邏輯控制器的控制系統,確定新的可編程邏輯控制器控制系統需要實現的具體功能以及其實現方法; 2 、在本系統數據交互中,通過介紹profibus現場總線原理協議,論述了現場總線在工業通訊中的優點; 3 、下位機硬體設計上使用西門子可編程邏輯控制器控制系統,軟體平臺採用西門子step7 ,設計和編制了focke包裝機控制軟體,實現了原有控制系統的各項功能; 4 、本系統對溫度要求嚴格,採用溫控儀表控制溫度不能滿足系統要求,而且溫控儀表操作和維護都不方便,因此採用fm455溫度控制模塊進行溫度控制,滿足了系統對溫度的要求,同時又有效地避免了溫控儀表在操作和維護上的缺陷; 5 、在監控系統上,使用intouch組態軟體設計了系統的監控界面,從而實現了對生產線的實時監控,並且可以通過界面設置系統的一些參數,同時提供了較強大的報警功能。
  8. Presently has to emphatically take eight methods for it : taking township project for locomotive to earnestly do well the general grogram on new countryside and new pasture construction ; fulfilling " six great engineering " to accelerate township ' s basic facilities construction of new countryside and new pasture and reinforce socialistic affairs development ; implementing " transformation 、 expansion and promotion " three strategies to increase production and lift efficiency of agriculture and stock breed and raise farmers and nomads ' incomes ; accelerating policy support and financial investments to strengthen the development impetus in countryside and pasture ; further do well program work to lay fundament for prodding the economy rapidly developed in new countryside and new pasture ; enhancing farmers and nomads ' skill training to bring up a group of socialistic new - type farmers and nomads who being cultured, skillful and understanding managements ; entirely deepen the reform in countryside and pasture to enhance the driving force and vitality of development of new countryside and new pasture ; realistically respect and protrude the main body position of farmer and nomad to basically change their traditional value concepts on production and livelihood

    目前要著力採取八項措施:以村鎮規劃為龍頭,認真做好新農村新牧區建設總體規劃;實施「六大工程」 ,加速新農村新牧區村鎮基礎設施建設和社會事業發展;實施「轉變、拓展、提升」三大戰略,加速農牧業增產增效和農牧民增收;加大政策扶持和資金投入力度,增強農牧區發展的動力;進一步做好項目工作,為推動新農村新牧區經濟快速發展打好基礎;加速農牧民技能培訓,造就一批有文化、懂技術、會經營的社會主義新型農牧民;全面深化農村牧區改革,增強新農村新牧區發展的動力和活力;切實尊重和突出農牧民的主體地位,從根本上轉變農牧民傳統的生產、生活方式和價值觀念。
  9. Be responsible to negotiate with the suppliers to solve the problems like production intermit, additional work procedure and even customer ' s complain brought by supplier ' s unqualified products

  10. The production and business operation entity shall exercise unified coordination and administration over the contractors and leaseholders concerning the work of production safety

  11. National emergency management work conference on safe production held in beijing

  12. Such service - sector positions generally paid less than production work

  13. Production work ( a total of 24 hours : six hours in each of the three shops and an additional six in a shop of the student ' s choice ) is required for successful completion of the course, and is worth one third of the final grade

    成功完成這門課程還需要完成實習工作(統共24個課時:三個工作坊,每個6課時,學生還可以選擇一個工作坊多上6課時) ,該部分佔總成績的三分之一。
  14. Based on years of experiences in making promotional films for government, commercial projects, industrial products, science and cultural programs, we can help you with story - boarding, scripting, movie - shooting, 3d animation, special effects production, editing and post - production work, and with project applications, achievement presentation, and product promotion

  15. However, the intervals should be long enough to keep the backup overhead from affecting production work

  16. Formulating pubic and current affairs programme ideas, planning and designing programme contents ; undertaking research work ; organizing and directing the production of programmes ; conducting interviews ; writing and editing scripts ; carrying out editing and post - production work ; preparing publicity articles ; operating dv camcorder when required ; and able to work independently

  17. The theory as well as the approach in this thesis was thus approved by leaders of the enterprise and has the application in the existing production plaa it was also pointed out at the end of the thesis that besides the study of comprehensive and main production plan, the further study on the production work should be deepened

  18. Because, retiring is laborer aged or because labour causes damage, send incomplete to affirm due to illness lose labor ability completely, decide lawfully the system that certain material help acquires when exiting provide for the aged of station of production, work to rest

  19. Train and lead technicians to implement the daily production work to ensure production meets quality, cost and ehs requirements

  20. The investment capital will be mainly used to complete the medium testing and trial production work in the quick extraction of puerarin for pharmaceutical purpose with a view of gradual expansion in its production to pave way for the formal introduction of it as a commercial product in the market