x-wave 中文意思是什麼

x-wave 解釋
n. 名詞 【無線電】異常射線波。

  • x : X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • wave : n 〈美海軍〉女志願軍人〈見 WAVES 條〉。n 1 波浪;碎浪; 〈the wave(s)〉 〈詩〉海。2 波動;波狀...
  1. X - ray wave length dispersive spectrometer, x

  2. The disturbances advances in the x-direction as a so-called surface or evanescent wave.

  3. The disturbances advances in the x - direction as a so - called surface or evanescent wave

  4. All subjects underwent spirometry, measurement of aortic pulse wave velocity ( pwv ) and augmentation index, dual - energy x - ray absorptiometry, and blood sampling for inflammatory mediators

  5. Research on x - band inner coaxial disk - loaded relativistic backward - wave oscillator

  6. For a x - directed line current with lengh much smaller than a wave length, the e - field pattern on coordinate planes in 3 - d space in the region from much smaller than line length to one or two wave length, the synthesized pattern by summation of the field of many line segments of hertz dipoles is independent of the number of segments, i. e. same field as a single hertz dipole

  7. The energy band of hard x - ray, with strong penetrability, is an important astrophysical wave band

  8. Chapter 2 introduces the principle theory of lna, harmonic mixer, multiplier, spdt, vco and the basic design flows of the ads examples ( x - band ), the power combine technology, the millimeter - wave power amplifier mmics ’ trends nowadays

  9. The methods were realized directly inversion of the possion ' s ratio from cdp gather and gas - bearing identify. by applied the late theory of avo technology, after inputting the p wave section and s wave section, the p wave and s wave impedance were obtained by applying simulate anneal inversion and used the log as a constrain condition, eventually, obtain the elastic parameter u and x by p and s impedance. then, the gas - bearing will be identified by u and x. by applying this method, the avo combination inversion of prestack and post were realized

  10. The second - order resonance between superluminous r - x mode wave and magnetospheric electrons

  11. In order of decreasing wavelength ( distance between successive wave crests ), electromagnetic radiation consists of radio waves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, x rays, and gamma rays

    按照波長(兩個相鄰波峰間的長度)漸小的順序排列,電磁輻射由這樣一些輻射波組成,紅外線、可見光、紫外線、 x射線和伽瑪射線。
  12. None buffered x cut lithium niobate electrode structure has the smallest half wave voltage ( about 70 % of z cut devices )

    鈮酸鋰的無隔離層x切電極結構有最小的半波電壓,其大小約為z切器件的70 。
  13. Our results explain the mechanisms of the composition and doping dependent thz radiation efficiency for the different crystals. experimental results in this thesis are useful for growing eo crystals with high performance, and suggest that more parameters are required for better characterization of this kind of crystals as thz wave emitters. the main results and conclusions are listed as follows : 1 ) experimental measurements with low cd composition zn1 - xcdxte < 110 > crystals ( 0 < x < 0. 25 ) as thz emitters indicate the optimum composition of x = 0. 05

    在國際上,我們首次用實驗研究了不同組分、不同摻雜的zn _ ( 1 - x ) cd _ xte < 110 >單晶( x = 0 0 . 25 )對thz輻射的吸收情況和它們產生thz輻射的相位匹配情況,並首次從晶體對thz輻射的吸收和晶體的相位匹配角度解釋了這些晶體產生thz輻射效率不同的原因。
  14. This dissertation is mainly about the transit radiation of the electron beam passing through the gap with the random standing wave electric field. in order to satisfy the requirement of the task, the feasibility of generation of more than 1 gw high power microwave in x - band using the transit radiation oscillator based on the transit effect is studied

    研究了二維柱坐標系網格劃分演算法,並用此演算法對五腔開放腔進行網格劃分,採用時域有限差分與快速傅里葉變換相結合的方法計算了五腔開放腔/ 6 、 2 / 6 、 3 / 6 、 4 / 6 、 5 / 6模這五個模式的頻率和場分佈。
  15. Based on this, the optimum operating mode of ln anisotropic one - dimension aeo device is determined as : light promulgates along z axis, ultrasonic wave promulgates along x axis, and direct current electric field is loaded along y axis

  16. The thermovision 2000s long - wave, narrow band qwip 320 x 240 fpa delivers high thermal sensitivity in both warm and cold climates and makes the system resistant to existing laser

    Thermovision 2000採用320 x 240像素長波窄波段的焦平面的探測器。在溫暖和寒冷的天氣下具有很高的熱靈敏度,確保系統能夠抵抗現有的激光攻擊性武器。
  17. And we simulated the optical field ' s propagation of the ridge wave - guide, y - type embranchment wave - guide, more embranchment wave - guide and x - type embranchment wave - guide

    並利用計算機模擬出了脊形波導、 y形分支波導、多分支波導及x形分支波導的光場傳播圖。
  18. Based on the resolving algorithm of continuous - layer method, the time order analyzing curves, acceleration curves and the response spectra of transfer function at the different points of the ground and at the same point on the different ground conditions are gained. it demonstrates that the responses of ground in x, y and z axial directions all change by time, and the obvious wave propagation appears in ground. for different observing points on the same ground condition, at more distant points from the load line, the less swings are found, that is to say, vibration possesses the obvious characteristic of attenuation

    基於分層法的解析演算法,得到了在不同點以及在同一點但不同地質條件下的時程分析曲線、加速度變化曲線和傳遞函數反應譜,結果表明,地基土在x 、 y 、 z三個方向的響應都是隨時間變化的,並且伴隨有明顯的波動現象產生;對于相同地質條件的不同觀察點,距離荷載作用線越遠的地方振幅越小,即振動具有明顯的衰減性。
  19. Making use of the wigner transform of the one - body density matrix, the coherent density fluctuation model ( cdfm ) is introduced into semiclassical distorted wave ( scdw ) model. the new model is applied to the analyses of multistep direct processes of ( p, p ' x ) reactions to continuum

    本文利用單體密度矩陣的wigner變換,將相干密度漲落模型( cdfm )引入半經典扭曲波( scdw )模型,並將新的scdw模型應用於分析預平衡反應( p , p ' x )中散射到連續態的多步直接過程。
  20. Using the canonical variable representation ( x, p ), the light - damping oscillator is discussed by the corrected time - dependent perturbation methods of dirac, it is turned out that the energy levels have shift and breadth, and the wave function decaying with time exponentially

    採用正則變數( x , p )表象討論輕阻尼振子,並對量子力學含時微擾的狄拉克方法加以修改,得出量子能級有位移和寬度,以及波函數出現隨時間指數衰減的行為