xanthine 中文意思是什麼

xanthine 解釋
n. 名詞 【化學】黃嘌呤;黃質,羥基嘌呤。

  1. Protein kinase a is camp - dependent kinase, one of the most important signal transduction pathways, plays a pivotal role in growth, differentiation, tumor occur, cell cycle control, etc. pka activators such as camp, 8 - br - camp or phosphodiesterase ( pde ) inhibitor isomethyl butyl xanthine ( imbx ) or purified pka catalytic subunit all can inhibit germinal vesicle breakdown ( gvbd ) and meiotic maturation in mouse oocytes, also in xenopus oocytes

    蛋白激酶a ( proteinkinasea , pka )是依賴于camp的絲蘇氨酸蛋白激酶,是重要的信號傳導途徑之一,廣泛參與許多生命過程,包括生長、分化、腫瘤發生、細胞凋亡、細胞周期調控等。以小鼠卵母細胞為實驗對象,給予pka激動劑camp 、 8 - br - camp或磷酸二酯酶抑制劑imbx ( isomethylbutylxanthine )均可抑制小鼠卵母細胞的胚泡破裂及減數分裂成熟。
  2. Tungstate competitively inhibits the utilization of molybdenum for the formation of xanthine dehydrogenases.

  3. Tea contains, in addition to caffeine, small amounts of two other methyl xanthines, theobromine and theophylline, 3, 7 - dimethy1 and 1, 3 - dimethy1 xanthine, respectively

    茶除了含咖啡因以外,還含有少量的另外兩種甲基黃酮嘌呤,即可可堿和茶堿,它們分別是3 , 7 -二甲基黃嘌呤和1 , 3 -二甲基黃嘌呤。
  4. Drugs that block some activities of the enzyme, known as xanthine oxidoreductase ( xor ), might therefore offer a novel antiobesity therapy designed to fight fat before it even forms, the researchers said

    研究人員說,像黃嘌呤氧化還原酶( xor )等已知的阻止酶活性的藥物,可能因此提供一種新的在肥胖形成前來對抗它的抗肥胖療法。
  5. Second, carbon nanotube ( cnt ) was used in the fabrication of xanthine oxidase ( xod ) biosensor. xod / cnt / gc electrode was fabricated. the influences of cnt, ph and scan rate to the electrode were discussed

    系統地研究了ph 、掃速對hrp酶電極電化學性能的影響,優化了電極的制備條件,實現了hrp酶電極對h2o2的響應,並考察了電極的穩定性。
  6. In the present study, after treated with xanthine / xanthine oxidase system, cells viability, cells cycle, the expression of apoptosis proteins p53, bax and bcl - 2, and the level of superoxidase, glutathione, malondialdehyde of neuronal differentiated pc 12 cells in the absence and / or presence of c. chinensis extract were also compared

    通過比較活性氧作用細胞后的細胞活力、細胞周期、凋亡相關蛋白( p53 、 bax 、 bcl - 2 )水平以及細胞中sod 、 gsh 、 mda的差異,發現菟絲子提取物對活性氧引起的細胞凋亡有一定的保護作用。