x-ray star 中文意思是什麼

x-ray star 解釋
【天文學】X射線星[X 射線源]。

  • x : X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • ray : n 雷〈姓氏,男子名, Raymond 的昵稱〉。n 1 光線,射線,熱線;〈詩〉光輝,閃爍,曙光,一線光明。2 ...
  • star : n 1 星;【天文學】恆星 (opp planet)。2 星狀物,星(形勛)章。3 【印刷】星形號〈 〉。4 【占星術...
  1. This and the x - ray spectrum, which exhibits a high concentration of iron atoms relative to oxygen and silicon, convincingly show that the ejecta are the remains of an exploded white dwarf star

  2. Finally, due to the rapid rotation of the neutron star, or the evolution of the companion, the infall of matter stops, the x - ray emission declines, and the neutron star emerges as a radio - emitting millisecond pulsar

    最後,由於中子星疾速的自轉,或是伴星自身的演化,物質的流入停止, x射線輻射減弱,這顆中子星就呈現出了毫秒脈沖星的面目。
  3. Topics include : planets, planet formation ; stars, the sun, " normal " stars, star formation ; stellar evolution, supernovae, compact objects ( white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes ), plusars, binary x - ray sources ; star clusters, globular and open clusters ; interstellar medium, gas, dust, magnetic fields, cosmic rays ; distance ladder ; galaxies, normal and active galaxies, jets ; gravitational lensing ; large scaling structure ; newtonian cosmology, dynamical expansion and thermal history of the universe ; cosmic microwave background radiation ; big - bang nucleosynthesis

    課程的主題包含了:行星、行星形成;恆星、太陽、正常的恆星、恆星形成;恆星演化、超新星、緻密天體(白矮星、中子星及黑洞) 、波霎、雙x -射線源;星團、球狀及疏散星團;星際介質、氣體、塵埃、磁場、宇宙射線;距離階梯;星系、正常及活躍星系、噴流;重力透鏡;大尺度結構;牛頓宇宙學、宇宙的動力膨脹及溫度發展歷史;宇宙背景微波輻射;大霹靂核合成。
  4. This star emits x - ray pulses with a period of 7. 47 s. from time to time, outbursts of low energy gamma - rays are also observed. hence, observational astronomers sometimes call this type of stars " soft gamma ray repeaters "

    這顆星以7 . 47秒的周期發放著x射線脈沖,並不時發射低能量伽瑪射線,因此,觀測天文學家有時稱這類星為繼發軟伽瑪射線源。
  5. An x - ray binary system has been formed, and the neutron star has made the crucial second step toward becoming a millisecond pulsar

  6. Such a process can take place in the low mass x - ray binary systems where the mass transfer from the companion to the neutron star can be larger than 0. 5 solar masses. if the neutron star in the low mass x - ray binary accretes the matter, the central densities can reach to a state that strange - matter seeds are formed in the interiors of the star

    在這個系統內,中子星可能會吞噬超過0 . 5個太陽質量的伴星物質,當中子星吸收了這些物質后,中心的密度會增加至足以產生奇異物質種子,這些種子會開始吞噬四周的中子物質,釋放出大量中微子和反中微子,令星體冷卻。
  7. The fluffy crescent - shaped x - ray features that appear around the edge of the remnant are thought to be fragments of high - speed matter shot out from the star when it exploded, like shrapnel from a bomb