x-ray tube 中文意思是什麼

x-ray tube 解釋
X 線管。

  • x : X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • ray : n 雷〈姓氏,男子名, Raymond 的昵稱〉。n 1 光線,射線,熱線;〈詩〉光輝,閃爍,曙光,一線光明。2 ...
  • tube : n 1 管,筒;顏料管。2 管狀地下隧道;〈口語〉(倫敦的)地下鐵道。3 【炮】炮身;【汽鍋】鍋管;【解...
  1. General specifications of medical diagnostic x - ray tube assemblies

  2. Electromedical equipment. radiology equipment. x radiation equipment. radiodiagnostic x - ray tube assemblies. construction and tests. requirements

    醫用電氣設備. x射線儀. x輻射儀.放射診斷x射線管組件.結構和試驗.要求
  3. In this work, according to the feature of soft x - ray fluorescence, a setup has been established for the measurement of soft x - ray fluorescence in laboratory, which is calibrated by 55fe. the setup is made of x - ray tube, fine tuning table, vacuum system, gas - flow proportional counter and multiple channel analysis

    本文工作中依據軟x射線熒光的特點,在實驗室建立了一套軟x射線熒光測量裝置,該裝置由x射線管、精密微調樣品臺、真空系統和流氣正比計數管探測系統以及多道分析儀組成,並採用~ ( 55 ) fe標準光源對系統進行實際標定。
  4. Made up with a low - power - consumption x - ray tube, proportional counters, preamplifiers, amplifiers, ad converters and multichannel analyzers, an xrfa system is economical and practical and is widely used on scientific research and industrial automatic process control

    由低功耗x光管、正比計數器、前置放大器、主放大器、 ad變換器以及多道分析器組成的系統是經濟、實用的x熒光分析系統。它在科學研究和工業自動化過程中得到廣泛的應用。
  5. It is convenient for x - ray tube excited source to detect multi - component on site due to the advantages of high excitation flux, easy protection, and characteristic x - ray and continuous bremsstrahlung spectrum included in its exciting spectra

  6. Through the control of the voltage and current of hv power supply added to the x - ray tube, the excited spectra of different intensity and shape is produced, therefore being suitable for all kinds of research and analysis with convenience and flexibility

  7. Research and design of a new type x - ray tube

  8. Determination of the permanent filtration of x - ray tube assemblies

  9. X - ray tube head, x

  10. Cheap edxrf generally apply cheaper x ray tube, whose lifetime just thousands of hours ; high performance edxrf ' s lifetime reach up to 10 years

    低端品牌廠商的edxrf採用廉價的x光管,壽命在幾千小時而已;高端的可以使用10年以上(如同家庭使用的熒光燈管或者彩電的顯像管壽命) 。
  11. Method for determination of the maximum symmetrical radiation field from a rotating anode x - ray tube for medical diagnosis

  12. X - ray tube window, x

  13. Non - destructive testing - measurement and evaluation of the x - ray tube voltage - constancy check by the thick filter method

    無損檢驗. x射線管電壓的測量和評估.用厚濾膜法進行連續檢驗
  14. Heater characteristic of x - ray tube, x

  15. Heater characteristic of x - ray tube x

  16. So it is quite important for the xrfa system with x - ray tube excited resource that hv power supply has high reliability, good stability and automatic regulation

  17. X - ray tube current, x

  18. X - ray tube assemblies for medical diagnosis - characteristics of focal spots

  19. X - ray tube assemblies for medical use

  20. Medical electrical equipment - x - ray tube assemblies for medical diagnosis - characteristics of focal spots