x-terminal 中文意思是什麼

x-terminal 解釋
n. 名詞 X(型)終端〈電腦網路的臺式部件,可使用戶從網際網路的幾部電腦中檢索信息並在屏幕上同時顯示〉。

  • x : X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • terminal : adj 1 終端的,終點的,結尾的;極限的。2 定期的,每期[季]的;每學期的,學期終[末]的。3 期終的;末...
  1. It supports windows - terminal, browser / server and x - terminal modes ; it enable to apply a lots of hardware platform. as enable to be customized, handled easy, and maintained simply, it named liny wbt also

    它將支持windows終端、 browser / server 、 x終端等多種工作模式;支持多種硬體平臺;因為它可定製、靈活、使用簡單、維護方便,因此將它命名為靈易終端。
  2. Because lung cancer cells may have some special hormone ( heterologous hormone ), and antigen enzyme, the role of these substances in the operation of bone joints, a result of bone and joint swelling pain, often involving the tibia, recife, ulnar and radial and bone and joints, often terminal expansion toes were clubbed fingers, x - ray radiography examination showed periosteal proliferation

    由於肺癌細胞可產生某些特殊的內分泌激素(異源性激素) 、抗原和酶,這些物質運轉作用於骨關節部位,而致骨關節腫脹疼痛,常累及脛、腓、尺、橈等骨及關節,指趾末端往往膨大呈杵狀指, x線攝片檢查可見骨膜增生。
  3. Also, if you are running the ssh session from an x terminal, you should not resize the window as that will result in the connection being terminated

  4. Essential requirements for terminal equipment intended for connection to digital leased circuits of the public telecommunications network using a ccitt recommendation x. 21bis interface

    使用ccitt推薦標準x . 21bis規定的介面與公共通信網路數字租借線路終端設備相連接的基本要求
  5. Information technology - data communications - x. 25 packet layer protocol for data terminal equipment

    信息技術數據通信數據終端設備用x . 25包層協議
  6. Information systems interconnection. virtual terminal. basic class. a - mode x. 3. virtual terminal protocol check list

    信息系統互連.虛擬終端.基礎級. a模式x . 3 .虛擬終端協議核對表
  7. Information systems interconnection - virtual terminal - basic class - a - mode x. 3. virtual terminal protocol check list

    信息系統互連.虛擬終端.基本級. a模式x . 3 .虛擬終端協議核查表
  8. Officials closed the commuter terminal at san diego international airport and evacuated passengers for about an hour after baggage screeners using x - ray equipment raised a red flag. " both of those items together on the screen gave the appearance of an. improvised explosive device, " transport security administration spokeswoman jennifer peppin said

    當這件行李通過安檢關口時, x光機旁的安檢人員立即舉起了一面紅色旗幟后,聖迭戈國際機場的工作人員立即關閉了這里的交通終端,並將乘客向外疏散了大約1個小時。
  9. Information systems interconnection - virtual terminal - basic class - a - mode x. 3. underlying layers check list

    信息系統互連.虛擬終端.基本級. a模式x . 3 .基礎層核查表
  10. It was taken to the tuen mun river trade terminal for enquiries. " an x - ray examination of the 16 containers on board the vessel revealed that a large quantity of suspected smuggled goods were concealed inside bales of waste paper which were indicated on the manifest, " mr mason said

  11. Log in as root and start an x terminal session, by clicking on the konsole icon in the kde panel

  12. Whether you decide to use a commercial or free x server, you can now enjoy running the same environment from your laptop as you could when directly connected to a remote machine s console terminal

  13. Positioned on top of the communication terminal, the combined unit provides a footprint of just 258 x 171 mmsmall enough to sit on top of any tv monitor

    當攝影機放在通訊終端機,它們的大小都只是258 w x 171 d mm足夠放在電視螢幕上。
  14. Purification was conducted with ni - nta resin as there ' s a 6 x his tag at the n - terminal of the recombinant protein. after stepwise washing and elution at purification procedure, sublimated protein was obtained with the full - length ns5 accounting for more than 90 % and the aborted translated protein about 6. 5 %

    用ni一nta樹脂親和純化表達產物,經過梯度漂洗和洗脫,獲得純度90 %以上的全長表達產物,另有6 . 5 %的非全長翻譯產物(約70kda ) 。