taxes taxes and more 中文意思是什麼

taxes taxes and more 解釋
  • taxes : 賦稅制度
  • and : n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • more : n 莫爾〈姓氏〉。adj 〈many much 的比較級;最高級是 most〉 (opp less)1 (數、量、程度等)更多的 ...
  1. Skin - the - goat, assuming he was he, evidently with an axe to grind, was airing his grievances in a forcible - feeble philippic anent the natural resources of ireland, or something of that sort, which he described in his lengthy dissertation as the richest country bar none on the face of god s earth, far and away superior to england, with coal in large quantities, six million pounds worth of pork exported every year, ten millions between butter and eggs, and all the riches drained out of it by england levying taxes on the poor people that paid through the nose always, and gobbling up the best meat in the market, and a lot more surplus steam in the same vein

  2. Bill and value added tax, the relation of income tax : you are make out an invoice square, press those who go out not to contain taxes specified number of course, computational value added tax ( if be average taxpayer, still involve those who get bill of replenish onr ' s stock to touch discount a problem ) if be to receive a bill square, bill closes much, mix more with respect to existence charge cost is big, profit decreases relatively

  3. This is partly explained by the dominance of more established foreign accounting bodies, such as the acca, in the training of students and inherited colonial laws and taxes that have not been adapted to local conditions

  4. Among the legal methods of avoiding international double taxation, foreign tax credit ( ftc ) has more advantages than the methods of exemption and deduction. for example, from the view of the state that credits foreign taxes, ftc maintains its fiscal jurisdiction as well as avoids international double taxation. accordingly, ftc has become the favorite method of nations

    美國聯邦所得稅法中的外國稅收抵免制度一方面為美國提供了消除國際雙重征稅的主要方法- -抵免法,另一方面在極力地維護美國的稅收管轄權,因此是避免國際雙重征稅和維護美國稅收管轄權的矛盾統一體。
  5. The content of the family and clan regulations include : strictly punish the offence against obedience and affection 、 the bandit and thief 、 the gambling and drink actions 、 the raping and offensing ethics actions ; regulate that the marriage conditions depend on the parents and matchmaker and the same clan members should not be married 、 limit " marry into and live with the bride ' s family " 、 prohibit “ the transferring marriage ” ; provide the inheritance principle of “ ying inheritance prefer to ai inheritance ” and the inheritance system of " all sons take a part " ; emphasize the relative who buy property should be preferential and pay more attention to the public property ' s operation and accumulation and to the clan relief ; require the clan members to farm and read, to pay taxes ; prohibit its members choose bad occupations and bring an action

    確立了「父母之命」 、 「媒妁之言」的婚姻成立條件和「同姓不婚」 、限制「招贅婚」 、禁止「轉房婚」 ;確立了「應繼」 、 「愛繼」的立繼原則和「諸子均分」的財產繼承製度。強調族人私產買賣的「親族先買權」 ,重視宗族公產的經營積累和宗族救濟。要求族人重耕讀,及時完糧納課;禁擇業不良,擅興詞訟等。
  6. Any increase in personal taxation cuts both ways : the government collects more in direct taxes but gets less from indirect taxation because people have less to spend on goods and services

  7. The company limits production of more than 20, 000 tons of products, sales guo billion, the highest in nearly 10 million yuan in profits and taxes

  8. Only in recent years did more and more people begin to accept it, which is mainly due to the stronger consciousness to pay taxes. but companies in western country have already skillfully and calmly carry it out

  9. In the first 4 months of 2005, greek mythology casino registered net gaming income of over mop234 million ( net of gambling taxes of about 40 percent and concessions paid ). monthly net gaming income at the casino has jumped from mop40 million at the beginning of the year to more than mop70 million in march and mop80 million in april, while the monthly operating costs were kept stable at several million mop

    二零零五年首四個月,希臘神話娛樂場之凈收入(已扣除約40 %政府博彩稅及賭牌費用)逾2 . 34億澳門幣。每月之凈收入由一月份的4 , 000多萬澳門幣大幅攀升至三月份的逾7 , 000萬澳門幣及四月份的逾8 , 000萬澳門幣;每月營運開支則維持在數百萬澳門幣水平。
  10. Whole thing quite painless out of all the taxes give every child born five quid at compound interest up to twentyone, five per cent is a hundred shillings and five tiresome pounds, multiply by twenty decimal system, encourage people to put by money save hundred and ten and a bit twentyone years want to work it out on paper come to a tidy sum, more than you think

  11. The government itself could make more use of e - commerce in its dealings with the public ( for example, on - line inquiries, payment of taxes and fees, issuance of licences, purchasing of supplies and so on )

    在扶助電子商業發展方面,政府可首先帶領公眾使用網上服務(例如網上查詢、繳交稅務及其他政府收費、發牌及政府購買物料等等) 。
  12. How to cut taxes to a fraction of where they are now. . and much more

  13. After that, it introduces representational patterns in several experimental units, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages ; finally, the writers proposes his own designed plan in cooperate with the actual and recent situation in rural area. and besides, he expounds the dovetailed measure in finance, relationship between industry and agriculture, and administrative system that makes the systematic project - - - - - - the reform of rural taxes and fees system become more perfect

  14. Japan and the countries of the european union have been more eager to reduce oil imports than the u. s. has and have encouraged productivity gains through energy taxes and other measures

  15. It may be financial privacy, relief from oppressive taxes, protection from lawsuits and creditors, a more relaxed regulatory climate, or less governmental intrusion

  16. Facing so much burden of taxation, a lot of enterprises have already realized that, with the tax policy in our country perfected more and more, the system of tax revenue levied and managed more and more tight today, evading taxes, owing taxes and resisting taxes are already obviously inadvisable

  17. The growing economy had beneficial effects on the finances of many states and localities, which consequently could spend more on needed infrastructure and vital services and, in some instances, trim taxes

  18. " their government costs would go down. their taxes can be reduced. stimulate economic goals and more jobs for the urban poor places like france.

    「他們的政府開支能夠減少,稅率能夠降低,這些都將刺激經濟增長,給像法國這些地方的貧窮城市居民提供更多工作機會。 」
  19. A big shift in passenger numbers would be more likely if airlines had to pay the same taxes that train operators do, namely value - added tax and a tax on fuel, both of which would push up air fares

  20. The system of taxes - paying and self - restriction will be established, more and more enterprises give up tax fraud or tax avoidance and explore their way to increase benefits through legal approach