daedalus 中文意思是什麼

daedalus 解釋
n. 名詞 【希臘神話】代達羅斯〈建造 Crete 迷宮的名匠〉。

  1. Daedalus took refuge in gretan cnossus, where king minos delighted to welcome so skilled a craftsman.

  2. Daedalus flew westward.

  3. Mike : ok, let ' s go back home. i wouldn ' t want to be a daedalus to your icarus

  4. In 1966, david jones, using the pesudoruym daedalus, written in new scientist of a proposed new form of carbon that would be made of 60 carbon atoms in a cage form

  5. Many ancient greek myths take their location from minoan crete more than ten centuries before plato. daedalus, the ancient scientist, was supposedly the architect of the palace at knossos

  6. The son of daedalus who, in escaping from crete on artificial wings made for him by his father, flew so close to the sun that the wax with which his wings were fastened melted, and he fell into the aegean sea