dace 中文意思是什麼

dace 解釋
n. 名詞 (pl. daces, 〈集合詞〉 dace )【魚類】(鯉科)鰷魚。

  1. Steamed minced dace with preserved vegetable and bean curd

  2. Rule of inspection of frozen dace fillet for export

  3. Minced dace, bean curd and spring onion soup

  4. Stir - fried minced dace with kale

  5. Mix the minced dace, cornstarch, egg and seasonings with the tofu

  6. Crispy fried dace balls

  7. Smoked dace in oil

  8. Dace is a veteran leader of the minotaurs who has seen more fights than he can remember

  9. Dace style lo / hi workshop that will take you into a journey of classic aerobics movements mixed with some spicy dance moves

  10. " if i just a traveler, that also please let me arise your the dust of this very thick the earthif i just a dace son, that also please let me bring about you this extensive ocean the waves in multiple layersif i just a drama son, that also please let me be in love with you in endless drama in this life to !

    「如果我只是一個過客,那也請讓我激起你這厚厚的大地的塵土來;如果我只是一條魚兒,那也請讓我掀起你這浩瀚的大海的層層波浪來;如果我只是一個戲子,那也請讓我在這人生無盡的戲曲里愛上你來! 」
  11. Ingredients : 1 box soft tofu, 200g seasoned & minced dace, 1 chinese coriander, 1 tbsp cornstarch, 1 egg, some frozen mixed vegetables ( optional )

    材料:蒸煮滑豆腐1盒、已調味鯪魚肉200克、芫茜1棵、粟粉1湯匙、蛋1隻、三色雜菜粒適量(隨意) 。