dacron 中文意思是什麼

dacron 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 【商標】達克綸。
2. 〈d-〉 聚酯纖維;達克綸;滌綸織物〈俗名的確良〉。

  1. Which do you prefer, the linen one, the figured dacron or the brocade

  2. Line of pure dacron specializing in various kinds of specifications 、 the whole cotton thread, nylon line, polyamide fibre line

  3. That mixed dacron shirt cost me nine yuan

  4. Dacron, polyamide fiber staple manufacture, marketing

  5. Have you get anything in the way of purple dacron, size36

  6. Dacron line, thread manufacture, processing

  7. Dacron stretch yarn manufacturing, processing

  8. How about getting me an extrablanket and two dacron pillows

  9. Dacron polyester fibers

  10. Cotton yarn, wool yarn, acrylic fiber yarn, dacron yarn and other blended yarn etc

  11. Nian green wubi a significant benefit is the support gbk chinese characters, like the cantonese, the company - and shi, what, ye, 1, 10, de, xi, ge, li, expense and chanting, luo, shan, men, gua full, and so are the characters commonly used included ; second, avoid weight code in the premise, canada to a lot of terms, such as netizen, websites, programs, rookie, sound card, pupa, acer, cords easy, tencent, the site, see the, nokia, mobile phones, guard, zhu rongji, vladimir putin, wang jie, li yu, liu yong, north island, leza, fen, chechnya, east timor, chao, the euro, good, so on ; for some the word order in accordance with commonly used frequency also made corresponding adjustments, such as " problem " to " always " is one example, while some " dacron, " and the problems left over from history are returned to the history

    念青五筆一個顯著的好處是支持gbk漢字,像粵語中的? 、 ? 、 ? 、乜、 ? 、 ? 、 ? 、 ? 、 ? 、 ? 、 ? 、念、 ? 、 ? 、 ? 、 ?等常用字都有悉數收錄;其次,在避免重碼的前提下,加入了大量詞目,諸如網友、網站、程式、菜鳥、聲卡、蒲吧、宏基、索易、騰訊、站點、見工、諾基亞、手機、后衛、朱?基、普京、王傑、李煜、柳永、北島、哪吒、粉腸、車臣、東帝汶、炒匯、歐元、利好等,不一而足;對於一些詞序的排列也依據常用頻率作出了相應調整,如「問題」之於「總是」即是一例,而一些「的確良」之類的歷史遺留問題則歸還給歷史了。
  12. The results showed that the capacities of four types of bacteria for adhesion to dacron, pyrolytic carbon and ptfe coincided with the bacterial - growth curve

  13. Produce and increase the need in order to meet the clothing trade of the domestic and international chemical fibre day by day, dacron that our company make sew line craft update , the designs and varieties increase year by year, sales volume increases constantly too, sell the area and spread all over all parts of the world

  14. The endografts that he and his associates are currently using are made of dacron supported by a nitinol stent skeleton, " which expands and presses the fabric graft across the area of the tear, " the surgeon said

    他和他的同事目前使用的內支架是由鎳鈦合金的支架結構、外層的滌綸所構成, 「這種結構使得這種纖維性支架可以伸縮自如,從而到達撕裂部位」這名外科醫生說。
  15. Dacron high shells silk, ditansi manufacturing, processing, marketing, textile materials sales

  16. Dacron high shells silk, didansi manufacturing, processing, marketing, textile materials sales

  17. Material have dacron bring, high - elastic silk, nylon take pvc bring, and have night light, fluorescence, reflect light, computer brocade, etc. craft

  18. Results rp was done in 2 cases, one of which received the resection of the hepatic artery followed by end to end anastomosis, another received resection of the superior mesenteric vein and superior mesenteric artery, revascularization was done by means of dacron graft ; pancreaticrxtuodenectomy combined resection of superior mesenteric - portal vein was done in other 5 cases, sutured by means of a dacron graft

    結果2例行區域性胰腺切除術,其中1例聯合切除肝動脈,血管端?端吻合, 1例聯合切除腸系膜上動脈、腸系膜上靜脈,行血管間置移植術; 5例行標準胰十二指腸切除術,聯合腸系膜上靜脈切除血管間置移植術。
  19. " litz " wires using outer wraps or cores other than just another strand of wire ( e. g. dacron, fiberglass, aramid fiber, etc. ) are not to be used unless specifically called out under " magnet wire " in the construction details

  20. The method for assessing the degree of bacterial adhesion to prosthetic valve materials was established primarily. the capacities of staphylococcus aureus ( sa ), staphylococcus epidermidis ( se ), escherichia coli ( ec ) and pseudomonas aeruginosa ( pa ) for adhesion to dacron, pyrolytic carbon and polytetrofluoroethylene ( ptfe ) were quantitatively determined by the plate counting and gamma - ray counting of 125i radiolabeled bacteria in vitro

    採用平板菌落計數法、 125i標記細菌放射性測定法,測定金黃色葡萄球菌、表皮葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌、綠膿桿菌對滌綸、熱解碳、聚四氟乙烯的粘附情況。