照看小孩 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhàokānxiǎohái]
照看小孩 英文
take care of the kids, babysitting
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (照射) illuminate; light up; shine 2 (反映) reflect; mirror 3 (拍攝) take a picture ...
  • : 看動詞1. (守護; 照料) look after; take care of; tend 2. (看押; 監視; 注視) keep under surveillance
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (體積、面積、數量、強度等不大) small; little; petty; minor 2 (年紀小的; 年幼的) youn...
  • : 名詞(孩子) child
  1. The children were farmed out to nannies at an early age

  2. He hugged me, just as the sitter arrived

  3. One evening, while, with her usual child - like activity, and thoughtless yet not offensive inquisitiveness, she was rummaging the cupboard and the table - drawer of my little kitchen, she discovered first two french books, a volume of schiller, a german grammar and dictionary, and then my drawing - materials and some sketches, including a pencil - head of a pretty little cherub - like girl, one of my scholars, and sundry views from nature, taken in the vale of morton and on the surrounding moors

  4. Look, i m limping, my legs are covered with blisters, don t send me back. let me in, i ll do every kind of work : look after the children, wash nappies, wash and clean the benches on which they play, mend their torn clothes.

  5. Her innocent eyes watching me, i love her heart, from all flocked to the heart of the nose tip, instant very sore nose, i know, how much i love her. and very pamper her. think about her, is like a child. i need care and love, but eyes that the firm was me. i can not evade also do not want to dodge, because i am willing to take care of her love her to protect her, to get hold of her good fit. takes her, we have grown up together, mature, healthy, happy. as two towering trees, eternal

  6. Mary ' s date for the dance ruled out any baby - sitting that evening

  7. Come on. his sister asked him, just for today

  8. Come on. . his sister asked him, just for today

  9. The problem, pure and simple, is finding a babysitter

  10. The old lady seemed content to look after the children for her neighbors

  11. For example, if your friend likes to go shopping, offer to baby - sit her kids so she can enjoy an afternoon away

  12. Provide information of your local surroundings that may be enjoyable for your guests local attractions, restaurants, etc. means of transportation bus, train, subway, etc and useful guides and maps

  13. How should we view marital relationships, and unmarried mothers and their children from the spiritual perspective

  14. There baumbich found a photograph of a chubby toddler opening a treasure chest - - out of which flew butterflies

  15. Apatosaurus may have lived alone. they laid eggs while walking along, so the eggs were in a long line. they did not take care of their babies

  16. One baby sister, who looks after three babies, earns about 60 yuan an hour

  17. The kids in the previous photo were too small and their life vests could not be seen easily. here is a bigger picture of them wearing different color vests

  18. Seeing mr. chen radiant with smiles while holding master s booklet, brother lu could not help wanting to take a photo of him, and said later that he had never before seen mr. chen laugh so heartily, as though he were a child

  19. In general , the more adults there are , the more likely it is that your child will receive individual attention and adequate supervision at all times

  20. Child psychologists generally caution parents that the fright of some aspects of halloween can be too much for the very young, and advise adults to keep a close eye on children and remind them of what is real and what is not