熱工性能 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gōngxìngnéng]
熱工性能 英文
thermal characteristics
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  1. Thermal technology analysis of maintain structure of a cotton spinning mill

  2. Based on detailed analysis for optics and thermal performance of windows shading devices ( including external shading, internal shading, object shading, and blind shading ), experimental testing method for building performance and corresponded testing facility are brought forward and developed

  3. Methods of testing for main heat engineering perfomance on cold storage. air velocity testing

  4. Studies indoor thermal environment created by three common radiators and thermal comfort of people in iso standard test facility and obtains the relationship between black globe temperature and air temperature

  5. The thesis begins with computational analysis to the aerated concrete wall thermal performance. the aerated concrete is proved to have good performance in heat - insulate and heat - conserve as single wall. the index of dew - condensing is within allowing range, thermal performance totally can meet energy - conserving standard requirement in hot summer and cold winter zone

  6. We calculate composite block masonry ' s heat transfer coefficients under different conditions, then we discuss these data according to the energy efficiency criterion in wuhan city and come up with the key factors which influence the thermal performance of composite block masonry, . at the end of this paper we summarize and look forward to the future of composite blocks in engineering practice in mechanics and thermal sides

  7. Methods of testing for main heat engineering perfomance on cold storage. temperature testing

  8. Methods of testing for main heat engineering perfomance on cold storage. heat flux testing for envelope construction

  9. General test methods for determining heat transfer performance and flow resistance of heat exchangers

  10. Thermal performance test code for industrial boilers

  11. Test method of thermal property for marine heat exchanger

  12. Valuation on the thermal characteristics of buildings with glass - wall

  13. The theory and method of measuring heat transfer coefficient is presented

  14. Stand test methods of diesel locomotives - test of the traction and thermodynamic performance

  15. Fire resistance of reinforced concrete columns is analyzed theoretically in this dissertation, combined with study on invalidation mechanism and control of reinforced concrete structures subjected to fire, which is one of the main projects of construction science and technology in hunan province. the main contents studied in this dissertation are summarized as follows. ( 1 ) the most familiar thermal and mechanical behaviors of concrete and reinforcing steel bar at elevated temperature over the world are summarized and compared

    本文結合湖南省建設廳重點資助項目「火災荷載作用下鋼筋混凝土結構的失效機理與控制研究」 ,對鋼筋混凝土柱的抗火進行了理論分析與研究,主要內容如下: ( 1 )對國內外使用較多的鋼筋、混凝土的熱工性能力本構模型進行了總結和對比分析,找出了我國與其它國家分析時所使用模型的相同及不同之處。
  16. Abstract : in accordance with the current thermotechnical behaviors of domestic tunnel kilns using different firing fuels, such as thermal utilization ratio and energy consumption per kilogram of porcelain, the influence of various firing fuels properties and fuel system ' s installation etc, on the kiln ' s thermotechnical behavior has been analysed in this paper. it is demonstrated that clean gaseous fuels and light oil are high quality fuels for the production of top grade fired products

  17. We does relative experiment research and theory calculation in both mechanical and thermal performance

  18. The results of the thermal performance test show that the dynamic air supply has little influence on airflow and cooling capacity of the air conditioning units compared with stable air supply

  19. The progress of the building energy conservation of our country is rapid now, but it started late in hot summer and warm winter zone. taking the thermal performance and energy consumption as the targets, with the methods such as calculation, analysis, data comparison in the simulation software, the dissertation incarnates that the design can be totally controled. some better thermal design methods are mentioned to decrease the loads of the air - condition, which lend themselves to achieving the local residential building energy conservation standard

    當前我國建築節作正在迅速發展,本文以夏冬暖地區居住建築熱工性能及其耗為研究對象,通過模擬軟體進行計算、分析、數據比較等方法,充分體現建築設計過程中的可控,並對減少空調設計負荷提出一定的設計方法,以有助於達到的該地區居住建築節指標;為夏冬暖地區建築節作的開展做部分研究準備作,同時總結dest - h軟體在測試研究應用方面的一些經驗。
  20. In order to save soil, multi - storyes and sub - high rise residence are the dominant structure of houses in our country. for the anti - seismic requirement, hear - wall structures have been used frequently in sub - high rise residence designs. due to its gravity and rigidity, the traditional shear - wall structures will have great inertia forces when the earthquake occurs