熱的放出 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [defàngchū]
熱的放出 英文
evolution of heat
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : releaseset freelet go
  • 放出 : give out; let out; emit; discharge; snap out; bleed; spray; go into; give off; send out; escape i...
  1. In an adiabatic system, this heat release serves to increase the chamber temperature.

  2. It is evident that a big kettle containing boiling water will give out more heat than a smaller one.

  3. Because, this is of chinese herbal medicine outer the organization is stimulated suddenly by high fever, instantly constrictive, caky even, its protein is formed on cellular wall cannot go against the metamorphic layer that turn, prevent moisture development, organize interior to composition dissolves hard and be released, such, the decoct of medicaments active ingredient goes out rate reduce greatly, affect curative effect badly

  4. Construction of a mass concrete is in the construction process, because of cement let out in large quantity hydration heat and surface of a mass concrete let out heat, make its temperature, humidity cause to ascend and descend, and it causable constringency transform will be unavoidable

  5. Radiogenic heat, even from a fairly deep-seated uranium orebody, could be measured.

  6. It can be soluble in water and produce large quantity of heat, soluble in sulfuric acid, insoluble in acetone and ammoniait has strong hydroscopic and easy deliquescence if exposed in the air

  7. These stresses arise from the exothermic nature of the reaction during gelatin and cure.

  8. It came from ground water, heated by magma, which joined with hot gases released from the liquefied rock itself.

  9. The development moiety which is released upon heating is usually a mercaptan.

  10. In fact fuels we burn and plant foods we eat give off their chemical energy in the form of heat energy.

  11. Commonly, a chlorate candle is a powder mixture of sodium chlorate, catalyst and metal fuel

  12. In the process of solidification the same amount of heat is released.

  13. Wet and dry numerical simulation tests for explosive cyclone over western pacific were performed. by contrast the results show that : tropopause and constant temperature surface were raised by latent heat release in upper level and disturbance trough was produced because air flow ascended and became cold. owing to this process adaption, inertial instability emergenced

  14. Property : the product is a kind of colourless to light - yellow viscid fluid or white wax solid. it can dissolve in organic reagent like water , alcohol etc. it gives off methanal upon heating. so it is a good methanal donator , and is used in conperation of rs 、 rh and re to get a good adhensive result

    性狀:無色至微黃色粘稠液體或白色蠟狀固體,能溶於水和一般有機溶劑,加能釋甲醛,是一種良好甲醛給予體,與rs 、 rh 、 re配合使用,能起到良好粘合效果。
  15. The move came after china announced on may 18 hikes of benchmark interest rates and bank reserve requirement as well as widening yuan floating range against the u. s. dollar, in a bid to curb excessive liquidity and cool the overheated economy

  16. After he had been rescued, he went to orel, and two days after getting there, as he was preparing to start for kiev, he fell ill and spent three months laid up at orel. he was suffering, so the doctors said, from a bilious fever. although they treated him by letting blood and giving him drugs, he recovered

  17. There is an old saying in our field - " no dam is not crackable ". the crack is mainly because of the bad dilation after " alkali - aggregate reaction ", the temperature traverse inside and outside the concrete with the happening of heat evolution and the shrink of volume due to the cooling of concrete

  18. Rinse the mushrooms, cut into thick slices, drop them in 500g chicken soup, bring to the boil, add pea shoots, salt and pepper, pour into a bowl, add 70g hot chicken oil

  19. Test results indicated : with the hoist of altitude, the increase of ice amount and the rise of pollutant, the average flashover voltage reduced. the character exponent generally depends on the insulator profile, ice amount, ice state and pollution severity etc. by means of a high - speed camera, a data acquisition system and high voltage test facilities, a series of the flashover processes on ice surfaces were record. the experimental results form this study and the subsequent theoretical analyses suggested : the thermal ionization of the air in front of an arc root resulted in arc movement ; the electrostatic force had an auxiliary effect of impelling arc propagation ; the electrical

  20. Investigating and examining the incident, joanna barnes and dr. lucas grant of nasa headquarters, finally discovered that it is a huge cme coronal mass emission that ejected from the sun, headed straight to our earth, and hit the russian satellite and caused it to explode