熱的吸收 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [deshōu]
熱的吸收 英文
absorption of heat
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : 動詞1 (把液體、氣體等引入體內) inhale; breathe in; draw 2 (吸收) absorb; suck up 3 (吸引) a...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (把攤開的或分散的事物聚集、合攏) put away; take in 2 (收取) collect 3 (收割) harvest...
  1. The polyester fibre of resisting bacterium is one without which people can t live in modern times, but how to restrain the bacterium propagating excessively and keep people in health is a most important goal that fabrics and clothing industry are striving for. fibre of resisting bacterium can kill the bacterium effectively with the ratio of more than 99 % and it can restrain microbes. the polyester fibre of resisting ultraviolet radiation is also widely used. with the decreasing of ozonospheres in the atmosphere, there are more ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight which do harm to our skin, especially for those men working outdoors, it is more important to think about the way to lessen the harm. the polyester of burning - resisting has attracted more attention at home and abroad and burning - resisting textiles has been advanced definitely by law in many countries. our nation has also made strict claims in some special areas, such as fabrics in vehiciles and vessels, decorative fabrics in hotels. the everlasting burning - resisting fibres and textiles are badly needed. infrared ray fibre is also a new functional one that can absorb and reflect infrared ray after being processed physically. it s functions include physical therapy wet - ejecting and bacterium - restraining. this warm - preserving material can absorb the emitting heat from our bodies, at the same time it can also absorb and reflect the needed 4 - 14 urn wavelength ultraviolet radiation and accelerate netaboiism. fibre of resisting infrared ray is important in military areas

    抗菌纖維具有永久抗菌性,對金黃色葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌殺菌率大於99 ,能有效抑制細菌繁殖,起到抗菌防臭作用;抗紫外線聚酯纖維用途也是異常廣泛,隨著大氣層中臭氧層日漸稀薄,日光中紫外線日益增加,對人體皮膚形成極大危害,尤其對于長期從事野外工作人,因此設法減少紫外線對人體傷害顯得尤為重要;阻燃聚酯纖維則是一種倍受國內外人士密切關注纖維,紡織品阻燃在許多國家已有明確法令規定,我國也逐漸在某些特殊使用范圍做嚴格要求,如車船內用紡織品,高級賓館內裝飾織物等,而且具持久性阻燃性纖維和織物是現在更為需要,真可謂用途非常廣泛;遠紅外纖維也是一種經過物理改性后具有並反射遠紅外線新型功能性纖維,是一種具有優良理療功能、效應功能和排濕透氣抑菌功能新型紡織材料及保溫材料,能人體自身向外散發量,並反射回人體最需要4 14 m波長遠紅外線,促進人體新陳代謝;抗紅外線纖維,則在軍事上有著重要作用。
  2. Particularly, cr4 + - doped crystals as passive q - switch ( saturable absorber ) have got extensive attention, such as cr4 + : yag , cr4 + : gsgg , cr4 + : mg2sio4 and cr4 + : yso, which have the advantages of wild absorption band, good saturable absorption, long restored time, good photo - chemical stability, no fading, good thermal conductivity and high damage threshold

    特別是近年來,摻cr4 +離子各種晶體如cr4 + : yag , cr4 + : gsgg , cr4 + : mg2sio4和cr4 + : yso等作為被動調q開關受到了廣泛關注。它們具有很寬帶和良好飽和性質,恢復時間較長,光化學性質穩定,無退化現象,導性好,損傷閾值高。
  3. The effects of air ' s absorption of heat, scatter, turbulent and thermal blooming on the laser beam transmitting under the air breakdown threshold value are analysed when laser transmit in the air and the result can be used designing of the laser system

  4. The sufferer of the pneumonia in the middle of recover from illness should shoot person more to enrich food with the vitamin, vitamin together other nourishment materials is similar to all need to pass food to enter the everyone body balancedly, keeping the health of the human body, being pneumonia a sufferer to be subjected to have fever, cough, cough up phlegm etc. the influence of the factor, metabolism inside the body speed, is the germ that the particularly white cell kills the lung department, the metabolism strengthen, needing a great deal of vitamin, and exterminating the water solution 酶 and the absorption process of the lung department 炎 disease that the germ need to also need vitamin, if the vitamin severity shortage, not only cause the absorption of the lung department 炎 disease reduce slowly, and influence the immunity dint of the human body, so eat to enrich a beneficial pneumonia patient of pollen of contain the vitamin to recover from illness, this with 《 this grass outline 》 and many departments 《 this grass 》 in jot down " smooth heart lung " of pinepollen of the function is consistent

  5. Optimization of geometrical sizes of a greenhouse elements provides maximum supply of solar energy during heating period allowing to use a greenhouse as a spring and autumn one without heating from march to october

  6. The experiments show that the color of the iceland spar can be changed when heated to a certain temperature, that is, light yellow iceland spars will fade when heated to 360 - 370, while dark yellow iceland spar will fade at 440 - 450, brownish yellow iceland spar at 460 - 470 ; and the color of light purple iceland spar can be removed when heated to 390 - 400, while the color of deep purple iceland spar can be removed at 440 - 450, deep reddish purple iceland spar at 460 - 470. on base of the u - v absorption spectrum, we find that the u - v absorption spectra of the faded iceland spars are paralleled to the x axis, the transmittance of them are also greatly improved

    實驗表明,冰洲石在加到一定溫度時顏色會發生變化:淺黃色、深黃色和褐黃色冰洲石分別在360 - 370 、 440 - 450和460 - 470完全褪色;淺紫色、深紫色和深紫紅色冰洲石分別在370 - 380 、 440 - 450和460 - 470時完全褪色。通過對褪色后冰洲石進行紫外-可見光光譜測試表明:完全褪色后冰洲石在紫外-可見光光譜上表現為一條近平行x軸直線;紫外、可見光區紫區光透過率有了很大了提高。
  7. The fundamental optimum relation of a four - heat - source irreversible absorption refrigeration system and its performance analysis

  8. In the uv light region, the absorption dramatically increases that is caused by the absorption of the films substance, hi addition, as the heat treatment temperature increases the absorption threshold slightly occurs " red shift "

    在紫外區,薄膜光度急劇增大,而且,隨著處理溫度增加,閾值發生輕微「紅移」 。這種降低是由於薄膜物質所致。
  9. In the second section, i. e. chapter two, three and four, firstly, the thermal induced third order nonlinear optical characters of three organometallic complexes ( nil2, cul2, pdl2 ) are studied by the z - scan technique, thermaloptical coefficients of the three compounds excited under different laser wavelengths are calculated the results show that the thermaloptical coefficients are dependent on excitation wavelengths, the absorptions under these wavelengths and molecular structures of these compounds

    第二部分,即論文第二、三、四章,首先,我們利用連續激光457 . 5nm 、 488nm 、 514 . 5nm三個波長z掃描方法研究了nil _ 2 、 cul _ 2 、 pdl _ 2三種新型化合物致三階非線性光學特性,分別計算了三種化合物在各個波長光系數。結果表明,其光系數與激發波長、在該波長下、及化合物結構都有一定關系。
  10. The conclusions are as listed below : compared with absorption of fc16ab in chloroformon, the absorption peak of fcifrab in lb films shifted toward the shorter wavelength region, suggesting that some interaction among molecules due to the close molecular packing such as h - aggregates in the lb films. comparing uv - vis spectra of fc16ab in lb films deposited from cl - subphase with from aqueous subphase, this blue shift phenomenon of absorption demonstrated cl - made the compactness of fc16ab lb films increasing. ft - ir spectra of fc16ab in lb films at different temperature showed that there is a gradual disordering of alkyl chain from 27 ? to 200 ?, but no district phase transition appeared

    結論如下:紫外-可見光光譜說明:與fc _ ( 16 ) ab氯仿溶液相比, lb膜光譜發生了藍移,這歸結于fc _ ( 16 ) ab發生了h -聚集以及抗衡離子可以使fc _ ( 16 ) ablb膜排列更緊密;變溫紅外光譜說明,隨著溫度升高, fc _ ( 16 ) ablb膜中烷基鏈有序排布程度減弱,這表明該lb膜穩定性減弱,但在減弱過程中沒有出安徽人學申請碩士學位論文摘要現相轉變。
  11. The second method is based on converting an interface estimated heat flux, which was obtained by using inverse heat conduction solution, to ammonia mass absorbed

  12. Phenomenon whereby heat is liberated or absorbed at a junction when current passes from one metal to another

  13. The research for the absorptance of materials is significant to the development of laser material processing. the measurement method is the foundation of the absorptance research. in this paper the lumped method based on heat transfer is established for the absorptance of laser, and the measuring apparatus is also built up. as examples, the absorptance of laser is measured for several ordinary engineering materials

  14. Discussed taking advance condensation heat of water in waste fume. at the same time, the water can absorbed several pollutants in waste fume

  15. This text attempts to regard silica as shell materials, regard nanometer iron and carbonyl iron particle as core materials to prepare a kind of new - type absorbent. the structur of the core - shell particles were characterized by ftir, tem, sem, xps, xrd etc. the properties of magnetism, heat, crystalization, ectromagnetic were characterized by vsm, tg - dta, network vectorial analysis instrument

    本文以二氧化硅為殼層材料,以納米鐵以及羰基鐵粒子為核層材料,制備一種新型劑粒子。用ftir , tem , sem , xps , xrd表徵了復合粒子結構,利用vsm , tg - dta ,網路矢量分析儀等分析了材料結構改變對材料磁性能,性能,結晶性能,電磁參數等性能進行了分析。
  16. While water evaporate, a large amount of heat is absorbed

  17. It is found that all the thin films have a preferential c - axis orientation. with increase of al doping, the peak position of the ( 002 ) plane is shifted to the low 2 value

    同時, zno通過摻雜,對其帶隙進行調整,使探測器截止邊按需求被控制在特定波長范圍內,將成為zno基紫外探測器研究中新點。
  18. From the experiment, demonstrating the former theoretical analysis, and analysis the effect factors about the pcm wallboards absorbing heat

  19. A absorption automotive air conditioning system fed by waste heat of exhaust gas was raised, and the feasibility was discussed by analyzing the structure of the system and thermodynamics

  20. Absorption of heat