民族之林 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [mínzhīlīn]
民族之林 英文
nations of the world
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (人民) the people 2 (某族的人) a member of a nationality 3 (從事某種職業的人) a pers...
  • : 名詞1 (家族) clan 2 (古代的一種酷刑) a death penalty in ancient china imposed on an offender ...
  • : 名詞1 (成片的樹木或竹子) forest; woods; grove 2 (聚集在一起的同類的人或事物) circles; group 3...
  • 民族 : nationnationalitynational reconciliation
  1. Without an inspiring spirit and lofty character, it is impossible for a nation to stand proudly in the family of nations

  2. With the mission, target and tenet of inheriting and developing the precious medical heritage of the motherland and recovering the old treasures of the nation, haotianhang ( beijing ) research institute of chinese medicine is striving to make the chinese nation stand proudly among the peoples and thus welcome a more beautiful, happier new world

  3. My final goal is to impel the china ' s renaissance

  4. The olympics are a great chance for china to shine

  5. Only education can enable china to rank among the advanced countries in the world

  6. To make the chinese nation stand towering in world nation community, education shall be grasped well primarily

  7. Innovation is the soul of our nation, which a nation without the ability of innovation could not stand firm and erect among excellent nations in the world

  8. Our chinese nation have the spirit which fights to the last drop ofblood with own enemy, the determination which some in which relies onone ' s own effort to revive in the foundation recovers lost territory, has supports oneself forest of to the world nationality ability

  9. The innovation capability does not increase in case acting on one ' s own, introduce from elsewhere near the technique blindly, be difficult to shake off the behind the times phase of technique always, one there is not the innovation capability nationality, be difficult to stand erect to well - developed nationality of the world woods

  10. The history has already stepped into the 21st century. during the new century, the chinese race must continue inheriting and developing the ethos if it wants to succeed among the woods of races in the world. furthermore, it is required to study the excellent cultural achievements of other races and use them for reference so that it is able to accept the new challenge, and

  11. In the future, whether she will be in the lead as a sustainable developed country of the first class or she is dying because of the short - term development depends on the future of the students - masters of the environment, the designers and builders of the environment of china. environmemtal education is necessary and important basing on the actions of the masters, designes and builders of china

    中國在未來,在21世紀是屬于可持續發展的國家立於世界民族之林,還是因為竭澤而漁的短期行為而亡國滅種,在很大程度上取決于現在的中學生? ?未來環境的主人,國家的建設者和決策者,是否樹立起與可持續性發展相一致的環境意識和行為? ?環境教育勢在必行。
  12. Whether the culture and arts of a nation could have long - lasting glamour in the forest of world cultures depends not only on historical depth, connotation depth and intensity of influence of this nation ' s culture and arts, but also on the emotion and attitude of treating his own culture and arts, namely, whether we can inherit, enrich and develop our national magnificent culture with the deep national sentiments all the time

  13. Forest, remained to play a major role in their daily life, including in their thinking and culture, which is also typical in the northern area where people lived on forestry. from the perspective of cultural anthropology, the historical evolution of this ewenki group and cultural mode illustrate basic fact in the northern minority area. therefore, there is extensive academic values in studying this ewenki group, in terms of cultural anthropology, sociology, history

  14. The author introduces and comments the academic achievements of japanese scholars in their exploration on the historical cultures of the minority nationalities in yunnan province, including fieldwork, the history of nanzhao and dali kingdoms, origin of wo ethnic group, the culture of syoyo evergreen broadleaf tree forests, myths, folklores folk beliefs and sacrifices

  15. Orient dance should have national culture as its foundation and reflect the trend of times. only in this way can it have its position in the world of dance

  16. Lijiang hexi hotel, located in the gold area - plaza of south gate of lijiang ancient city, set up by the four - star standard, whicj is the most typical architecture group of naxi residential style in the hotel distury of lijiang. hotel consists of 24 special national institutes by the 24 solar periods of the traditional chinese calendar, with imitating the garden virescence and scenery design of resort to the pocket - size xiangbala kingdom

  17. As our nation ' s economy evolves at a fever pitch, if we want to stand erect in the world, it requires us to reconsider our learning methods and rebuild the conception of long - life learning

  18. Add : no. 14 south ronghu road, guilin 541002 the distance from the airport : 28, the distance from the city center : 1 ; the view around : trunk mountain, reed rock, lijiang river, smiling hall general merchandise commercial building, spring theater

  19. According to the definition of the canadian international development agency ( cida ) income - related poverty is defined by the following characteristics : - basic needs cannot be satisfied due to a lack of income and means ; - the prerequisites for acquiring an income and means are lacking ; - the ability to overcome this situation is absent

    河西地區四個縣總面積14 . 1149萬平方公里,佔全省總面積的31 . 9 。除肅南明花區在河西走廊灌溉農業區外,絕大部分地區在祁連山、馬鬃山山地畜牧水源區。
  20. During the time of " draft of great qing dynasties " civil code ", the number of randomicity provision was limited, many of which