目的任務 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [derèn]
目的任務 英文
destination task
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (眼睛) eye 2 (大項中再分的小項) item 3 [生物學] (把同一綱的生物按彼此相似的特徵分為幾...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : 任名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事情) affair; business 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (從事; 致力) be engaged in; devote...
  • 目的 : purpose; aim; goal; objective; end
  1. The task for the next 70 years is for physicists, astronomers and cosmologists to discover exactly what it is

  2. The task at hand center on using the technology for beneficial purposes, while at the same time preventing intrusio of privacy and use of the electronic highway for deceitful purposes

  3. The task at hand center on using the technology for beneficial purposes, while at the same time preventing intrusions of privacy and use of the electronic highway for deceitful purposes

  4. The motive that eden elves been created is to protect elysium, they have taken this quest for ages, and they will keep making their task done

  5. The third, it analyzes some question about feasibility analysis and provides some means to solve theses question. the fourth, it studies some important problem about real estate feasibility analyzing such as : the market segment and market position of real estate, consumer market and consumer buying action analyzing, the financial evaluation of real estate project, the analysis of risk of real estate project, the indefiniteness analyzing of real estate project. in the part of feasibility analyzing of s real estate project, it analyzes the feasibility of the s project from three aspects including marketing feasibility, engineering and technology feasibility, economical feasibility, then makes a conclusion of feasibility analyzing of s project, together with some suggestion to the problem of s project

  6. The task of mol in china is very arduous at present

  7. When you enter a new task, microsoft project does not automatically renumber the wbs codes of existing tasks, but if you want to, you can renumber a selection of tasks, or the whole project

    輸入新時, microsoftproject不會自動重新編排已有wbs代碼,但是如果需要,可重新為選定或整個項編號。
  8. Designed primarily as an anti - submarine warfare platform, with a long cruising range and underway replenishment capabilities, udaloy class ships provide support to surface task forces

  9. Staatsidentit t : vergleich der uno - diplomatie von deutschland und japan

  10. A document that explicitly calls out the individual team members who are tasked with executing, reviewing, and approving work packages within a project. results list

  11. This paper studies trajectory planning of the assembly robot on the basis of off - line program system, realizing trajectory planning under the condition that have several targets and fixed obstacles, and presenting simple interface of task description for user

  12. The thesis make a research and explor on the purpose, the task, the content of the construction project finance management and discourse upon the essentiality and significance of the construction project for the investor to control the cost better and increase investor benefit.

  13. For example, the goal " set up a clockwork exhibit " does n ' t include a deadline, which makes it difficult to determine how many people would be needed or what the project scope might be

  14. To show dependencies between projects in the same consolidated project file or between different project files, you can link tasks between projects

  15. Given a list of tasks for a project, their times to complete, and their precedence relationships, the six sigma black belt should be able to compute the time to completion for the project, the earliest completion times, the latest completion times and the slack times

    給出一個項目的任務列表、它們完成時間和它們之間優先級關系, 6西格瑪黑帶應能計算出項完成時間、最早完成時間、最遲完成時間和延遲時間。
  16. Respectively, we developed dtdapriori algorithm for dtd mining and flattening method for abstracting xml contents. this article is organized as follows : section 1 summarizes the characteristics of xml standards and related techniques, compares the similarities and differences between xml and regular rdbs, introduces the targets, tasks and methods of data mining, and brings them into xml application

  17. The optical interface board is crucial in sdh system, and the frequency synthesizer unit is especially important for the design of the board, so how to design an excellent optical interface board ( ol1zc8 ), which is in zxsm - 2510 project, is discussed in this dissertation

    Sdh設備研發中,光介面板地位舉足輕重。光介面板設計中,頻率合成單元尤其關鍵,穩定可靠時鐘信號是系統正常工作前提。本論文依託中興通訊有限公司zxsm - 2510項,項目的任務是設計性能優越光介面板(命名為ol1zc8 ) 。
  18. The maven. xml file contains all task definitions that are specific to a particular project and that are not covered by the default functionality of maven plugins

    Maven . xml文件包含所有特定於具體項目的任務定義,而且在預設情況下,這些定義是獨立於maven插件功能之外
  19. Like a museum consisting of galleries and side rooms ready to be filled with paintings, sculptures, and clockwork exhibits, a new project file consists of fields and views ready to be filled with information about your project ' s tasks, resources, and assignments

  20. Messages that the workgroup manager sends using microsoft project to workgroup members regarding the tasks of a project