目視儀器 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shì]
目視儀器 英文
visual instrument
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (眼睛) eye 2 (大項中再分的小項) item 3 [生物學] (把同一綱的生物按彼此相似的特徵分為幾...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (看) look at 2. (看待) regard; look upon 3. (考察) inspect; watch Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞1 (人的外表) appearance; bearing 2 (禮節; 儀式) ceremony; rite 3 (禮物)present; gift 4 ...
  • : 名詞1. (器具) implement; utensil; ware 2. (器官) organ 3. (度量; 才能) capacity; talent 4. (姓氏) a surname
  • 目視 : visual目視測光 visual photometry; 目視等高儀 impersonal astrolabe; 目視定位 [航空] visual fix; 目...
  1. Geodetic instruments - circle graduations of visual reading

  2. Visual instruments are designed with this in mind so that the eye need not strain unnecessarily.

  3. Noninstrumental method : the lod is generally determined by the analysis of samples with known concentrations of analyte and by establishing the minimum level at which the analyte can be reliably detected

  4. Aom tells very instrument pilot under what visibility ( in terms of runway visual range ( rvr ) ) and or cloud ceiling can the aircraft take off, and under what visibility ( again in terms of rvr ) and visual reference can the aircraft continue the approach to land from the decision altitude ( for precision approaches, e. g. instrument landing system ( ils ) ) or from the minimum descent altitude ( for non - precision approaches ). there are a number of factors affecting the values of aom

  5. Vi ( virtual instrument ) made up of general hardware and auto - test software is available along with the development of computer and electrical technology, test system based on vxibus is an example of vio test application of one set vxibus vi on space camera is presented in this papero this thesis introduces the development of auto - test technology and instrument concepts on vi > vxibus and its applications, sorts and analyzes the tested signals, describes in detailed the system integrate and auto - test software development of the vi, reveals plenty of test data recorded in graph, chart and file that collected by auto - test software, also the analysis and judgment result of the eye - view controller function tested by the auto - test software o

  6. The xm29 was intended to be a shoulder - fired, semi - automatic grenade launcher in 20 mm calibre and to incorporate a compact, lightweight 5. 56 mm rifle as a back - up weapon

  7. " with the implementation of the ifr procedures, pilots can utilise signals from ground navigation aids and fly along the designated ifr routes even when the visibility precludes visual flights. the regularity of the helicopter service between hong kong and macau is therefore improved, " the spokesman said

  8. Since then, the technology has evolved from bulky devices that amplify light about 1, 000 times to compact equipment that can amplify any light source including faint starlight up to 50, 000 times, and eyewear that allows soldiers to see in complete darkness such as in caves by detecting heat differences

  9. For the characteristic of low frequency movement of the target and high frequency system line - of - sight jitter, basic theory of compound axes line - of - sight stabilization system with line - of - sight pointing reference unit ( lospru ) is analyzed

  10. With the use of new mcu p87c591, as the techiniques of serial communication and negative display of lcd, the dashboard has a very beautiful apearence and the system is simplified. not only the analogy signal and the pulse signal can be sampled into the instrument, but also the datum on the can - bus should be transferred into the system whit the connection to the in - vechile network. under the guindance of the idea of " informatic design ", the digital lcd dashboard system is developed, and the professional manufacturer of lcd display device is directed to develop and to design the special lcd module, by which the new lcd production is greatly optimized. all these intentions bing about a very well goal

    在研製數字液晶表過程中,應用了新型單片機p87c591 、串口驅動技術和負顯技術,使該數字液晶組合表結構簡單,覺美觀,既可以通過模擬通道、數字通道測量車輛傳感的信號,又具備接入車輛總線、從can總線上獲得相關數據的能力。在項開發過程中,運用「信息化設計」的觀點開展液晶顯示模塊的開發和設計工作;並根據軟體工程的原則,優化了液晶模塊的電路設計,使該項產品的開發取得了好的效果。
  11. An instrument for examining visually the interior of a bodily canal or a hollow organ such as the colon, bladder, or stomach

  12. Endoscope ? ? an instrument for examining visually the interior of a bodily canal or a hollow organ such as the colon, bladder, or stomach

  13. Based on the current helicopter operation at home and abroad on transmission line and its technical development trend, the paper has carried on research and demonstration on feasibility to apply helicopter in cruising inspection of yang - huai 500kv transmission line from various aspects as its significance, necessity, selection of operating management mode and technical working plan as well as its rationalization economically etc. applying helicopter to operate on power transmission has been tendency of the world power industry. on using helicopter to cruise, inspect and maintain the yang - huai 500kv transmission line, the first objective is to insist on flying safety. two steps should be taken seperately for short term and long term objective. first, to rent helicopters and then, to buy them

    採用直升機進行電力作業已經成為世界電力工業的潮流,應用直升機巡和維護500千伏陽淮線,應堅持把安全飛行作為首要標,宜分近期和遠期兩個標分階段實施,先租機,再購機;直升機的選型,主要從安全性和經濟性兩方面考慮,在起步階段租賃bo - 105c直升機;要根據作業項和方法選擇機載設備;用直升機進行輸電線路巡檢,能極大地提高勞動生產率,具有明顯的經濟效益,並將提高我國直升機運用水平,促進我國通用航空事業的發展,從而帶動相關行業的發展。
  14. Currently, most virtual instrument oriented vpls ( visual programming languages ) are based on dhdf ( dynamic homogeneous dataflow ) model

    前,面向虛擬的可化編程語言(或稱圖形化編程語言)多是基於動態純數據流( dhdf )模型的。
  15. Circle graduation with visual reading for surveying instruments

  16. Ae testing technology, which is used more and more widely for solving the problems, expensive and long inspecting periods in general testing, is only adopted by the skilled inspector now for behindhand testing system, high orientation error and low quality orientation software. in addition, orientation error is very high in global vessel testing, also the software can not show location picture in three - dimension, all of these restrict the development of the ae technology. in the aspect of testing system, the vallen corp

  17. Color measurement can be performed via visual method or physical one, the later must follow the corresponding metrological principle

  18. After systematic researches on computer vision coordinate measurement techniques, this paper proposed a four - eyed vision coordinate measurement model ( fvcmm ) based on rectangular grid mark. a four - eyed vision coordinate measurement system ( fvcms ) was constructed based on this model. it was firstly applied to strain measurement during the process of metal plate deformation and gained some success

  19. Finally, based on the observability analysis and error analysis, two autonomous navigation schemes for encounter phase are respectively proposed in detail. monte carlo simulations are done for the two schemes. by analyzing and comparing the simulation results, we can get the conclusion that, under the accuracy conditions provided by the instruments in existence, the position estimation accuracy for probe encountering object celestial body is 0. 42km and 0. 04km, which demonstrate the feasibility of the two navigation schemes

    最後,在可觀性分析和誤差分析的基礎上,分別給出基於圖像測量的自主導航方法和基於線方向及夾角測量的自主導航方法,並對這兩種方法進行蒙特卡羅數值模擬,通過對模擬結果的分析和比較,在現有的測量精度下,探測在與標天體交會時刻的位置估計精度分別是0 . 42km和0 . 04km ,由此表明兩種自主導航方案都是可行的。
  20. The design of software is composed of the development of virtual panel interface and the research of algorithm of measuring electric variable. the most popular vc + + 6. 0 is used here to complete the development of the former which concludes the dynamic display of input wave - form, real - time displaying rms, power and power factor, harmonic analysis and measuring the voltage fluctuation and flicker

    其中,虛擬面板界面的開發在前最流行的可化編輯工具visualc + + 6 . 0 ( mfc )下實現,完成了輸入電壓、電流波形的動態顯示,波形頻率、有效值、功率以及功率因數的實時顯示,諧波分析以及電壓波動和閃變的檢測。