直線型的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhíxiànxíngde]
直線型的 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (成直線的; 硬挺的) straight; stiff 2 (跟地面垂直的; 從上到下的; 從前到后的) erect; v...
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 直線 : 1. (不彎曲的線) straight line2. (急劇的) steep; sharp
  1. The specifications of producible vertical parted core shooter, shell moulding machine and horizontal parted core shooter are complete. we can furnish all kinds of moulding lines which can be satisfied for consumers

  2. The experience of linear cutter stapler in lung local resect surgery

  3. L. virgaurea and l. sagitta were guerrilla clonal plant of perennial herb. 2. in the process of clonal growth, each rhizome only developed a ramet and there was no net or linear clonal growth form

  4. The study in the paper starts with beam distortions, and it treats the plastic deformation area as pure bending sect, rest of the beam as rigid bodies. according to different shapes of the external tendons, it divides into three structural forms familiar in projects, that is the beams with no deviator, with a deviator and with two deviators, and studies the relation between the deformation of the external prestressing tendons and that of the beams, and derives the formulas of the ultimate stress increment of external tendons. in the formulas, the ultimate angle corresponding to half of the plastic deformation area is considered as a variable parameter

  5. Szm2000 glass angle changing straight grinder machine not only can grind a group of straight line edge but also grind two groups of angled sides. this machine is operated manually, rough grinding, refine grinding, chamfer angle grinding and polishing can be finished at one time. the grinding group enjoy wide range of adjustment, so it can form different ways of combination to meet different requirements of grinding or to process glass of different classes. this machine is fit for high quality fumiture glass, also the general glass

  6. The influences of stator ' s teeth on vibrating modal of the linear standing wave usm are discussed in this paper, in which eigenfrequency and wave - shape are analyzed while the position and geometry dimension of stator ' s teeth are changed, and it can give some advice on design for standing wave linear ultrasonic motor

  7. The fundamental mode beam has been gotten. the power output of u - folded laser without catalyzer, 3. 5w has been gotten, while the corresponding unfolded laser, 4. 5 w. this result indicates the availability of the forementioned design

    在無催化劑情況下,獲得u腔激光器輸出功率3 . 5w和相同條件下激光器輸出功率4 . 5w ,證實了該u腔設計可行性。
  8. In this paper, we first study the growth and regular growth of dirichlet series of finite order by type function in the plane and obtain two necessary and sufficient conditions ; and prove that the growth of random entire functions defined by random dirichlet series of finite order in every horizontal straight line is almost surely equal to the growth of entire functions defined by their corresponding dirichlet series. then we define the hyper - order of dirichlet series of infinite order respectively in the plane or in the right - half plane, study the relations between the hyper - order and regular hyper - order of dirichlet series of infinite order and the cofficients ; obtain the hyper - order of random entire functions defined by random dirichlet series of infinite order in every horizontal straight line is almost surely equal to the hyper - order of entire functions defined by their corresponding dirichlet series

  9. The linear, external - shunt version has the added advantage that it can be readily constructed and operated at nanoscopic sizes

  10. Vertical line pleat skirt, straight series trousers, wear the same color from head to toe series or plain color clothes, the jackets that match a body all make the person of the petite type seem to be easily natural

  11. In breaststroke, for example, hoff aims for a tight in - line body position while completing the kick

  12. Sustainable consumption is a kind of consumption that follows economic rules, social rules and nature rules in the global environment and the carrying capacity of resources to achieve economic growth, social progress, and optimizes interests of consumers themselves, other people and future generations to meet material, spiritual, ecological needs of consumers. this requests consumption mode is scientific, healthy, civilized, saving resources and protecting environment, but the group consumption and the citizen consumption have many phenomena which disobey with it. all these phenomena are summarized as follows : waste existing among administrative consumption and duty consumption, the straight consumption, material consumption and spirit consumption uncoordinated, postponed consumption, advanced consumption and human consumption

  13. In this paper, based on the analysis of the rlem of theory foundation, computing method, preference, applicability, etc, we anatomized the rlem of three self - deficiencies and six scarcities. moreover, we adopted the parallel ways of contrasting the rlem with the fem and applied it to analyzing the impact of slide block of elasticity and plasticity, slip surface of coefficient and slip bed of elasticity, plasticity upon the stability of slope and in the plain linearity slope, the plain refracted line slope and the plain arc slope. in addition, we discussed the warp of between the lem of ( sarma, janbu, order, bishop, morgenstera - price, etc ) and the fem of result and the distributing of positive stress and shear stress on the slip surface

    本文從剖析剛體極限平衡法理論基礎、計算方法、參數選取、適用條件等方面入手,剖析了剛體極限平衡方法3點自身缺陷和6點不足,並在此基礎上採用了剛體極限平衡法(平面滑動破壞法、 sarma法、傳遞系數法、普遍條分法、 janbu法、 bishop法、 morgenstern - price法)與大有限元法對比研究方法,分析研究了平面滑坡、平面折滑坡、平面圓弧滑坡在漸進破壞中邊坡滑體彈塑性參數、滑麵塑性參數) 、滑床彈塑性、以及極限平衡法無法考慮開挖應力釋放等因素對邊坡穩定性影響與滑動面上正應力、剪應力分佈規律、安全系數解答差異。
  14. So the labyrinth weir is particularly suited for use where the discharge structure need to enlarge the ability of outflow but the width is restricted the labyrinth weir could be divided into straight - labyrinth weir and curve - labyrinth weir in this paper

  15. Four models under the combination two type of work station with two type of hypotheses, and an instance is given. in model of the optimization of u - line, according to the characteristic of u - line, a model of optimization on the workload is set up, the optimization methods is given. moreover, a method of workstation breaking is put forward, thus, the problem of optimization of u - line can be transferred into straight - line problem and the two problems are unified through the method

  16. The function of stone artistic splice complete through to established basic design or source material warehouse with the help of others graph process software. besides author come up with a new program or machine method in accordance with stagger in the thicknes and vertical length at the stone sticking execution, i. e ensure the accuracy in measurement to approach subsection by space spiral line, the data used directly by numerical control machine. finally machined the stone become a spiral line columned surface arc slab

  17. As for the straight - labyrinth weir, the flow pattern character, the discharge capacity and its effecting factors are discussed ; the flow formula is deduced ; a set of discharge coefficient formulas are given basing on the former study ; and the efficiency is discussed

  18. And the length of the laser is well shortened with the fold structure

  19. Then the element force, strength or stability stress of zm tower are calculated in the condition of typical load of 90 wind by the method put forward in this paper. the paper also analyzes the difference in three criterions, and calculates the force of accessorial pole. zhou xinhua ( mechanic design & theory ) directed by prof. peng zhenzhong & prof. wang zhangqi

    利用本文方法計算一貓頭塔在「 90度大風」工況作用下鐵塔桿件內力、強度及穩定性,分析比較了採用三種常用設計規范所計算結果異同,並對鐵塔輔材內力進行計算。
  20. As a result, the business - planning process is rarely linear, but rather requires nonprofit leaders to circle back on critical decisions as new information emerges