目視引導 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shìyǐndǎo]
目視引導 英文
guidance by sight
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (眼睛) eye 2 (大項中再分的小項) item 3 [生物學] (把同一綱的生物按彼此相似的特徵分為幾...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (看) look at 2. (看待) regard; look upon 3. (考察) inspect; watch Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (牽引; 拉) draw; stretch 2 (引導) lead; guide 3 (離開) leave 4 (伸著) stretch 5 (...
  • : 動詞1. (引導) lead; guide 2. (傳導) transmit; conduct 3. (開導) instruct; teach; give guidance to
  • 目視 : visual目視測光 visual photometry; 目視等高儀 impersonal astrolabe; 目視定位 [航空] visual fix; 目...
  1. As to how to exert learning assessment successfully, this article has some probes, and attempts to form a learning assessment system. this system advocates collaboration between teachers and students, attaches importance to testing, daily assessment, science explorations ’ portfolio assessment and science experiments ’ authentic assessment, and guides students to assess themselves. to sum up, this system requires its ideal, objective, measures and results be “ appreciated ” and be received by all students

    基於以上研究,本文制定了相應的具有可操作性的學業評定標準,並對學業評定如何實施進行了有益的探索,認為當前亟需構建一個強調師生合作,重考試(書面測試) 、日常評定、科學探究的檔案袋評定以及科學實驗的表現性評定相結合,學生開展自我評定和同伴評定的學業評定體系,這一體系強調學業評定的理念、標、方法和結果必須被學生所真正「欣賞」和接受。
  2. In the family of precisely guided weapons, tv - guided weapon system is one of the widely used precise guided weapons. tv - guided weapon system is based on image processing, automatic control and information science. it extracts the location information of missile image from tv image, and guides the missile to attack the target

  3. This paper stated how surgical robot uses binocular vision system to get three - dimensional position and orientation of the laryngoscope through gathering the three - dimensional coordinates of three marked points on the laryngoscope, and then the research of cmera calibration experiment and vision guidance experiment before the animal operation were done

  4. The aim of this study is to draw wide attention from the society so that the public and the architectural profession will be guided and regulated by law, ethic education and self control to avoid the waste of resources due to duplicated construction or damage to environment for short - term interest. the win - win situation for tourism economical development and landscape resource protection finally will be realized

  5. Combine the ads with programming itself, like the fashion -, music - and skin - filled shows on mtv, and you ' ve got a barrage of messages telling kids what they should own if they want to fit in

    再加上有些電,如集時裝音樂和化妝於一體的mtv ,鋪天蓋地地傳出信息孩子們應該擁有什麼才算跟上潮流。
  6. Based on the background of the " ten - five " technology project , we introduced the last development of helicopter ' s landing devices and optolelectronic guiding equipments. this paper describes the study of beacons - based algorithms of ccd tv sensor, discusses the imaging processing, design the infrared vision - enhanced system

  7. When carrying out aids knowledge publicity with this group, performers should pay special attention to the popularization of std knowledge, guide their standard behavior of seeing a doctor

  8. Enlightened from the traditional countryside environment, guided by the ideas of " sustainable development " and " based on people ", according to the principles of landscape ecology and system engineering, through analyzing and researching the patterns of landscape ecology, green - open - space system, vision - space qualities, local history and culture, mountains and rivers aesthetic artistry. and as far as the basic characteristics and existing problems of small towns in the south of yangtze river is considered, this paper puts forward some possible planning ways for dwelling regions, roads, waterscape and plants which can fully embody the characteristics of the south of yangtze river. and tries to build a kind of ecological environment in the regions of rivers and lakes in the south of yangtze river, and hopes it can guide the landscape development, strengthen individual character, realize the aims of landscape planning for small towns

  9. And so here we have thousands of companies, not just computer companies, but cable tv channel companies or textbook publishing companies, or companies that print mail - order catalogues, all trying to use the cd to come up with a way that they can work their application using this new breakthrough

  10. With the development of the technology of the computer stereovision, the binocular stereo sensor has applied in field of industry detection, object identification, robot automatic guidance, navigation etc. with the appearance of new opto - electronic scanning technique, automatic technique, highspeed data processing technique and more effective algorithm, the binocular stereo ranging method has new headway and application the contents are arranged as following

  11. With the study on the following aspects : teaching aim, program pattern, study extent, level of self - awareness, the dissertation conducts multi - dimensional new sorting experiment on the employment of study - learning in classroom teaching, based on which three classroom teaching modes, which are leading - study, self - awareness - study and case study, become the focus of research

    文中首先從「教學標」 、 「活動方式」 、 「探究程度」 、 「自主程度」等角度,對課堂教學中研究性學習的實踐進行了多維的新分類嘗試。作者認為,高中化學課堂教學實施研究性學習的各種模式中,當前最值得重和推廣的有「?探究」 、 「自主?探究」 、 「案例?研究」三種課堂教學模式。
  12. Spell. must follow a lead attack. target foe becomes crippled for 5. . 17 seconds. mantis touch counts as an off - hand attack

    咒文魔法。必須接續在攻擊之後,使標敵人遭受殘廢病癥( 5 ~ 17 )秒。此技能可為即刻攻擊使用。
  13. Specifically, four issues were addressed in this annotated bibliograpy : ( 1 ) a theoretical framework for the processes of skilled movements ; ( 2 ) the effects of task goal on visually guided hand movements ; ( 3 ) the influences of object - related factors ; and ( 4 ) implications of this body of research for stroke rehabilitation

    本文強調四大議題: ( 1 )提供技巧性動作生成過程之理論架構; ( 2 )解析活動之標性對下之手部激活的效應; ( 3 )註解特質特性對上肢動作之影響; ( 4 )探討此類知識與研究體系對中風復健的啟示。
  14. This paper takes projects of province and city for tackling key problem as research background and applied vision control method to guide turbine blade repairing robot arm

  15. The aims of the project are : to increase public knowledge and concern for cvi, to raise the understanding of parents and professionals, to provide conductive education which combines visual and motor training

  16. Chapter five puts forward the procedure and general tactics of brand establishing of smes in nanhai : the goals of brand establishing, brand position and design, brand propagation, etc. chapter six puts forward some concrete tactics of brand establishing of smes in nanhai : to strengthen policy guides, to improve brand consciousness, to select flexible brand establishing patterns, to do the enterprise ' s own management well, to pursue innovation and pay attention to talent ' s construction, etc. chapter seven discusses the maintenance of the brand of smes in nanhai at later stage from two major angles including law and management

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  18. According to the model of goal - setting and task performance, the effective method is to attach importance to the goal specificities and to lead students to set specific goals

  19. However, there are many problems in the process of marketing, such as adrift of research and development ; adrift of marketing and sales ; mixing of sales and service ; bad match of risk system and the marketing system ; the vagueness of market target and lacking of client - oriented spirit

  20. Result : the occlude and the implantating device were examined by the chinese physic and biological products inspection bureau. the conclusion was that the products are both met the standard of the q / scgl1 - 2000. forty - eight occludes were successfully implanted into the bronchi of all the dogs