水上人家 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shuǐshàngrénjiā]
水上人家 英文
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  • : 上名詞[語言學] (指上聲) falling-rising tone
  • 水上 : water; overwater; water borne; aquatic水上芭蕾 water ballet; aquathenics; 水上城市 aquapolis; 水...
  1. Our company took the lead in establishing a factory specialinzing in producing inflatable models and balloons in 1995. for the last 10 years, with great support and concern from all circles of society and by a common effort of our staff, the enterprise isadvancing in agreat stride, to be the biggest prodution center in china for producing inflatable models and balloons, with a activeties scope from production, marketing, design and research. the company has full range of products, such as : inflatable models and balloons made by pe, pvc complex film, nylon cloth, oxford, reinforced oxford, euphotic oxford, and also inflatable toys. pop commericials, and swimming articles, etc. the company also has a strong technical force : all the products with a unique creative idea, carefully selected materials, vivid and vast sculpt, also can be equipped with computer controlled lighting and sounding system. the lighteing inflatable model is the first in china and has obtainde a patent. the inflatable products, which have a spectacular and impressive visual effect, can be put on advertisement, celebration ceremony, and business activities, giving a commercial culture atmosphere into the citys sight. they are the best choice of advertisers and business people with insight

    本公司於1995年在國內率先創建氣模氣球生產專業廠,十年來,在社會各界關心支持和全體員工共同努力下,企業發展突飛猛進,現已成為集生產銷售設計科研為一體的國內同行業最大企業,成為國內最大的氣球氣模生產基地。產品品種全: pe pvc復合膜尼布牛津布增強牛津布透光牛津布等材料的氣球氣模,以及充氣兒童玩具pop廣告物泳具等產品應有盡有發光氣模等多項產品屬國內首創並獲專利,其產品一旦充而擴之,投放于廣告慶典商務活動,視覺效果巍為壯觀十分搶眼,不僅為都市空間增添了一道亮麗的商業文化景線,更為現代廣告慧眼所識。
  2. You can also spend your weekend onboard our luxurious one or two - bedroom houseboats

  3. I had a bottle of pure water in my bag, which i had placed on the luggage rack above the seats. i asked the young mother if she wanted some water, thinking that i would get it only if she did

  4. Ole missis, she tole me i got to go an git dis water an not stop foolin roun wid anybody

  5. There was a big fireplace that was bricked on the bottom, and the bricks was kept clean and red by pouring water on them and scrubbing them with another brick ; sometimes they wash them over with red water - paint that they call spanish - brown, same as they do in town

  6. In a town, he thought every second person a decoy, and every third house a place in which seamen would be drugged and murdered.

  7. From miraculous lizards that walk on water to super swift sharks, this programme counts down the top ten most extreme speed freaks in the animal world, and compares them to human attempts to race their way into the record books

    包括有稱入能游,出能跳的蜥蜴仔, ?會一顯飄的看本令,而手長腳長的鴕鳥先生為顯其極速本能,決定跟私車來一場賽跑,看看誰是贏
  8. Bangkok - grand palace - emerald buddha - floating market - gems factory - cabaret show

  9. I was fascinated with the fishermen s customs, beliefs and their hardship of life at sea

  10. After breakfast, this morning were begin to the highlight of this field trip will be the leisure boat cruise along chaktomouk river

    本日早乘船暢游chaktomouk river ,兩岸風景怡,並可欣賞當地水上人家獨特的居住文化。
  11. Morning boat excursion along bangkok s famous klongs canals. explore the damnern seduak floating market, known as " venice of the east "

  12. In the afternoon , we will take a cruise tour travel to the largest freshwater lake in southeast asia - tonle sap lake

  13. The main post offices are on hong kong island, next to the " star " ferry in central, and at 10 middle road, tsim sha tsui in kowloon. enquiries : 852 2921 2222. mobile services

  14. Tam kung, a deity familiar almost exclusively to hong kong people, is another patron saint of fishermen and boat people, thanks to his reputation for accurately forecasting the weather

  15. The origin of the tin hau temple in causeway bay probably dates back even further - it began life as a shelter for a statue of the goddess of the sea, tin hau, and became popular with local boat people

  16. Bangkok - floating market - grand palace - emerald buddha temple - city tour b, l, d during the morning, visit grand palace and emerald buddha temple. then, ride a long tail boat to floating market

  17. The annual average temperature is 8. 6 c ~ 10. 7 c, and the annual average rainfall is 538 ~ 578mm, and the summit appears in july and august, the rainfall in the period of flood accounted for 70 % of the total. we had collected the algae of niangziguan stream for five times in 2002 - 2003

    我們於2002 ? 2003年間對娘子關泉域的藻類植物進行了5次採集,採集地點主要集中在滾泉、簾洞泉、水上人家泉、五龍泉和平陽湖,共採得藻類植物標本105號。
  18. And the number of charophyta and rhodophyta is less, rich in wulongquan, and none or less in other sites. from the sampling sites distribution of macroalgae in niangziguan, macroalgae species is the most in wulongquan, 30 species, accounting for 48 % of the total. the next is gunquan, 27 species, accounting for 44 %, the third is shuiliandong, 23 species, accounting for 37 %, and pingyanghu 21 species, accounting for 34 %, the last is shuishangrenjia, 17 species, only accounting for 27 %

    從娘子關泉域大型藻類植物在各採集點的分佈看,五龍泉大型藻類種數最多,為30種,占總種數的48 ,其次是滾泉為27種,占總種數的44 ,第三是簾洞泉,為23種,占總種數的37 ,第四是平陽湖,種數為21種,占總種數的34 ,水上人家泉的種數最少,為17種,僅占種數27 。
  19. Ft. of residential land. those villages that were affected included lee uk, chow uk, man uk, sha tsui, lan lai wan, ko tong, ha yeung, uk tau village, pak tam chung and pak tam au. roughly speaking, there were about 50 families living in these villages. about 300 to 400 people were resettled in sai kung town, where blocks of 5 - storey houses were built for this purpose. approximately 20 to 30 families of boat people affected, however, were resettled on land

    1萬平方尺建築地,直接受影響的村落分別有李屋、周屋、萬屋、沙咀、爛泥灣等,估計居民約有50餘戶,口至少有400 ,其中的300至400名居民被遷往西貢墟新建五層樓宇,被遷移岸的水上人家約有20至30戶,其他受波及的村落包括高塘、下洋、屋頭村、北潭涌、北潭坳等地。
  20. Aberdeen harbour is home to hundreds of people living on fishing junks. their traditional lifestyle is dramatically juxtaposed against a modern high - rise community spread over the nearby hillsides. in the evenings, the thousands of twinkling lights reflected on the water are a magical sight