耗煤率 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [hàoméi]
耗煤率 英文
coal consumption
  • : Ⅰ動1 (減損; 消耗) consume; cost 2 [方言] (拖延) waste time; dawdle Ⅱ名詞1 (壞的音信或消息) ...
  • : 名詞(黑色固體礦物) coal
  • : 率名詞(比值) rate; ratio; proportion
  1. The element release rates under different reburn condition have been discussed. in order to determinate the combustion and burn out characteristics of the reburn fuel, the combustion experiments of the collected ash samples have been carried out in a thermal gravimetric analyzer

    發現在反應時間小於0 . 2秒時,中各元素具有較高的消;在反應時間超過0 . 2秒后,各元素的消下降。
  2. The equilibrium working temperature of the gasifier and the composition of the outlet syngas ( short for synthesis gas ) at this temperature were calculated by solving the chemical equilibrium and the energy equilibrium equations. the analysis was used to study the effect of gasifying agent mixture ratio on the outlet syngas composition, the cold gas efficiency, the thermal efficiency and the exergy efficiency. the optimum o2 / coal ratio was found for a reasonable vapor / coal ratio ( the vapor / coal ratio had little effect on the efficiencies ) for various kinds of coal to maximum the thermal efficiency and the exergy efficiency

  3. Abstract : igct is a kind of new ideal medium - voltage and high power semiconductor switching device. it has the advantages of high voltage, high current, low conducting loss, high switching frequency and easy sevies connection. therefore it is suitable for medium - voltage inverters with wide application prospects in the mine

    文摘: igct是一種新的理想的中壓大功半導體開關器件,它具有高電壓、大電流、低導通損、高開關頻、易於串聯優點,因此適用於中壓變頻,在礦具有廣泛的應用前景。
  4. The methods for the calculation of the efficiency, unit heat consumption and unit coal consumption of tunnel dryer annular kiln system

    隧道式乾燥室? ?輪窯體系熱效單位熱單位計算方法
  5. The factors that contribute to the boiler efficiency are used as the inputs of the model, and economic parameters such as the boiler efficiency and the coal consumption of electricity are used as outputs

  6. The vary of the parameter of the steam ). the software provide function of " alert " if some parameters exceed the range of permission, and this may urge the operator to adjust operation condition and put right. meanwhile, this may promise the units under the conditions of optimization, and achieve lower net coal consumption rate of thermal power plant and higher generation efficiency

  7. Diagrams for example coal consumption and thermal efficiency in the light of online calculation presented by a software about boiler economic performance optimization developed with the tools visual c + + give you quick analysis and visualized judgment for boiler under different working conditions

    ( 3 )用visualc + +開發工具對鍋爐經濟性能優化軟體進行了開發。根據現場運行提供的數據,通過計算,圖表顯示、鍋爐效等參數的特性曲線;快速直觀的分析、判斷不同運行工況下鍋爐的可靠性與經濟性。
  8. First, the use producer gas generator may enhance the thermal efficiency, also the coal burning full, may reduce the energy to disappear, with direct coal - burning, may reduce disappears 20 - 40otranslation

    首先,使用氣發生爐可以提高效,且燃燒充分,可降低能源消,與直接燃相比,可降低消20 - 40 。
  9. In order to solve the shortcoming of traditional explosion w ; dge - shaped excavation in da ' anshan mine, improve the rate of excavation and reduce the consumption of explosive materials, a series of excavation shapes are applied and experimented in the rock tunnel excavate

  10. Development on ispg can not only fulfill the potential of power supply equipments and reduce wastages of electric power to the aim of saving energy and enhancing economic benefits of enterprises, but also benefit the whole society. it also helps to save resources that are not recyclable, such as coal. moreover, our country can reduce investment to build power plants, and so on

  11. The expansion and strength of middle strength superplasticized expansive concrete develop more coordinately. fa reduces the early strength of middle strength superplasticized expansive concrete, and this make more expansion become invalid when the concrete is in plastic state

  12. These results can be used as a reference for optimization of polygeneration systems. the syngas generated from coal needs shifting reaction to adjust h2 / co ratio to fit the methanol synthesis requirement

  13. Through reforming in steady flow unit of sludge pit feeding, the work efficiency was lifted, the slime amount fed in floatation system was reduced. the consumption was dropped and the enterprise economic benefit increased under the premise of finishing all technology target

  14. The following specific goals are expected to reach under the sustained energy development strategy : energy consumption of per unit gnp will be reduced by 20 % on the level of the end of the 10th five - year plan ; primary energy demand will be less than 2. 5 billion tons of standard coal by 2020, saving 0. 8 billion tons ; coal consumption ratio is controlled under 60 %, renewable energy utilization reaches 525 million standard coal ( power generation by renewable energy stands at 100 million kilowatt ) ; oil importing reliance is controlled under around 60 % ; the reduction rate of main pollutants is 45 % - - 60 %

    通過實行可持續發展的能源戰略,有望達到如下理想目標:單位國內生產總值能源消比「十五」期末降低20左右;到2020年一次能源需求少於25億噸標準,節能達到8億噸標準炭消費比例控制在60左右,可再生能源利用達到5 . 25億標準(其中可再生能源發電達到1億千瓦) ;石油進口依存度控制在60左右;主要污染物的削減為45 ? 60 。
  15. The main functions of the software include the conditions monitoring of the units and the performance analysis on line, for example, the calculation of the net coal consumption rate of thermal power plants, the net coal consumption rate of power supply, the efficiency of boiler, the efficiency of turbine and other significant index

  16. The problem of incomplete combustion in boilers has been solved by using the methods of coal wetting and installation of different - coal layer - burning device, with a result of lower coal consumption and higher thermal efficiency

  17. After the modification, the characteristic of outlet water of the spray nozzle is changed and the outlet temperature of the cooling water from the spray nozzle is decreased. as a result, the coal consumption is reduced and the efficiency of the steam turbine is better

  18. The performance model and the online fuel consumption curve of boiler - turbine unit are the basis for load optimal distribution. the improved equal incremental principle and linear programming are adopted in plant online load optimal distribution system. the plant online load optimal distribution software is developed with the support of visual basic 6. 0, and is used in two power plants as example

    通過建立各單元機組的性能模型,並在線確定機組的特性曲線,從而為實現負荷最優分配提供了可靠的依據;負荷分配演算法採用了等微增原理和線性規劃方法,並對現有演算法進行了改進;藉助visualbasic6 . 0開發了通用性較好的軟體,並結合兩個實例就軟體分配計算結果的經濟性進行了分析和評估,結果表明,該軟體計算得到的負荷分配方案經濟、可行,具有良好的應用前景。
  19. An equivalent amount of coal - fired capacity would cost around $ 2. 3 billion so, adding in the environmental benefits, the project seems worth examining

  20. The performance of the all - sided technology transformation has very important significance on reducing the generating units coal consumption, increasing the generating units efficiency and prolonging the generating units life