皂化了的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zàohuàde]
皂化了的 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(黑色) blackⅡ名詞1. (差役)menial servant; yamen runner2. (肥皂) soap
  • : 了助詞1. (用在動詞或形容詞后, 表示動作或變化已經完成) 2. (用在句子的末尾或句中停頓處, 表示變化, 表示出現新的情況, 表示催促或勸止)
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  1. Encapsulated tetradecane and paraffin wax particles were prepared by complex coacervation as well as emulsifier - free emulsion polymerization

    通過復凝聚法、無乳液聚合法等微膠囊方法,制得十四烷、 20石蠟等低溫相變材料微膠囊。
  2. We introduce the research progress about functional components in lily such as lily - polysaccharide, lily - brownii, colchicum autumnale, phenolic compounds acylglycerol, phospholipids, mineral element, lily dietary fiber, especially its elements and structure, physical and chemical characteristics, and its physiology and pharmacody function

  3. Even at that time, scholars and interested businessmen - from soap - makers to pharmaceutical manufacturers - would have lost track of advances in research without such regular reporting. nowadays, the fiz offers its bibliographic services not only in printed form but also over the internet and on cd - rom

    正是透過這份雜志,學者們和有意思知道情況商界人士,不管他們是來自肥生?企業還是來自製藥行業,才可以及時解得到研究領域進展。在今天,柏林學研究資訊中心提供同類文獻服務除紙張形式外,還使用網際網路和cd - rom
  4. Having set the halffilled kettle on the now burning coals, why did he return to the stillflowing tap ? to wash his soiled hands with a partially consumed tablet of barrington s lemonflavoured soap, to which paper still adhered bought thirteen hours previously for fourpence and still unpaid for, in fresh cold neverchanging everchanging water and dry them, face and hands, in a long redbordered holland cloth passed over a wooden revolving roller

  5. He foresaw his pale body reclined in it at full, naked, in a womb of warmth, oiled by scented melting soap, softly laved

  6. Martin, after a few instructions, sorted the great heaps of soiled clothes, while joe started the masher and made up fresh supplies of soft - soap, compounded of biting chemicals that compelled him to swathe his mouth and nostrils and eyes in bath - towels till he resembled a mummy

  7. Ovine suet was used as main stuff and made into soap by means of purification, saponification, salting out etc

  8. This paper mainly discusses the source and chemical components of the oil - tea - cake, as well as the way and important value of its comprehensive utillization. we can extract tea oil and tea saponin, make acid picking buffer - corrodent, active carbon and protein feed from the oil - tea - cake. the producing methods and practical use of these products are presented

  9. We had acted as marketing agent for a lot of consumer products giants in promoting disposable diapers, toilet soaps, shampoo toothpaste, cosmetic, food stuffs etc. otc has been acting as a bridge between the local consumers and the suppliers from all over the world on good quality products

  10. The influence of monomer mass ratio, reaction temperature, reaction time, emulsifying agent content and mixing speed on polycarboxylic acid type waterproofing agent were studied in this article

  11. Based on the optimal operation problem of flood control for multi - reservoir such as jiangya, zaoshi and yichongqiao reservoirs on the lishui river, a hierarchical model for optimal flood dispatching of multi - reservoir system, which includes a flood routing model and a discrete differential dynamic program model for the optimal flood dispatching of reservoir sub - system, is established : then a new decomposition - coordination algorithm is put forward

  12. The diameter of pn of lermulsion increases with the increasing of sapomn and it is observed through tem that the water phase drop also becomes bndr. ( 2ap uvmi absorption of formulsion changes when the quanty of cosum and the quantity of normal hexanl changes, wtheh indicatcs tha the changes influence the electron clound of benzene and thexyl

    ( 2 )紫外光譜分析表明,隨hhophg度和助表面活性劑正己醇用量改變,微乳液中hhophg紫外吸收峰位置和強度發生變,表明在微乳液形成過程中, hhophg苯環和竣基上電子云密度發生
  13. In this paper, 1, 1 - diacetate was synthesized from furfural and acetic anhydride by acidic bentonite friendly to environment as catalyst with excellent yield ( 87. 6 % )

    摘要利用對環境友好酸性土做催劑,糠醛與乙酸酐發生縮合反應合成1 , 1 -二乙酸酯,產率高達86 . 6 % 。
  14. Smells caused from the burning of cyclohexane saponification waste alkali liquor in the cyclohexanone production and fouling of the evaporator are analyzed

  15. The fitness of four negative electrode materials such as al, fe, zn, cd, and of six membranes materials : microfiber glass mat separator, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, vinylon, soapnated cellulose acetate, and of four current collects : carbon fiber ; nickel foam ; nickel foam sthongthened by iron wire net, punched silver grid in the super - iron alkaline batteries was comparatively studied. the influence of two storaged method ( with and without electrolyte ) and two impurities ( zno, fe ( oh ) 3 ) to the experiment cell ' s self - discharge nature was also comparatively studied. at last, the nature of discharge. structure and electrochemistry of experimental cell with k2feo4 as cathode active material prepared by three different methods : high temperature reaction, hypochlorite oxidizing and electrolysis, was comparative ly studied. we can conclude : i ) the open - circuit potential and the flat of work potential and the percent of capacity of k2feo4 till 1. 0v during the discharge at constant load of experimental cells decreased by the order of al / k2feo4, zn / k2feo4, cd / k2feo4, fe / k2feo4. as for the nature of charge - discharge cycle, cd / k2feo4 fe / k2feo4 zn / k2feo4. in water solute electrolyte, although al / k2feo4 can n ' t be used as storage battery, it have great potential as primary cell or storage cell from the aspect of its discharge capacity. discharge power

    採用組裝實驗電池、 x -射線衍射( xrd )和循環伏安( cv )方法,從實驗電池放電特性、充放電循環特性、自放電特性,不同高鐵酸鹽結構特性和電學特性幾個方面,對4種金屬負極材料( al 、 fe 、 zn 、 cd ) 、 6種隔膜材料(復合玻璃纖維、幅射接枝聚乙烯、改性聚丙烯、聚氯乙烯、維尼綸無紡布、再生纖維素) 、 4種集流體材料(泡沫鎳、以鐵網為加強層泡沫鎳、切拉銀網、炭纖維編織網)在堿性高鐵電池中適用性進行比較研究;對2種雜質組分( zno 、 fe ( oh ) _ 3 )和2類不同貯存方式(干、濕)對實驗電池自放電特性影響進行比較研究;對3種方法(高溫固相反應、次氯酸鹽氧、直流電解)所制k _ 2feo _ 4實驗電池放電特性、結構特性和電學性能進行比較研究。
  16. The structural identification of natural products by using uv spectrometry was reviewed including flavones, anthrquinone, saponins, and coumarin

  17. Wind - evil and remove wetness - evil. the first part of the dissertation surveyed the chemical researches on plants of anemone and chemical structure, extraction, researches on triterpenoid saponins of anemone plants

  18. The growth circle and some physiology - biochemical indexes were illustrated. as the same time, the tendencies of flavonids, saponins and tea - polyphenols during growth circle are analysed. the paper provides scientific and experimental basis for cell culture and secondary metabolism matters yield

  19. How to make the saponification slag profit us ? according to saponification slag is one kind of substandard lime, in this research, i use saponification slag to stabilize granule soil instead of lime. the intensity, rigidity, water stability, anti - scouring, shrinkage index of saponification slag stabilization is the same as the index of lime stabilization

  20. Ln 200l, olive company brought the new brand - - - sias in china, which has characteristics of indian culture and shower foam and soap. it causes great repercussions in household necessities industry in a relative short time, sias have been anown quickly its occupation of market share has greatly risen

    2001年,奧妮妝品有限公司在中國市場推出具有印度異域文特色新品牌? ?西亞斯,其產品載體為沐浴露和香,在中國日行業引起很大反響。