無跡性 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xìng]
無跡性 英文
  • : 無Ⅰ動詞(沒有) not have; there is not; be without Ⅱ名詞1 (沒有) nothing; nil 2 (姓氏) a surn...
  • : 名詞1 (留下的印子; 痕跡) mark; trace 2 (前人遺留的建築或器物等) remains; ruins; vestige 3 (...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  1. To improve the rising - falling character and the walking stability of the hexapod robot, on the basis of its kinematics analysis, thin paper presents its fact trajectory planning on the flat ground without obstacles

  2. That i ought to consider i had been fed even by miracle, even as great as that of feeding elijah by ravens ; nay, by a long series of miracles, and that i could hardly have nam d a place in the unhabitable part of the world where i could have been cast more to my advantage : a place, where as i had no society, which was my affliction on one hand, so i found no ravenous beast, no furious wolves or tygers to threaten my life, no venomous creatures or poisonous, which i might feed on to my hurt, no savages to murther and devour me

  3. The important factors to bring on the problems in mental health were the puerility of thinking, the short of life experience, the marks of bygone life, the simplicity, asthenia of education

  4. After this season of congealed dampness came a spell of dry frost, when strange birds from behind the north pole began to arrive silently on the upland of flintcomb - ash ; gaunt spectral creatures with tragical eyes - eyes which had witnessed scenes of cataclysmal horror in inaccessible polar regions of a magnitude such as no human being had ever conceived, in curdling temperatures that no man could endure ; which had beheld the crash of icebergs and the slide of snow hills by the shooting light of the aurora ; been half blinded by the whirl of colossal storms and terraqueous distortions ; and retained the expression of feature that such scenes had engendered

  5. A slot was cut in the back plate of the double - foil shield to improve the flow field with air diversion method. the flow field and droplets trajectory near the shield are simulated in wind tunnel by fluent software to analyze the wake flow affecting the spray drift. from simulation, the improved shield spray in reducing drift is better than double - foil shield spray and conventional spray in six types of wind velocity

  6. Based on plenty of domestic and overseas documentation and accurate data about social security, this thesis utilizes a number of research methods, such as analysis, induction, assumption, comparison and historical materialism, etc. in expounding the significance and methods of building up the legal system of china ’ s rural social security in an all - round way from the following four aspects of expatiating on the fundamental issues of social security and the evolution track of china ’ s rural social security, exploring the social and historical rootstock resulting in the long - term predicament encountered by china ’ s rural social security, analyzing the so - called social security function of rural land, demonstrating the significance and routes of building the legal system of china ’ s minimum living security and social endowment insurance for rural residents, so as to reveal that the social and historical rootstock resulting in the long - term predicament encountered by china ’ s rural social security lies in the long - term social structure system of compartmentation between urban and rural areas, which is typically characterized by attaching more importance to industry than to agriculture, drawing profits from agriculture to accelerate industry ’ s development, by studying historically the predicament encountered by china ’ s rural social security, to disclose the serious reality that currently most of farmers lack social security and indicate the great significance of building up the legal system of china ’ s rural social security by refuting the argument that rural land can provide social security function, to clarify the necessity and feasibility of constructing the legal

  7. Abstract : in the field of optical wireless links, concentrators that are designed by the tools of nonimaging optics can be used to collect the light radiation and are more compact and have higher collection efficiencies than imaging concentrators. hemispherical concentrators are studied by ray tracing, then for several normal nonimaging concentrators : hemispherical concentrators, compound parabolic concentrators ( cpc ), dielectric totally internally reflecting concentrators ( dtirc ), simultaneous multiple surfaces concentrators ( sms ) and inhomogeneous media concentrators ( poisson bracket ), the design methods and the performances e. g. the gain and the field of view ( fov ) are compared as well as the application suggestion

  8. Moreover, the language of this book is understood by all ; the alpes and the peaks of the five elders, 昂 ot to mention the ordinary yellow of the yellow wheat, the ordinary lilly of the lillies, the ordinary green of the green grass, growing on the same earth, moving with the same harmonic wind ? the symbols they use should ever be the same, their meaning ever clear, only if you don ' t let your soul become callous, your eyes get blind, your ears get deaf, this invisible, highest knowledge will be yours forever, this free of charge, most precious remedy will be yours to use forever : as long as you understand this book, your lonely times on this world won ' t be lonely, miserable times won ' t be miserable, you ' ll find comfort when distressed, encouragement when you fall, an instructor when you ' re weak, a compass when you ' re lost

    並且這書上的文字是人人懂得的;阿爾帕斯與五老峰,雪西里與普陀山,萊茵河與揚子江,梨夢湖與西子湖,建蘭與瓊花,杭州西溪的蘆雪與威尼市夕照的紅潮,百靈與夜鶯,更不提一般黃的黃麥,一般紫的紫藤,一般青的青草同在大地上生長,同在和風中波動- -他們應用的符號是永遠一致的,他們的意義是永遠明顯的,只要你自己靈上不長瘡瘢,眼不盲,耳不塞,這的最高等教育便永遠是你的名全,這不取費的最珍貴的補劑便永遠供你的受用:只要你認識了這一部書,你在這世界上寂寞時便不寂寞,窮困時不窮困,苦惱時有安慰,挫折時有鼓勵,軟弱時有督責,迷失時有南針。
  9. On basis of fractal theory and the principle of fractional brownian motion, this paper puts emphasis on the following parts : firstly, the determination of fractal non - scale range on calculate fractional dimension is discussed, which adopts method associated artificial cognition with track decision. secondly, primeval data are segmented into blocks to evaluate their sub - fractional dimensions. in this process, the maximal value of sub - fractional dimensions in different directions is prioritized

    本文利用分形幾何理論與分形布朗運動原理,重點研究和分析了以下的幾個問題:分形維數計算時標度區的確定,使用了人工法與軌法相結合的方法;對原始數據進行分塊分別計算其子分形維數,考慮了實際地形特徵的方向,計算得到的子維數為局部的最大坡度方向上的方向維數;改進了傳統的隨機中點移位( rmd )內插技術,使用不同的插值比系數進行插值。
  10. This method includes two kinds of observation data for the correlation rule, hence resulting in enhanced spatial resolving capability. weighted track fusion with cep as weight is proposed. this method has less calculation and notable result

  11. Approaches of immune computing, namely the aine model for unsupervised learning, airs model for supervised learning and the improved model of negative selection algorithm are exploited in an integrated way

    綜合運用aine監督學習模型、 airs有監督學習模型和文中給出的陰選擇演算法改進模型,提出了基於免疫計算的機構軌綜合方法。
  12. Design the optimal climb trajectory of the attack uav in the vertical plane using nonlinear programming. the calculation result states that the final altitude predetermined can be climbed fast and there are beter the profit in performance according to the climbing trajectory optimized

  13. Depending on how the ground surface is denuded, the feature of the current crustal stress field and rock stress environment can be calculated analyzing the result in this paper : by analyzing the recovering feature of the elastic deformation of the rockmass in unload - stage under various pressures, it has been found there is close relationship between the recovering degree of the elastic deformation of the rockmass and the unloading degree of the pressure the direction of the major principal stress in the crustal stress field is not consistent with the direction of the crushing stress regional tectonics borne during the last tectonic movement. the evolving degree of the regional geomorphology evidently affects the current crustal stress field, which changes from the self - weight stress field to the horizontal stress field, with the changing of the eroding degree of the regional geomorphology ranging from valley area to hilly country to flat country. in valley area, where there is two stress belts, the bankslope s tress belt and the self - weight stress belt within the mountain. the direction of the major principal stress is nearly parallel to the ground surface and inclines towards the valley in the bankslope stress belt. it is nearly vertical in the self - weight stress belt

  14. No matter what kind of mental ability we have, what kind of disposition we re in, whatever we do is registered in our subconscious mind and it will never, never, fade away, unless treated by spiritual power, unless you erase it from inside of the subconscious mind

  15. Since ir images possess the characteristics such as pure data and plain, it can be operated in computer and produce dynamic images to simulate the features of the infrared as well as its movement contrail

  16. To make pic ( particl - in - cell ) simulations. to set up models of guns and magnetic field and simulate them in the vacuum and plasma, respectively. we found that plasma held back part of space charge effects and improved trajectory of electrons. but beam would oscillate and became instable as accretion of plasma density. by simulating again and again, we draw a conclusion magic could n ' t work when plasma density was more by far than beam electron density. at last a four - stage depressed collector was simulated

  17. In chapter 2 the characteristic of microwave in the plasma is introduced. it details the theories and conditions of microwave which is transmitting, reflecting, refracting and cut - off of in the plasma

  18. As a result, we are not only unable to obtain the optimal prediction in general cases but incapable of finding the necessary and sufficient conditions as well. considering linear and o - linear predictable variables, the author investigates optimal prediction problems by the trace of matrix. a few necessary conditions are derived and accordingly optimal linear and optimal o - linear unbiased predictors, which are unique with probabitity one, are obtained respectively by the author

  19. But saints in slime - ah, that was the everlasting wonder ! that was what made life worth while. to see moral grandeur rising out of cesspools of iniquity ; to rise himself and first glimpse beauty, faint and far, through mud - dripping eyes ; to see out of weakness, and frailty, and viciousness, and all abysmal brutishness, arising strength, and truth, and high spiritual endowment -

  20. Her most challenging novel, changhen ge ( song of everlasting sorrow, 1996 ), is a beautifully written transhistorical epic tracing the trials and tribulations of a former shanghai beauty pageant winner from the 1940s to the present

    她的最有挑戰的作品, 《長恨歌》 (盡悲傷之歌, 1996 ) ,是一部優美的、超越歷史足的往事之歌,是從40年代至今,一位早期上海叱吒風雲人物的苦難。