binding cost 中文意思是什麼

binding cost 解釋
  • binding : adj 1 縛[捆、綁]…的;黏合的;系連的,連結的。2 有束縛力的,有拘束力的,附有義務的。3 〈口語〉引起...
  • cost : n 1 費用;代價,價格;成本。2 犧牲;損害,損失。3 〈pl 〉訟費。vt (cost; cost)1 值,要價(苦幹...
  1. At the beginning of fiscal 1999, the company made economic value added ( eva ) the binding target and control metric for all its business activities. profitability is measured exclusively in terms of a business s or a group s ability to generate returns exceeding the cost of capital

    從1999財年開始,公司開始引入經濟增加值( eva )概念,作為所有業務活動的硬性衡量指標和控制標準,利潤率必須是以某項業務或某個集團在扣除資本成本后獲取的收益能力來計算。
  2. On the basis of comprehensive analysis for recent research status of computer - aided tolerancing both in and out of china, binding state natural science foundation of china ( " study on simultaneous design of blueprint tolerance and process tolerance ", no. 59575076 -, " study on computer aided tolerancing system " no. 59705022 and " design theory of integration tolerance based on geometrical product specifications " no. 50275136 ) and state natural science foundation of zhejiang ( " study on tolerance design system based on robustness and life circle cost " no. 500115 and " study on process tolerance design for capp " no. 502016 ), the methodology and technology of robust tolerance design for manufacture is studied

    本文在分析國內外計算機輔助公差設計技術的發展歷史和研究現狀的基礎上,結合國家自然科學基金項目「設計和製造(工序)公差并行優化設計的研究」 ( 59575076 ) 、 「綜合公差計算機輔助設計系統的研究」 ( 59705022 ) 、 「基於產品幾何技術規范的集成公差設計理論與方法」 ( 50275136 )以及浙江省自然科學基金項目「基於穩健性和全過程成本的公差設計系統( 500115 ) 」和「面向capp的工序公差設計研究( 502016 ) 」 ,系統地研究了面向製造的公差穩健設計方法與實現技術。
  3. However, there are still some weaknesses, such as a dim awareness of cost accountng, lack of effectiveness in cost containment, failure to form a binding mechanism, serious medical waste, and weak quality management

  4. The performance cost of relocation is even more pronounced if hard binding is employed

  5. The reasons are : the first, small and medium enterprises adopt low - cost strategy in the logistics, as a result, they could not make money, so when in the event of loss makes their mutual eroded ; the second, the legal system is not perfect and can not be binding contract speculative behavior ; the last, the existence of a large number of small and medium enterprises in the market logistics, the alternative of their partners is more

  6. Rhodium plating technology on palladium substrate was compared with the common technology on nickel substrate by man - made sweat corrosion test, coating binding force test and cost accounting