definitely superior 中文意思是什麼

definitely superior 解釋
  • definitely : adv. 1. 明確。2. 〈口語〉的確,一定。3. 〈有否定詞時〉決,絕對。
  • superior : adj (opp inferior)1 在上的,上部的,比…高的,上級的,高級的。2 優良的,上等的,優秀的。3 優勢的...
  1. She was such a superior girl, developing so definitely as an individual.

  2. Therefore, they started to follow a pure vegetarian diet and study materials related to the practice of the inner light and sound. during this time, they learned that a perfect master should accept no offerings, be full of mercy and love, be capable of elevating disciples to a superior level, have innumerable manifestation bodies, and definitely impart the " password " during the divine transmission