泰爾信 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tàiěrxìn]
泰爾信 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (平安; 安寧) safe; peaceful; calm 2 (傲慢) arrogant Ⅱ副詞(極; 最) extreme; most; t...
  • : [書面語]Ⅰ代詞1 (你) you 2 (如此; 這樣) like that; so 3 (那;這) that Ⅱ[形容詞后綴: 率爾而對 ...
  • 泰爾 : peter thiel
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  2. " send my letters under cover to my grandpapa, the earl of dexter, " said miss saltire ( who, by the way, was rather shabby )

    小姐(順便告訴你一聲,她穿得很寒酸)說道: 「你寫給我的,叫我祖父臺克斯脫勛爵轉給我得了。 」
  3. This world was not then so good as doctor pangloss believed it, neither was it so wicked as dant s thought it, since this man, who had nothing to expect from his comrade but the inheritance of his share of the prize - money, manifested so much sorrow when he saw him fall. fortunately, as we have said, edmond was only wounded, and with certain herbs gathered at certain seasons, and sold to the smugglers by the old sardinian women, the wound soon closed

  4. At least two independent groups as well as the ministry of information technology are currently localizing to tamil

  5. The french writer francois marie arouet ( pen name : voltaire ) was a tireless fighter for general enlightenment and against superstition and intolerance

  6. The northern nationalities in our country, including the nationalities of altai language family in northeastern and northwestern china, always believed in the original shamanism since ancient times

  7. Whether he believed on the rational grounds put before him by the freemason, or believed, as children do, through the intonations, the conviction, and the earnestness, of the masons words, the quiver in his voice that sometimes almost broke his utterance, or the gleaming old eyes that had grown old in that conviction, or the calm, the resolution, and the certainty of his destination, which were conspicuous in the whole personality of the old man, and struck pierre with particular force, beside his own abjectness and hopelessness, any way, with his whole soul he longed to believe, and believed and felt a joyful sense of soothing, of renewal, and of return to life

  8. Tolstoy reversed all preconceptions and in every reversal he overthrew the “ system ”, the “ machine ”, the externally ordained belief, the conventional behaviour in favor of unsystematic, impulsive life, of inward motivation and the solutions of independent thought

  9. Since it is on the market, aison have established a fair and mutual - benefit, friendly and close business relationship with australia, algeria, mauritius, kuwait, thailand, south korea, austria, finland, germany, greece, spain, russia and so on

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  11. Shenzhen fertile technology company limited is engaged in management for semiconductor, the main product are : fuse, fast recovery rectifiers, schottky barrier rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, transient voltage suppressors, small signal transistor, and power transistor

  12. Meanwhile, with the development of wdm / dwdm communication systems, more and more attention is paid on the edfas with broader bandwidth, good gain and noise feature, and gain clamping, etc. according to the tianjin natural science foundation project : intelligent fiber amplifiers and light sources, the tianjin natural science foundation project : ( c + l ) broadband fiber amplifier and the nankai - delta ( tianjin ) project : development of gain flattened erbium - doped fiber amplifiers, this dissertation is mainly focused on the study of novel gain - clamped edfa, light sources, multi - wavelength fiber laser and variable optical attenuator for gain - clamped usage, gain and noise improvement of edfa, and broadband edfa

    Wdm / dwdm通系統的發展又需要edfa具有更大的帶寬、優良的增益和噪聲特性和增益控制等功能。基於上面的情況,並結合天津市重點基金項目? ?智能光纖放大器光源的研究、天津市重點基金項目? ? ( c + l )超寬帶摻雜光纖放大器和南開-達(天津)項目? ?開發增益平坦的摻鉺光纖放大器等課題,論文主要圍繞新型增益控制edfa 、增益控制用光源、多波長激光器及可調光衰減器、 edfa性能優化和超寬帶edfa等方面進行了理論和實驗研究。