點聚焦系統 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diǎnjiāotǒng]
點聚焦系統 英文
point focus system
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (液體的小滴) drop (of liquid) 2 (細小的痕跡) spot; dot; speck 3 (漢字的筆畫「、」)...
  • : 動詞(聚集; 聚積) assemble; gather; get together
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (物體受熱失去水分 呈現黃黑色並發硬、發脆) burnt; scorched; charred 2 (著急) worried;...
  • : 系動詞(打結; 扣) tie; fasten; do up; button up
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事物間連續的關系) interconnected system 2 (衣服等的筒狀部分) any tube shaped part of ...
  • 聚焦 : [物理學] (使光或電子束等聚集於一點) focus; focusing; concentrate
  • 系統 : 1. (按一定關系組成的同類事物) system 2. (有條理的;有系統的) systematic
  1. The feasibility and some advantages of employment of sil have been discussed. the numerical aperture are calculated when laser pulse is defocusing. in contrast with traditional microscopy objective, the employment of solid immersion lens can effectively increase the numerical aperture of the recording system ; thereby it can increase the volumetric density and decrease the demand of the incident laser power

  2. The novel vertical carrier - free linear cluster system phoebus for the economical deposition of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon light absorbers by pecvd ideally combines the strengths of proven vacuum production platforms to precisely focus on the needs of solar cell producers : process stability, productivity, yield, footprint, costs of ownership

    新的立式無載體線團」菲波斯」 ( phoebus ) ,以pecvd方法經濟地鍍膜無定形的和微晶硅吸光體,理想地結合各種證明可靠的真空生產平臺的優來精確的于滿足太陽能電池生產者的需求:工藝的穩定性,生產效率,合格產量率,佔地面積和擁有運營的總成本
  3. On the basis of current investigation of both the domestic and foreign and current level of development, and contraposing difficulties and keys of autofocusing and measurement, this paper brings forward system of autofocus and measurement based on techniques of image processing of ccd. this system possesses merits of fast speed, high precision, small bulk and large dynamic range. it is able to carry out needs of fast, accurate, large range autofocusing and requests of noncontact and online measurement of workpiece face runout

  4. Perhaps for such reasons, the term " prime focus " is increasingly being used in a more general manner : in systems in which there is only one place where there is a focuser - - where an image is formed and you can get at it with an eyepiece or some other equipment - - that location is called the " prime focus "

    可能出於這些原因, 「主」一詞正逐漸被人們以一種更寬泛的方式使用:在只有一個裝置的光學中,那個成像的、可以用目鏡或其他裝置攝取像的位置,就叫做「主」 。
  5. By the method of matrix optics, the waist width and imaging distance of gaussian beams through the coupling system are calculated. by the result of the calculation, a set of double planoconvex lens coupling system are designed and manufactured. the coupling efficiency is up to 92 %

    利用矩陣光學的方法,計算了高斯光束經耦合后的像距和束腰寬度,以此為指導設計加工了一套雙平凸鏡耦合,耦合效率達92 ;在以上基礎上研究了泵浦光與振蕩光在激光晶體中的匹配,計算出了泵浦光經耦合后的最佳位置。
  6. This research project, based on the existing problems in mathematics curriculum evaluation and the conceptions of mathematics curriculum as the guideline, systematically analyzes the basic characteristics of the developmental evaluation, i. e. multi - dimensional, formative, developmental, understanding and inspiring. drawing on the modern mathematics conceptions, multi - intelligence theory and theories of constructivism, this project systemically illustrated the connotation of the developmental evaluation : the key of evaluation is for application ; the goal is multi - dimensional ; the process is context - dependent ; the outcome is to promote the development. in view of the conceptions of developmental evaluation ( i. e. human - centered whole evaluation ; quality - focused overall evaluation ; participation - stressed autonomous evaluation ; future - faced evaluation ; guiding evaluation and inspiring evaluation ), the components of the developmental evaluation model in the new mathematics curriculum is analyzed in details in this project ( i. e. goal system, subject system and object system ) and the core structure of the developmental evaluation is established ( i. e. evaluation indicator system model )

  7. Two image mapping algorithms of the volume rendering, forward mapping and backward mapping are researched on the basis of optical model for volume rendering. combined with the characteristic of a series of section images from laser confocal scanning microscopy, the volume buffer algorithm and maximizing algorithms are proposed in this paper. 4

  8. This paper introduces development of a tv monit system, and details technical difficulty and method of reaserch, including video capture and recognition. according to the analysis of tvprogram, it presents video capture based on time, and “ hot region ” capture based on centre focus of photograph principle, and image recognition based on dispersion degree

  9. Non - destructive testing - characteristics of focal spots in industrial x - ray systems for use in non - destructive testing - measurement of the effective focal spot size of mini and micro focus x - ray tubes

  10. And in addition, the paper explores the aspects of internal fluctuation, which is viewed as the random choices of the cognitive subject, how it is depend on the initial conditions and is enlarged by the method of positive feedback with step by step on the views of the nature, material outlook and thought modes. what ' s more, under the controls of the nonlinear interactions, the paper respectively explores the development principle in the culture of technology and science between the west and the east on the aspect of attractors and the order parameters, which result from the cooperation and competition. finally, the paper correctly formulates the different value preference in accord with the attractors and the order parameters, and focuses respectively on the traditions of the eastern pragmatic preference and the western contemplative preference and technological preference

    在此基礎上,從東西方科技文化的發生和起源入手,從耗散結構的觀出發,考察了認知主體的隨機性選擇這種文化的內漲落因素,是怎樣依託于各自不同的初始條件?地理氣候條件,在自然觀、物質觀和思想模式方面一步步得到正反饋式的放大;進而,在文化內部種種非線性的相互作用下,從競爭和協同所必然產生的序參量和吸引子兩個方面,分別考察了東西方科技文化不同的發展規律,東方的實用化取向和西方的思辨化、技術化取向的影響機制,從它們在不同時期所發揮的不同作用正面回答了「李約瑟難題」 。
  11. Non - destructive testing. characteristics of focal spots in industrial x - ray systems for use in non - destructive testing. part 5 : measurement of the effective focal spot size of mini and micro focus x - ray tubes

  12. In order to obtain an optimal estimate of the tilt angle and angle velocity, an indirect kalman filter configuration combining a rate gyroscope sensor and an accelerometer is implemented. because of the extreme nonlinearity of the two - wheeled self - balancing robot, application feasibility of nonlinear system control strategy based on linear approximation method, exact linearization and intelligent control have been investigated. according to robustness, balancing performance and environment adaptability, robust tracking control, linear quadratic regulator and fuzzy model reference learning control are implemented to the velocity controller

  13. Discussed the optical imaging principle of laser confocal scanning microscopic imaging system whose important character is high plane resolution and high depth resolution. analyzed the controlling technique of scanning imaging. according to the different needs for laser confocal scanning microscopy and gene - chip scanner, two kinds of scanning methods, optics scanning and object scanning, are presented