跟車理論 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gēnlún]
跟車理論 英文
car following theory
  • : Ⅰ名詞(腳的後部或鞋襪 的後部) heel Ⅱ動詞1 (在後面緊接著行動) follow 2 (指嫁給某人) be marrie...
  • : 車名詞1. (中國象棋棋子的一種) chariot, one of the pieces in chinese chess2. (國際象棋棋子的一種) castle; rook
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質組織的條紋) texture; grain (in wood skin etc ) 2 (道理;事理) reason; logic; tru...
  • : 論名詞(記錄孔子及其門徒的言行的「論語」) the analects of confucius
  • 理論 : theory
  1. A general stack equation of mobile robot based on analyzing the motion of planar motion object and the mathematical models of four different kinds of common wheels is developed, accordingly, the mobility of mobile robot is addressed and the forward and inverse solutions to speed for specific configuration driven by differential speed are derived. utilizing the muir and newman convention, the description of the posture transformation matrices between different coordinate frames and the solution for the speed of point located on these frames are introduced. according to posture estimation, a more accurate method, dead reckoning algorithm, is developed for a specified configuration characterized by differential speed motorization, and simulations of this algorithm and other traditional methods are carried out using matlab while traversing a circular path

  2. The main content of this paper as follows : designing cartype tracing model using relation database theory based on pbs friction transportation

  3. Under the circumstance that the camera is moving, the tracking rectangular coordinates are founded, and the relationship between the tracking rectangular coordinates and the forecast rectangular coordinates is given. the angle control formula of the camera & pan - tilt - device system is educed with its vision coordinates, which provides theory basis for moving vehicle tracking

  4. As our school is founded with the elite who could survive the current recession, it proves the high standard of our school

  5. A variable time - headway car following model was presented based on time - headway distributing rule in actual traffic and one dimensional cellular automaton modeling theory

  6. The primaryresearch of this paper includes : setting up the tracking theory of image tracking system on armored vehicle

  7. Car following models of single lane traffic assume that there is a correlation between in a range of inter - vehicle spacing, from zero to about 100 to 125 meters and provides an explicit form for this coupling. the modeling assumes that each driver in a following vehicle is an active and predictable control element in the driver - vehicle - road system

  8. In order to verify the simulation results, an agv experimental platform with visual navigation is implemented, and the software and hardware of the real - time control are developed in order to realize the tracking control of the agv

  9. Based on the model of safe following distance, the recognition theory of the minatory objects is put forward and the model of potential menace is established, which afford a theoretic base in order to decrease the nuisance alarms and enhance the reliability of the system

  10. These tasks are termed psychomotor skills or perceptual - motor skills because they require a continued motor response to a continuous series of stimuli. car - following theory, is one of the basal traffic flow theory, has being researched since 1950 ' s in the world. although many models had been put into practice, because of existing defect in each model, and difference of local traffic flow characteristics, there was not one model can be accepted widely

  11. On the basis of reviewing the field in car following in the world, the disadvantage of time series data of car following in existing research was found in this dissertation. the direction of research breakthrough were : high precision car following field data collecting methodology without jamming, the index and methodology of classing the car following phase in expressway, constructing car following model uniform with randomicity and orderliness, train of thoughts and technology route were : starting off practice, depending on high precision instrument to collect car following data, exercising scientific theory methodology, combining with computer simulation

  12. Driver follower control model with vehicle target velocity based on preview follower theory

  13. In recent years, the high speed development of chinese economy promotes automobile and automobile parts industry boosting fast in production scale and sales and profits in china axle branch company belongs to faw jiefang vehicle co, ltd, its former name is faw chassis plant, established in 1955 its main products are 4 ~ 16ton front axle series, casting axle and pressing & welding axle middle rear axle series etc, total more than 30 varieties its main customer is faw coming into the new century, the truck market of china present more new requirement characteristics and some new faces faw ’ s market share decreased sharply, however its further development strategic objective is still keeping the first share of industry market therefore, the purpose of this study is, with the continuous instruction of high duty and large power trucks, and the implementation of the strategy of introduction / spread, how axle branch company to be stronger and larger in the new market competition situation, thereby meet the macro - strategic objective requirement since 20 century 80s, the study point of enterprise strategy theory has been transferred to enterprise competition theory stepwise, and three main strategy schools have come up : industry structure school, core capability school and strategy resource school this study paper herein will apply some theories and methods from these three schools to study the development strategy of axle branch company, combined with the research study result of domestic and foreign auto parts industry circumstance, with the methods of deduction and

  14. But because these packing devices is late - model equipments, theory of design is n ' t up to practical application to some extent. we found many defects in design when we use it practically. we followed and recorded it, and found that the equipment can work without the design, just because of defects of design the machines stop work frequently

    但這些包裝機( packagemachine )由於屬于新型設備,存在設計與實際運用不相符之處,在我們的實際運用過程中,暴露出不少設計上的缺陷,我們對其進行蹤記錄,發現設備本身的運轉是基本正常的,但由於一些設計缺陷,造成了的停率極高。
  15. It is important in theory and applications to study the detection and segmentation of object identifying character image in video sequence, which is used in content segmentation of image sequence, high efficient representation, transportation, storage and interactive control, image content searching, recognition and tracking, security barrier of communication network and information etc. in this thesis, is studied the segmentation and recognition of mobile identifying character image in video sequence

  16. Then the technology route of this study is confirmed : on the base of practice, depending on high precision instrument to collect car following data, exercising scientific theory methodology, combining with computer simulation

  17. The first part of my thesis discusses the basic concepts and theories of project management ; the second part expounds the application of project management in phases of design procurement construction and start - up ; the third part is the essence of my paper. so - called management is that for a certain goal people do a series of works like making a decision, planning, organizing, coordinating, controlling etc to the target of management