lens 中文意思是什麼

音標 [lenz]
lens 解釋
n. 名詞 (pl. lenses)1. 透鏡;一組透鏡。
2. 【解剖學】(眼球的)晶體。
3. 【攝影】(照相機的)鏡頭。
4. 凸透鏡狀物件;汽車的燈玻璃。
5. 【礦物】透鏡狀油礦;扁豆狀礦體。
6. 隱形眼鏡(=contact lens)。
a concave [convex] lens 凹面[凸面]鏡。
an electron lens 電子透鏡。
a biconcave [biconvex] lens 雙凹[雙凸]面透鏡。
the power of a lens 透鏡的焦強。

  1. Near this village, the thickness of this lens reaches abut a hundred metres.

  2. Ultra achromatic lens

  3. The achromatic characteristics of holographic lens and refractive lens are studied preliminarily

  4. A reliable machine shop can cut away a small amout of metal from the aft side of the mounting flange so that the lens will set closer to the film platen.

  5. 6. oocytes were fixed for immunofluorescence. examination of cgs and microtubules were performed by fitc labeled lens culinaris agglutinin ( lca ) and and - fi - tubulin under confocal scanning laser microscopy ( cslm ) respectively

    利用直接免疫熒光染色和共聚焦顯微鏡( confocalscan muglasermicroscopy , cslm ) ,研究各組體夕成熟卵的皮質顆粒和微管
  6. Inhibitory effect of radix morindae officinalis on lens aldose reductase

  7. In the paper, the testing scheme and making of a aspheric ge lens that used in planar wide - angle altazimuth was described

  8. E. g. the ge lens used in planar wide - angle altazimuth, indirect ophthalmoscopy lens in ophthalmic diagnosis, zoom lens of camera, all were minor aspheric component

  9. The ciliary body is an anterior dilation of the choroid at the level of the lens.

  10. Parameter changes of gaussian beams after passing through astigmatic lens

  11. A study on a compact kerr - lens mode - locking resonator with astigmatic compensation

  12. Mals multi astigmatism lens system

  13. Correlation of corneal astigmatism and dynamic fitting performance of soft contact lens

  14. Lt ' s definitely a modern - day bifocal lens,

  15. Focusing properties of gaussian beams passing through a bifocal lens

  16. Detailed numerical results for a pgsm beam passing through a bifocal lens are presented. it implies that the degree of polarization is no longer uniformly polarized in general and propagation - induced polarization changes depend on the beam parameters and system parameters, such as beam coherence parameter

    通過對雙軸透鏡系統進行的數值計算表明, pgsm光束光場的偏振不再是均勻偏振,光束的偏振特性與光束參數和光學系統參數有關,不同相關狀態下場點的偏振度不同。
  17. A yellow filter is placed in front of the camera lens to assure that no blue light will be imaged.

  18. She heard the tinkle of the broken lens.

  19. For a number of historical and technical reasons, hockney envisions a camera obscura based not on a lens but on a concave mirror ( curved inward like a shaving or makeup mirror ), which can also project an image onto a screen

    由於歷史與技術上的若干理由,霍克尼推想出一種不採用透鏡、卻利用凹面鏡的暗箱(凹面鏡是一種內凹的鏡子,比如刮鬍子或化妝時用的鏡子) ,這種鏡子也可以把影像投射到屏幕上。
  20. By definition a cataract is an opacity in the lens.