laboratorial 中文意思是什麼

laboratorial 解釋
adj. 形容詞 實驗(室)的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly
  1. The laboratorial results show that this algorithm can improve the antinoise ability of object recognization, especially for the covered objects

  2. The laboratorial teaching method of theoretics and technology of cryptology based on component technique

  3. Talk about laboratorial management review and inside audit

  4. Laboratorial diagnosis and treatment on human choromosome disorder

  5. Liquid - in - glass industrial thermometers and laboratorial thermometers

  6. A laboratorial study of system

  7. Using labview to realize the design of intelligent laboratorial spectrum meter

  8. Hereafter, the laboratorial platform is built, and circuits are debugged

  9. Design and research on the laboratorial tunnel local monitoring and control system

  10. Progress of laboratorial researches on immune regulatory effects of chinese traditional medicine

  11. The design of laboratorial teaching system with electronical business based on the campus network

  12. Abstract : generalizing the whole characteristic of valve 120 on the laboratorial table 705

  13. Chinese name of diseases, english name of diseases, chinese pinyin, synonyms, disease classification code by western medicine, disease classification code by tcm, disease name definition by western medicine, disease name definition by tcm, western medicine etiology, tcm etiology, season, area, attacked people, pathogenicity and spreading, morbidity, pathogenesis, pathology, pathological physiopathology, tcm pathogenesis, tcm diagnostic standard, tcm diagnosis, diagnostic standard by western medicine, diagnostic foundation of western medicine, medical history, symptoms, physical signs, physical examination, electronic diagnosis, image diagnosis, laboratorial diagnosis, blood, urine, stool, cerebrospinal fluid, other diagnosis, immunology, histological exam, diagnostic identification by western medicine, diagnostic identification by tcm, evaluating standard of curative effect, prognosis, complications, western medicine therapy, treatment of tcm, chinese herbal medicine therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, integrated therapy of western medicine and tcm, nursing, rehabilitation, prevention, and textual research

    疾病名稱、疾病名稱(英文) 、拼音、別名、西醫疾病分類代碼、中醫疾病分類代碼、西醫病名定義、中醫釋名、西醫病因、中醫病因、季節、地區、人群、強度與傳播、發病率、發病機理、病理、病理生理、中醫病機、中醫診斷標準、中醫診斷、西醫診斷標準、西醫診斷依據、發病、病史、癥狀、體征、體檢、電診斷、影像診斷、實驗室診斷、血液、尿、糞便、腦脊液、其他診斷、免疫學、組織學檢驗、西醫鑒別診斷、中醫類證鑒別、療效評定標準、預后、並發癥、西醫治療、中醫治療、中藥、針灸、推拿按摩、中西醫結合治療、護理、康復、預防、歷史考證。
  14. In order to maintain the robustness of network security, we start our project of laboratorial chinese web documents " orientation text classifiers

  15. Half - industrialization experiment has n ' t abnormal phenomenon, the performances of its product are the same as those of laboratorial product

  16. With the substitutive inspection equipment of valve 120 - the laboratorial table 705, this paper analyzed the problems of the conflict between the standard concerned and self - performance of valve 120 when inspecting the rebuilt emergency valve of valve 120, and then proposed some improvement measures

  17. This method can be applied extensively to other laboratorial work which high accuracy of volume of solution put in by pipette is required

  18. Using vc + + 6. 0 as the development platform, the system combines the common processing and analyzing image by means of image geometry change, process enhancement, edge detection, region segmentation, feature extraction and so on. based on the image processing and recognition, the system realizes the functions of color recognition, shape recognition and inspection under the laboratorial environment

    課題主要使用的開發平臺為vc + + 6 . 0 。系統集成了圖像處理和分析的常用演算法,包括圖像的幾何操作,圖像的增強操作,圖像的邊緣檢測演算法、圖像區域分割、圖像的形狀參數提取等;並在此基礎上實現了實驗環境下零件顏色識別,形狀識別和缺陷檢測等功能。
  19. A laboratorial local tunnel monitoring and control system ( ltmcs ) is designed for the simulative debugging of tunnel local monitoring and control

  20. With the advanced technologies and protocols such as web services and xml, multi - agent model, representation, communication, scheduling and others of networked manufacturing is researched and reconstructed, agent coherence reference model and agent representation is proposed, and mas architecture and its communication mechanism are studied. finally, with background of " flexible design and manufacturing system of key parts in large - scale antenna ", a laboratorial prototype of networked manufacturing system is established, the demonstrational researches about its system structure, architecture model, information integration and mas model are conducted employing the methods and technologies proposed

    分散式人工智慧中的multi - agent技術是描述網路化製造系統本質特徵的有效方法,論文運用webservices 、 xml等先進技術與規范對網路化製造的multi -摘要agent模型、表示、通訊、調度等進行了研究與重構,給出了基於webservices的ageni一致性參考模型及基於xml的agent實現方法,研究了基於webservices的mas體系結構及其通信機制。