laboratory course 中文意思是什麼

laboratory course 解釋

  • laboratory : n. 1. 實驗室,化驗室,研究室。2. 爐房。3. 化學工廠;藥廠。4. 實驗課。
  • course : n 1 進程,經過,過程,趨勢;經過期間。2 進路;水路;路程;路線;航線;【火箭】導引。3 行進方向;...
  1. The factors affect the quality of platelets during the course of preparation, two cryobiology parameters of platelets and the new characteristics of new subpopulations in cryopreservated platelets were studied based on methods selected or set up in our laboratory

  2. Education aim of the college is to get students prepared for self - learning and independent thinking. we provide students with basic courses with hands - on laboratory course of various disciplines as well as opportunities for extramural visits to corporative companies

  3. Optimization of study of laboratory course for medical chemisty

  4. Development of characterized medical function laboratory course

  5. Development of a laboratory course in neurobiology that is characterized by scientific research

  6. The instructor in a language laboratory course confronts the problem of what materials to use

  7. This undergraduate laboratory course in cognitive sciences introduces students to new and classic works in the field of cognition and how to study the mind

  8. The accompanied laboratory course of chm 4100 chm 4810 - advanced inorganic chemistry laboratory, 1 unit will be offered in 2006 07 and thereafter

    Chm4100將於二零零六至零七年度改為兩學分科目,另開設一學分之chm4810 (高等無機化學實驗) (適用於二零零四至零五年度及以後入學之學生) 。
  9. The quality of feeder layer is affected by a lot of factors, such as animal breed, culture medium, passages in vitro and experiment condition, etc. as to the production of feeder layer, there are a few reports about morphological and histologic change when of embryonic body fibroblast when culturing in vitro and cryopreservation, so kunming mouse were chosen as experimental animals and morphological and histologic changes were studied in course of its embryonic body culturing. we expect to offer theoretical foundation to our laboratory for setting up feeder layer storehouse. at the same time, the feasibility of myocardium tissue culturing with fibroblast layer altogether was studied so that established foundation for studied the biological characteristic of heart outside body

  10. Methods twenty - six patients with subsequent hyponatremia of central origin after craniocerebral injury were retrospectively analyzed on clinical manifestation, laboratory examination and therapeutic course

  11. Combined with research task, " prospective study on alternatives of laboratory animal in china " ( 2000 - 2001 ), " barrier in international trade - research on alternatives of laboratory animal " ( 2000 - 2001 ), " the research on laboratory animal welfare and technological guideline, which is equivalent with international rule " ( 2002 - 2005 ), the thesis focused its statement, from two level of scientific progress and economical development, on the significance, necessity and imperativeness of three rs carried out in our country, based on collection. collation and analysis of the developing course, mode, influence factors and trends in three rs. the approach on overall thinking, support condition and effective operation in different stage, which is benefit to advance the progress of three rs research, has been made. the priority field of three rs research is also proposed in the thesis

    結合《我國開展動物實驗方法工作的前景研究》 (北京科委, 2000 - 2001 ) 、 《外貿中壁壘性技術-動物實驗替代方法的研究》 (國家科技部2000 - 2001 )和《與世界接軌的實驗動物福利及技術規范研究》 (國家科技部2002 - 2005 )三個項目研究工作,在收集、整理和分析國外3rs發展過程、發展模式、影響因素和發展動態的基礎上,本論文從科技進步和經濟發展兩個層面上,重點論述了我國開展3rs研究的意義,闡述了我國開展3rs研究的必要性和迫切性,探討了我國開展3rs研究的思路、有利條件和不同階段可採用的有效運行模式,提出了我國應優先開展3rs研究的重點領域。
  12. Diagnoses were made mainly through a complete medical history, meticulous physical examination, regular laboratory tests, and an observation of clinical course

  13. Microdeformation mechanism of structural clays and elasto - viscoplastic damage model abstract on the basis of the investigation of the structure of natural sedimentation clays and the simulation of the deformation and rheology of soil particle skeleton under the internal molecule attractive force and electric charge repulsion and the exterior load, a elasto - viscoplastic damage model is constructed in which the soil structure is considered to be gradually damaged in the course of loading, and the effectiveness of the model is verified by the results of laboratory tests and field tests

  14. The basic principle of natural gamma - ray log is stated, the developing background, developing ways and developing situation of natural gamma - ray tools are introduced. the researching task of the paper is presented through analyzing the using situation and questions exsisted in inner natural gamma - ray tools, the researching work is started from three aspects, they are logging tool development, reliability design and reliability assuring methods, and the data processing methods, in the course of logging tool development, instrument indexes are presented based on the compatible property of sookbps telemetry system and environmental property, the analog measuring chanel and the interface circuit which realizing the compatible performance are designed according to the instrument mdexes. the detecto * design. the plateau property testing of the detector and the analysis of it ' s affecting factors are stated, the measuring property of the tool is discused, a new type of single chip microcomputer is selected when designing the interface circuit, and the laboratory experiments has fulfiled conmunieating standard signals between the interface circuit, the universal interface unit of sookbps telemetry system and also 500kbps telemetry system

    本文首先概要介紹了石油測井的基本概念、方法、條件、最新進展、以及應採取的研發對策,論述了自然伽瑪測井的基本原理,介紹了自然伽瑪測井儀的發展背景、發展歷程和發展現狀,通過分析國內自然伽瑪測井儀的使用情況和存在的問題,提出了本文的研究任務。研製工作從測井儀研製、可靠性設計與可靠性保障技術、數據處理方法研究三個方面展開,在測井儀研製過程中,根據500kbps遙傳系統要求的配接性能和使用環境特徵,提出了主要儀器指標,並根據這些指標,設計了儀器模擬測量通道和實現這一配接性能的介面電路;論述了探測器的設計、坪特性影響因素分析及其測試,探討了儀器的測量性能;在設計介面電路時選用了新型單片機晶元,並與500kbps遙傳通用介面單元rtu 、 500kbpa遙傳系統實現了室內配接。
  15. The second course is focused on technical details and step - by - step operations for updating lup and lut. with the help of tutor and on - line trainingreference system, the participants will go through the three - day hands - on laboratory classes to practise the entire procedure that transform

  16. The paper analyzed the mechanism of the early moisture damage on the basis of survey, had carried out a series of laboratory tests to study the prevention measures from three aspects, that were gradation of the surface course and compaction capacity and the anti - stripping performance of hydrated lime qua anti - stripping agent

  17. Exchange students may be assigned to a research laboratory to combine course taking with research participation during the length of their program

  18. The accompanied laboratory course of chm 4100 ( chm 4810 - advanced inorganic chemistry laboratory, 1 unit ) will be offered in 200607 and thereafter

    Chm4100將於二零零六至零七年度改為兩學分科目,另開設一學分之chm4810 (高等無機化學實驗) (適用於二零零四至零五年度及以後入學之學生) 。
  19. This course is part of a series of analog courses, which includes 6. 301 ( solid - state circuits ), 6. 302, and 6. 331 ( advanced circuit techniques ). the site features a full set of problem sets and laboratory assignments

    本課程是一系列模擬課程的一部分,這些課程包括6 . 301 (固態電路) , 6 . 302以及6 . 331 (高級電路技術) 。本網站以一系列的習題和實驗為特色。
  20. How to construct a reasonable and effective international simulated laboratory in university is a key point to solve the problem that international trade course turns to be out of practice